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  1. might be something to think about, But Im putting down 460 rwhp 475rwtq in my 408w and i have a TKO600 with .064 and 3:50's at 65 mph, Im around 2k.
  2. depends how far off the shift hole is and if you can reach all bolts. you could potentially do it from the cabin, however if you are unable to reach all of the bolts, you may need to unbolt trans mount and drop the transmission slightly so you can free up space, but make sure you have a jack under the transmission so it doesn't touch the ground. Best,
  3. looking good so far, the marquis wheels make it look better than those fleamarket looking wheels. I would only upgrade to larger 17 or 18" wheels if I was doing a large brake upgrade, like I did. what wheels did you order?
  4. Hey yall Going with a reproduction Dual Contour Fan from Late model restoration (LMR.com) and using a Dakota Digital Fan controller w/ bluetooth, since I have the RTX gauges. I also have a Tuff Stuff 1g wire 130 amp alternator. Was wondering what you guys did to mount the fan to the 24" Aluminum radiator? did you make custom L brackets or make any custom brackets to accommodate the stock mounting location of the fan? used any some type of rubber strip between the radiator and fan? (if so, do you know the p/n?) any suggestions any photos would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  5. Hello All, Testing waters to see if there are any potential buyers. figure I give this site dibs before going on FB/Craigslist/Cal-fords forums. Engine Details: 351w built as a 408w stroker with less than a 1000 miles built by Gromm Racing, San Jose, CA I have the Engine Build sheet and Dyno sheet and video from Gromm Racing. The engine is for sale but it is currently installed in my 69 mustang and was recently dyno'd & tuned on 5/6/22 by DeLeon Dyno performance in Santa Clara, CA. Engine dyno HP/TQ Numbers from Gromm Racing: 522hp 6300rpm and 544tq 4100rpm (video upon request) The Car was recently Dynod and tuned by Deleon Dyno Performance: 460brwhp 6100rpm and 475brwtq at 4125 on 91 pump gas (this is with a TKO with 3:50 gears. I have video & dyno sheet) The reason for selling is I'm going with a 4bolt main 427w stroker from prestige motors, Im selling this from carb to pan, the only thing that will not be included is the clutch/headers/starter/Belt Drive System and water pump. Please note - I will not part out as a long block or short block, the engine is 3 weeks old, less than 1000 miles, and waited roughly a year and 3 months to get this engine built. the engine will be removed by Mustang Fever, in Santa Clara, you can pick up the motor once my new engine arrives at his shop and payment is paid in full, We can coordinate on this. Can provide a full detailed Build Sheet and dyno videos on request. 408w Long block details: Stock OE 351w bored .40 over Scat Forge Crank/rods JE Pistons Melling oil pump DSS Girdle Custom Grind Comp Hyd roller Camshaft 632 lift. Morel Lifters and custom pushrods CompCams 1.6 Ultra Pro Magnums AFR 205 58cc heads custom Timing pointer Arp Hardware. Compression is 10:8 Accessories (these parts are not new, they were used when I had my old 393 stroker) 750 Holley Carb was built for choke setup but the electric choke was removed. Ready to run Summit Dizzy (vacuum is locked out) stealth Weind intake dual plane (The divider in the intake was removed to make it into a single plane intake) Canton 7qt Pan Black Ford Racing Valve Covers The engine has the potential to hit 600hp plus with a better intake and headers. I will only sell in the bay area, and will not ship out of state or deliver to your door that's too risky and probably would cost more. I don't have a truck, unfortunately. this is a great engine for someone who is not willing to wait on lead times from other builders. Happy to meet at local cars and coffee or on Bay Area Cruise night in July. My new engine is almost done so starting to advertise this one to whoever is interested. as all things are being sold here, this is being sold as-is. Asking 12,000. also willing to throw in a 10k used late model c4, but you'll need a shift kit and better TQ converter if you want to run it.
  6. Good Info @fvike, thanks for sharing I may need to consider a bulk head fitting to give it a cleaner look and hide the the lines.
  7. @fvike which setup did you go with the GM or Ford Cast Iron unit? can you post a photos of your install and how your lines are routed? I was thinking of TCP rack n pinion myself, but thats up in the air aswell.
  8. Hello All I wanted your input on hydratechbraking, Has anyone ever used them? I wanted to eliminate the vac booster as my cam has taken all of the vacuum from the booster, so it's a freight train when stopping...almost reminded me of when I had drums and it was manual brakes... wanted your input on this conversion or brand, also did any of you who did the conversion add an oil cooler to prevent foaming with heavy use? current setup 351w w/ 1 5/8 headman headers MDL 5 speed conversion w/ ext clutch slave stock power steering ram with a drop bracket running a 5.0L Serpentine power steering pump.
  9. Very nice, @Len69Coupe congrats on the completion. Hoping to get mine back on the road again. awaiting an engine to be delivered.
  10. Hi @LindenBruce, if the other seller isn't interested, feel free to reach out to me, happy to take a look as Im in the market for a project. Im based in the bay area.
  11. Ridge, sad you had to sell the collection, I should jumped on that 69 fb you had. are you still making parts or is that on the back burner?
  12. rwcstang

    Our new garage

    Congrats! this is definitely on my to do list in the future.
  13. I would disconnect the throttle base plate and see if you can soak it in WD40 or some type of safe lubrication fluid that wouldn't damage the seals, parts.
  14. should be the small ones though this link Im sharing is for fastback, I think they should be the same: https://www.npdlink.com/product/mounting-kit-rear-window-molding/211631?backurl=search%2Fproducts%3Fsearch_terms%3Dwindow%2Bclip%26top_parent%3D200001%26year%3D1969&year=1969
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