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    69FB reacted to fvike in Crashed my Fastback - The rebuild thread   
    Thanks SM69Mach.
    The guys at the shop is putting the finishing touches on the car, and test fitting everything.

    The Dynacorn hood is lining up nicely, the hood was moved verticaly a bit to the right after this picture.


    Swingin' the hammer: It's a joy to watch these guys work. It's finesse work, true craftmanship.

    This is the area he was workin on. He was hitting on the bottom body line on the door. Also, not very much bondo on the car! It says a lot about the job that has been done, because the doors was pretty dented.

    Not much bondo here either. I'm seriously starting to think about not using the rear wing.

    Gap welding done.

    Glory shot: Straight as an arrow.

    There just isn't anything in the world as beautiful as a '69 Mustang Fastback body.
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    69FB reacted to fvike in Crashed my Fastback - The rebuild thread   
    Thanks. I could have just replaced the front end and had the car on the road again by now, but I wanted to "do it right" and restore the whole car.
    Yeah it is a Toyo Proxxes R888. Good eye! :1eye:
    My brother run these on his '70 'Cuda. 275/35-18s in front and 335/30-18s in the back. It's a great tire, with a lot of grip, and it's suprisingly good in the rain too.


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    69FB reacted to Total Control Products in Crashed my Fastback - The rebuild thread   
    It works awesome! We have customers running it on daily drivers, pro-tourers, track day guys, and I have one customer who (with some chassis stiffening) is running 8.50s at the drag strip.
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    69FB reacted to fvike in Crashed my Fastback - The rebuild thread   
    It's the Total Control Products' front coilovers and rack & pinion.
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    69FB reacted to fvike in Crashed my Fastback - The rebuild thread   
    Work in progress, need to close the gap to the rear valence. The bumper must also be made perfect because it's going to get chromed.
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    69FB reacted to fvike in Crashed my Fastback - The rebuild thread   
    This morning the car got 2 additional layers of clear, and I got the car back.




    It's taken 4 years to get here. Finally on the home stretch. Recon it will take 2 years lol!
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    69FB reacted to fvike in Crashed my Fastback - The rebuild thread   
    A picture is worth a thousand words...







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    69FB reacted to TurtleRacing in My Coyote Swap   
    I just realized I never posted my Coyote swap. I meant to but been driving it instead! 
    If you are ever throwing around the "should I or shouldn't I", Do it! Nothing to think about, it's well worth it!
    I did mine the hard way and it took nine months, with the kits available now, it should be very quick and well worth it. 
    I went with a Griggs racing rear torque arm, Roadster Shop Revo front end. Coyote Crate, Ford puter, Tremec 5 speed and Wilwood Brakes. 
    I drove it for a year and a couple months and now the Whipple is going on. I will post pics of that when done. 

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    69FB reacted to GrayDD in Another new member from Texas   
    Hello and welcome to me, I am a proud owner of a 1969 Mustang Sports roof that has been modified from stock. I had a 69 Mustang while I was in high school and kept and worked on it for 10 yrs (was a decent car). However, the new wife and new kids coming along, plus the stoppage of selling leaded premium 110 octane fuel in California (where I was stationed at the time) caused me to sell my baby. Now years later with my last child leaving the nest I have another 69 in the Garage! I spent more money on this one but most of the heavy lifting was already completed when I bought it. Some of the things I have done to the car in the last 12 mo are.
    Complete engine rebuild of the 351W. Boar was punched out .20 over, new pistons, polished crank, Balanced, Edelbrock RPM top end kit complete with Cam, heads, rockers, etc...
    Uni Steer power rack and pinion steering system installed
    15" stock magnum looking rims (wider in the rear) with the ole BF Goodrich TA's.
    Going for the Mach 1 look a like so added stripes painted hood and put window louvers, gas cap, etc.
    Wilwood power disc brakes front and rear.
    Aftermarket gauges and gauge package.
    Aftermarket Air Conditioning
    I have done more but you get the idea. Here are the future mods I am currently gathering parts for.
    Switching the FMX for a beefed up T5z from Ford Racing.
    Interior front seats upgrade with new aftermarket seats, my car did not have the fold down seat I plan on correcting that.
    Killer stereo system/ alarm
    Here are some pics of the car, I hesitate to show the "before" pics as the car looks very good and I am sure I will get some grief for messing with it, but please consider that my upgrades are still under construction and when I am done and post side by side pics the criticism will be better appreciated.

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    69FB reacted to mustangmike6996 in Things are starting to come together   
    The car is finally out of the paint booth.  I need to cut and buff 2 sags in the clear but the car is very orange.  I like it!

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    69FB reacted to fvike in Billet Hood Hinges   
    The hinges open a little bit more without the strut, but not much IIRC. I've only had them out for testfitting the hood. The picture from the shop there was taken this summer when we repainted the floors. And my car was first car in. It holds 9-10 cars and is twice as big as you see. So it's a bit cramped now in the winter. We're 8 buddies that went together and bought it several years ago, so that we would have a place to work on our cars and keep them in winter storage.
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    69FB got a reaction from Total Control Products in Suspension Upgrade??   
    I really enjoyed this read and all the great advice.  I have been researching suspension upgrades for several years while my car has been worked on.  I have a friend that has a 67 Shelby Convertible clone that runs a 03-04 Cobra motor with a Griggs suspension.  Great ride and a lot of fun on the track.  He is now building a Bullitt clone with the TCP equipment and I have been thinking about going with their stuff for the quality and price.  I just did not know about all the new products they had over a basic coilover suspension.  My plans are to eventually go with a newer Coyote engine so the new subframe clip sounds like it might work for me.  
    Great information on this thread and I wish everyone the best with their prospective builds.
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    69FB got a reaction from Ridge Runner in Coming soon ,to a Mustang near you   
    I would be very interested in this as well.  I am in the process of putting my car back together and pricing interior pieces.  I really like the idea of having something sturdier than the cardboard inserts.  Great looking piece will be following to see what your official tester thinks of the finished product.
    Thanks for taking the time to make unique pieces for these beautiful cars and better than factory ones to boot.
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