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  1. Use an export brace to ensure the upper structures of the shock tower are in alignment.
  2. Did you run into an Internet Ax Murderer by any chance?
  3. Damn. If I had your money, I'd throw mine away!
  4. I've removed the molded cover a couple of times. Just be careful with a knife and don't nick the wires.
  5. That's a factory molded crimp; shouldn't have a part number associated with it, as it is molded into the wire harness itself.
  6. Those are only for the 65/68 terminal blocks. The 69 and up require a different style fuse clips. The aftermarket fuse clips are not make of the same material and are difficult to crimp due to brittleness compare to originals. Your best bet is to try and solder the tab to the existing base structure.
  7. That's the Battery (always on) line.
  8. 1970 Standard Dash Cluster Wiring:
  9. Almost; there are subtle differences between the 69 and 70, but the functionality of the dash cluster and circuit card are the same.
  10. I stumbled across another option for you. Mike Williams of Orlando Mustang makes a tach insert into the standard dash cluster without altering the circuit card and main harness wiring for less than $1000. He provides a tach harness for you to get the power, ground, and signal sources. PM me if you want his contact number.
  11. Geez, they let just about anyone foreign looking into the county back then.
  12. Not entirely correct, as it does not address the installation of the alternator indicator lamp, which requires a 15 ohm resistor wire embedded in the harness.
  13. All 69 and 70 underdash harnesses, regardless of tach or not, have provisions for clocks. The wiring for 69's are slightly different than the 70 version.
  14. You pretty much have nailed it. Easiest, cheapest option is a stand-alone tach. Would run $60-100. Aftermarket dash clusters are certainly not plug-n-play, fairly expensive, then add in your labor (or someone else's) to wire it and you're looking an $800+ easy. There's some jerk named Midlife that can convert underdash harnesses to tach compatible. But...you'll first need to find a factory tach dash. Those now run $1000-1500 in good shape. Add in wiring changes for everything forward of the tail-light and you're looking at another $3-400. Final option is to sell your car and find another one that already has a tach. Downside is that you now have a new set of unknown issues to fix...
  15. I've found the majority of the clock harnesses, as installed in the factory harness, have bad continuity due to the tight turns in the wiring under stress. That could be your problem.
  16. I like the gloves on the front of the frame rails: looks like they want to grab a beer or two...
  17. Damnit. I could have retired trying to fix that mess!
  18. With all that spaghetti, be still my heart!
  19. That's a clip that holds the heater lamp wire. I suspect the wire is broken where that clip goes. Try following the lamp socket back along the wire.
  20. That spreadsheet looks awfully familiar...
  21. Midlife

    New Ride/Project

    I'm sure the amount of rust removal involved would tell the story...
  22. Midlife

    New Ride/Project

    I wouldn't spend a dollar for any of those three guys: they simply aren't worth restoring at all!!!
  23. Welcome to the world of reality vice precision engineering.
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