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  1. Fvike, love what you have done with your project. Making lemons into lemon-aide. I am planning on doing the TCP suspension on my 69 as well and I was thinking the four bar rear suspension but I really like the look of the pushrod setup. Do you like how it performs on the street and track? I know it's been a few years since you have driven it but was wanting to ask so you could think on it. I am also a twin, ironically my twin brother bought a newer Shelby GT/SC that was signed by Carroll Shelby while he was deployed to the desert. I was leaning more towards a Mopar (70-71 Cuda or 70 Challenger) when I came across the 69 I bought. For me it was more a matter of economics. Parts are much cheaper and plentiful for the early Mustangs over a Mopar. Having said that mine turned out to have several issues that I did not find till after the fact. I also was in the middle of restoring my car when my first child was born (son) and less than two years later a second son came along. Back in school again because I am over-qualified with all the experience I have here. Nevertheless, I am not in a big hurry to add the suspension since I do not have the money to do it yet. I have really enjoyed reading your project progress and wanted to thank you for all the detailed information and pictures on what you have done. Good news for me is I will be moving back to Texas in a few years and there is a racetrack that I could go racing on in the town I am looking at moving to and another less than an hour away. Thanks again for all the detail and taking us along with your restoration. It might have taken longer than you wanted but it is a spectacular job you are doing. Oh and please keep posting any new updates as I am really enjoying it and this forum. Brad
  2. Love your car! I am planning to do the Coyote swap in my 69 Sportroof. I had planned to go with the Griggs suspension at first but have changed my mind and planning to use the Total Control setup. Also planning the Wilwood brakes like yours. I think your stance with your car is spot on. Love the color as well. I had planned to go black on my Mustang to match my twin brothers 07 Shelby GT/SC in color but now plan on a dark blue. Further plans include forced induction but I have a friend that owns a turbo shop. Again love your car in all aspects from the wheels up.
  3. I am going with a blue similar to yours on my 69 Sportroof. Really love the color and wheels on the car. I grew up in Desoto and Plano Texas and am really excited about moving back in a few years. Oh and welcome to the forums!
  4. I grew up in Desoto and spent many of my high school years driving in and around Waxahachie. I will be moving back to Texas in a few years but will be moving to Granbury (West of Ft. Worth). I love your convertible and someday when I get my sportroof done I'd love to get pictures of it next to your vert. Looks like it was a very rough day with that engine fire but it looks great again.
  5. Fvike are you redoing your 69 or did something happen? I really like the billet hood hinge looks. I will have to look into those when I get closer to that point in my build. Latoracing I like the MTF hinges and I am planning to do their full interior kit for my 69. They have some nice equipment available. I have a friend that has bought many MTF products for her Eleanor build and her and her husband love the quality and service MTF offers. Good luck with your build Fvike.
  6. I have been reading up on the FiTech system on this site and others. I like the fact it does not require a return line for the fuel since I have a 77 GMC Truck with dual tanks and thinking getting one for it first. I am planning a Coyote swap on my mustang but plan on using the 302 in another project down the road so to say. Really like the FiTech from what I have read.
  7. I love my Lecarra wheel and got the black leather one. I was thinking of doing the wood grain for my truck but think I'll just do the leather for it as well. I have a friend that did a 67 Shelby Convertible clone and did the wood one and it looks good but is not as comfortable.
  8. Just saw this thread but I would definitely be interested in a black shirt and mug.
  9. I too am looking at doing the coyote swap but with a TCP suspension. I'd like to know the cost and components involved in the swap if you don't mind sharing the final figures. Love the build and how it is progressing. I thought mine would progress faster but then I had my first child, followed a little over a year and a half by my second. Needless to say the car fund just trickles in now. Again great build and really enjoying watching it come together.
  10. Found a post done by Eviltwin about making flush mounted taillights. http://1969stang.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49169-how-to-how-i-made-flush-mounted-tail-lights/
  11. Alvin D Morava you did exactly what I was thinking of doing. Making the taillights flush with the tail panel and have it hug the curve of the metal. Beautiful job and I'd love to know how you did it if you would be willing to share.
  12. 970fizz where did you get the Minilites in 17" size? Love this discussion and just like many here I am looking at my options for wheels and contemplating a 17 or 18" wheel.
  13. I have a Lecarra and it has a great feel to it, well made and looks great. Sadly my car is still in pieces as the work progresses and I do not know if it blocks the gauges. I have also gone with a Year One Bezel insert and have Autometer gauges waiting to go in. I have a friend that has the wood wheel but it's on his 67 Shelby Convertible Clone and it does not block the gauges in his car.
  14. RogerC post pictures when you get your wheels on. I am seriously considering a set of the 527 Wheels from XXR I'd also like to hear what you think of the wheels in person, fit/finish etc.
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