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  1. Ya, there pretty heavy, I just realized how crappie repops are after moving thee today.
  2. No, never got PM, or an email for replies to post, even though Im subscribed. Weird
  3. I have a front and rear bumpers that are original OEM bumpers .They are rechromed with date stamps . Im looking for $90.00 a piece + Shipping. Been in bubble wrap 20 yrs. On another note, nice to post again. I still have my http://www.69stang.Com shirt :)
  4. Hey Bill, You visit alot of forums.. Ya, Im Unrealford over there:tongue_smilie:
  5. Hi I havent been back in quite a long time.. since then Ive sold the Mach1, Still hoping to find a more untouched original, If you guys remember I had the Red one in signature, It was ok but had cracked shock towers and didnt want to invest time and money into it after I spent soo much buying it.. Anyways heres my new ride enjoy, I will be getting another 69 again, somthing soon..I had my www.69stang shirt on today, which reminded me to stop it.LOL
  6. I will be leaving for Carlisle on thursday the 4th, Im from New York Buffalo, area if anyones leaving same day we can tag together..
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