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    You mean Michelle's 65...
  2. Gee, if she really wants it to be her daily driver, I'd tune it badly so it runs like a dog. Then she'll go onto to something else. At that point, take possession, tune it properly and shrug your shoulders.
  3. And Michelle's test drive, no?
  4. Uncle Bob: I have those grommets, but the harnesses are all beat up and non-refurbishable as complete units. If you want a grommet with just pigtails on either side, I can probably help you out.
  5. Tell that to Jack at DeadNutsOn...
  6. I used to use dielectric grease, but converted to using Boeshield T9 as a metal protectant against corrosion.
  7. You may have an issue at the side marker bulbs, rear bulbs, or front bulbs. Here's how I trouble-shoot turn signal issues, knowing I have good voltage going to the turn signal switch. Remove all bulbs on each side except one. Test turn signal on that side. Does it work? Great! Now add another bulb and test again. The bulb that was just added that stops the system from flashing is where the problem lies. If all bulbs work on one side, then go to the other side and do the same. What happens if no flashing if one bulb is in? Remove bulb and try another location. Best to start with the highest current-drawing bulb: the 1157 at the rear. Sometimes the problem is in the dash cluster itself. You have to have at least one bulb in the circuit for the flasher to work, so you have to have one bulb on the car's exterior and remove the bulb in the dash cluster to see if that is the cause.
  8. Better double...no! triple your insurance.
  9. Midlife


    You see? They love to bitch!
  10. My vision: A nice B9, in near concours condition, candy apple red, costing $20k. Hey! I can dream, can't I???
  11. Midlife


    No wonder all the Aussies bitch about prices over here in the States; they're simply used to bitching!
  12. Just participate in a peaceful protest: they'll be lots of 'em.
  13. And now for the rest of the story... Why are police called pigs? The term pigs, in reference to police officers, comes from England’s underground criminal slang and shows up in the early 1800s. It refers to pigs as vile creatures that take more than their share, akin to police officers who would take the illicit gains of thieves for themselves.
  14. The bottom-most layer should be black no-adhesive tape with the washer hose embedded. Everything above this is after-factory modifications.
  15. Are you describing a hand job? Hmmmm?
  16. Is the sender correct for a 22 gallon tank? Is your gauge a factory Ford gauge?
  17. That's BS. No change in Ford gauge and sending unit resistance until well after 1973.
  18. You're just a young pup, Uncle Bob. Woof!
  19. Mach1Driver: have you considered putting the key to ACC for 25 seconds prior to starting the engine? That should be time sufficient to get the gauges and CVR fully up to power.
  20. If flashers don't work but 4 ways do, the problem is almost always in the turn signal switch. They can easily short out if you tighten the steering wheel down a bit too hard: there's rivet heads on the back of the TS switch and they can contact the steering column and short out. I always recommend black electrical tape over those rivet heads before installation.
  21. Need to know what year (1970 has some really bizarre wiring related to grounds). From your description, my first thought is that you have a bad turn signal. However, if you have a 70, then things will get real complicated for trouble-shooting.
  22. I'll still argue for the resistor wire: as current flows through it, it heats up, adding more resistance which chokes the current and voltage down. But...the solid state regulator should give 5V immediately regardless of input voltage fluctuations (up to a point). Then it becomes up to the gauge to respond, which we know are rather slow to react. The difference between no resistor wire and having one was a true eye-opener in terms of gauge response.
  23. Does the monkey come with it?
  24. That delay is likely due to the resistor wire feeding the CVR. When I test my hard-wired harnesses, I hooked up 12V directly to the input side of the mechanical (old style) CVR, and the gauges would go high very quickly (like 2-3 seconds!). I then added the correct 10 ohm resistance between power and CVR and the gauges move nice and slowly towards high (my input signals are ground).
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