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  1. Get it aligned properly for radial tires, and if it still wanders, add more caster. First, though, you need to thoroughly check out your front suspension and steering stuff for worn parts.
  2. Cougar and later Mustang door ajar (or key reminder) system is very different than the 70 Mustang. Yes, electrons "flow from - to +" but in reality they don't. It is the holes that actually move.
  3. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!
  4. Holy Sheiss! That's quite a nice collection of 69/70 parts! The tach dash cluster typically goes for $1000+ on eBay.
  5. Aslanefe: you are correct: the buzzer is in the column, but the wiring comes through the turn signal switch itself. Mach1Driver: it's on the page titled 1970 Mustang Key Warning Buzzer (near the end) of the 1970 Mustang Wiring Diagram Manual. Next Question: do electrons go from + to - or from - to +? Bonus points for knowing the true answer!
  6. Well, apparently there is a key reminder buzzer in the steering column that the turn signal switch attaches to. I finally found the proper schematic for it.
  7. In 1970, Ford introduced a door ajar functionality in the Mustang. With a third wire in the driver's side door and a relay, a black wire goes to the turn signal switch (which doesn't make a lot of sense to me). Later, they added a RUN-only wire to the relay as well. My question is: what happens when the engine is running and you open the driver's side door? It's something in the turn signal switch area, but for the life of me, I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance.
  8. Found these words from Carolyn Hax, an advice columnist from the Washington Post. Someone wrote in citing an earlier statement by her. How it is you know when you're in a good relationship. Carolyn said it's three things: 1) You like the version of yourself that relationship engenders; 2) That version of yourself is easy to maintain (a HUGE lightbulb moment for me on that one); 3) You're just as happy to see that person come through the door as you were at the beginning. Such simple and universal application, and I treasure this nugget of wisdom.
  9. Wimp! I'll tackle a full gallon at one sitting.
  10. We don't need no stinkin' badges!
  11. High beams are green/black wires throughout the entire system. The dash lamp lights up when power is applied to the green/black wires at the dimmer switch. It's pretty hard to screw this up. I suspect the problem may be a bad ground up front on the headlights, but I still can't fully explain your observations.
  12. You can also use the export bar/brace to help align the tops of the shock towers.
  13. I think the appropriate response is: "You Rock!"
  14. Just don't get that lizard skin on your hootus. https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/threads/how-do-i-get-herculiner-off-of-my-hootus.18595/
  15. Ha! I knew I was right! Corvettes used the same green connector at the firewall?
  16. Then this is not the correct 69 Mustang headlight harness. Those end up is a 3 prong bullet plug, and the headlight extension harness plugs into it and then into the two headlights. Pull the green plug at the firewall and see if the pin layout on the headlight harness and that from the firewall match in layout. Even if they do, that doesn't necessarily mean your headlight harness is correct.
  17. The plug with only black and green/black goes to the inside lamp; the plug with black, green/black and red/black goes to the outside light. I think yours are reversed.
  18. That must be a 73 model, when the manufacturers were forced to add 5 mph bumpers!
  19. For what it is worth, on my 66, I have penciled in no more than 0.030" of wear. 60 thou seems a bit excessive.
  20. I got a couple of spare tires, located just above my belt. Unfortunately, they are not space savers by any definition...*sigh* Sorry I can't help you further.
  21. There is no absolute calibration with Ford gauges. That said, all oil, fuel and water temperature gauges are controlled by the constant voltage regulator. The only gauge that can be "calibrated" is the fuel gauge. What I do is monitor gas mileage and when I have a quarter of a tank of gas, I adjust the CVR (there's a trim pot on the back side) so that the gauge reads quarter tank. That adjustment will affect the other gauges accordingly. To answer your question, somewhere in the middle of the range.
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