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  1. Do you have a part number for the radiator cover through NPD
  2. please let me know how you wired it I bought the same unit but I have no idea how to wire it. Will I need to keep the regulator. My new Hite alternator has only one wire connector and the old one had two. Help
  3. Sorry I used the wrong term. Please help answer a question regarding the door window on a 69 Mustang Coupe. I replaced the regulator and now the window slides up or down without using the handle. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  4. To clarify, the window crank spins freely as the window goes up and down, no tension and nothing that holds it up once it's raised. I'm assuming the regulator is defective but and advice would be great.
  5. Please help answer a question regarding the door window on a 69 Mustang Coupe. I replaced the actuator and now the window slides up or down without using the handle. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  6. I just came across a pretty interesting web site. http://www.mustangstofear.com They have some amazing interior trim pieces they manufacture and how to videos. Just thought I'd pass the info along. John
  7. My son wanted the same hood from CJ pony for our 69 Coupe so we ordered it, had it painted with the car and it looks wavy. Not easy to explain other than it does not look good to me at all.
  8. I just realized your talking about different molding, the same trick has helped with all blind spots. I found the biggest issue was being able to keep the nut in the socket and using that tar goop helped with numerous areas.
  9. I found a trick that helped, if we are talking about the trim piece that circles the headlights. I added a little windshield sealer, (tar Like substance) to my socket to hold the nut in as it kept falling out of end of socket. I then lined the nut up with the hole and once I lined it up it just took patience in getting the nut started.
  10. The member is wyked64 This was his feed and in the body is the ebay site to buy the gaskets. Bear with me if this is long but I feel I need to fully explain not only what I have done, but why I need a "guinea pig" Some of you may know I make a piece or two for the classic mustang. Not getting rich or making any money so to speak. Its just a passion for the classic I have. Not mention it usually stems from my own needs or wants. A few years ago, I restored a 68 fastback. Once paint was done I was surprised to find out that there was no gasket or seal to go between the front marker light housing and the fender. I found this odd considering what I had spent to have the car painted. Metal to metal was not cool with me at the time. The back up light housings on my car had them but not the front marker light housings. It turns out Ford never made such a thing for the front marker light housings. Not wanting to chip my paint, I designed and built a die and cut out my own marker light housing gaskets. Not only did it make me feel better, I liked the appearance it gave once the housing was mounted. I then set out making a die and had some die cut and now selling them on Ebay. Here is a link to my ad and you can see in the photo the "black perimeter" which is my gasket/seal between the front marker light housing and the fender on my 68 FB. http://www.ebay.com/itm/201121538618...84.m1555.l2649 Please all clearly understand, in no way am I pushing or selling parts. I'm only explaining. I have not got to the restoration process of my 69 Mach I as I have spent the last couple years helping my brother with his complete and total restoration of his 69 Mach I. We have just finished gapping the doors and trunk and are about to lay down some primer and begin the blocking and sanding. He ordered complete new front and rear marker light sets. We noticed that we could not find a gasket for the bezel. We then checked my car and sure enough there was no gasket between the metal Bezel and the fender or qtr panel. So I designed up another die and had some made for the 69 front and rear marker lights to go between the metal bezel and the fender and quarter panel. The problem is, we are quite a ways from paint. Therefore, I need someone who has nice clean paint and will be installing the marker light bezels. I will send you a set for the front and rear at no cost to you providing you send me some photo's showing the finished product installed on your car I can use in an ebay ad. (photo shots similar to what I now show on my current Ebay ad for the 68) Anybody with nice paint willing to volunteer? If so, send me a PM with your name and postal address and I'll send you a set FOC as long as you send me back some photos of the finished installed product. Like I said, not selling anything here, but I need some photos so I can make an ebay ad. This may not be something everyone would want to use or install because it was not originally available for the car. But heck, it seems to clean it up pretty good if your not a purest.
  11. The owner just got back to me with a price, he wants $2500 I'm wavering as I'm not sure I'm ready for another project.
  12. Can anyone tell me if this Mustang has any value from the tag. It's here on Maui and it's owned by an older Filipino gentleman who said he has not driven it for over 10 years. It has what he states is a 289 w/ manual trans that was bored out and a new manifold added 20 years ago. The body has rust in numerous areas and is going to take a lot of time and money to fix. if this is not a collectible Mustang then I'd rather not take on another project at this time. if it is some kind of sleeper let me know your thoughts. John
  13. Ordered these gaskets from one of the members and they look fantastic and they seal the lights much better than the cheap Styrofoam ones sent with the lights. Hope the pictures load so you can see.
  14. I just installed the Pertronix coild and Ignitor on my 250 6 cylinder. Don't laugh!!! Anyway, after I installed it the car starts much better but I noticed black liquid spraying from the exhaust. Any ideas a s to why this is now happening, is it because it is running better or do I need to adjust something. Thanks.
  15. I'm in the process of re-installing the original trim which I had repainted Now I'm wishing I had the forethought you have, it looks sleek. Good luck
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