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  1. At least you guys have euro's, pounds, and AD's to throw around. Right now, I'm trying to find another penny so I can rub the two of them together...
  2. For 1970, the ignition switch is the same regardless of tach or non-tach dash.
  3. My nose runs a bit more than that one, I'm afraid...
  4. You really want to compete with Midlifetofear? Don't forget the noseeums, yellow flies, snow birds, and having to deal with Midlife as a neighbor...Yuck!
  5. No pictures, CV? Shame on you! Respectfully, the Evil One.
  6. I would also add: -insurance sufficient funds in the glove compartment for bribing the local constabulary when caught speeding
  7. So will a bad rag joint. Best to get a buddy to turn the wheel while you look at what's moving and not affecting the rest of the system to move while under the car. West Coast Cougars has a great video on exactly this problem and how best to diagnose it.
  8. All this in the past 2 days? Dayam!
  9. Check your neutral safety switch (jiggle the shifter while key is in crank if automatic); broken wire in NSS jumper if manual tranny.
  10. Now that the engine is out, the tranny is much easier to take out and overhaul it as well. Don't forget to get your radiator flushed, recored, and painted nice and neat. And then there is that small paint smudge that needs to be fixed...I know it gnaws at you every time you look at it...Tee Hee Hee!
  11. I see some dirt on the undercarriage. Shame on you for not using Photoshop to clean up your pictures. *G*
  12. So what are the chances that this car will be back on the road this year? Dang, CV...sorry to hear about the lifters.
  13. Aren't Cougars Ethiopian Mustangs? That's what someone told me...so yes, a progress thread is in order. Since no one is in charge of the forum any more, I'll take command. Rich/Rick/Whateveryournameis/don'tcallhimlatefordinner: Make it so!
  14. Maybe you need to change the name of the company to "Cougars to Fear" or "Ford/Lincoln/Mercury to Fear" or "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself!"
  15. You calling me a Sissy? You talking to me? Dang, CV...you should know better than that. I stop fixing wiring harnesses whenever anyone offers me an adult beverage, which is about as good an excuse as any!
  16. Yeah, that's what she said as well.
  17. Last day to receive harnesses is May 23; I will be down until November/December timeframe. I'll post when the business is backup and running. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I do have to get the house and garage repaired due to damage from Hurricane Michael, which requires everything removed from the dwellings.
  18. Sounds like your car is still suffering from the dreaded "Curse of Midlife" from 2005 or so. Dang, CV...it sure sounds/looks/smells like water contaminating your heads. Be very careful if your oil begins to show milky on the dipstick and check your crank bearings if you do.
  19. No sunroof previously, just leaking roof. The roof is now fixed. The house and garage ceiling and wall repairs will begin the last week in May once everything is removed from the dwellings. My business will be shut down for 5-8 months until repairs are completed. *sigh*
  20. Naw....magnets cost money, as well as casting a bung hole for the drain plug. Less parts, less money, more profit!
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