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  1. Vin # shows it's a convertible, and yes I'll get some pics when I get back to town in a few weeks thanks
  2. I guess anything is possible, but I don't think so, there are 0 signs that they got cut out, it really looks like they are just not there at all.
  3. Yes the 70 convertible I'm looking at is a 250. 5 lug car, still doesn't explain why the car does not have front torq boxes?
  4. It's been a few years since I've been on here. Few updates with my 70. 2017 took my mustang to sema
  5. I found a very nice 70 mustang convertible, original 6cl car. I looked under the car and I don't see front torq boxes on driver or passenger side, no not rusted out or cut off. There just not there. Am I missing something about 70 6cl cars?? Thanks
  6. Fiberglass work is almost done on the air box !!
  7. Thanks!! No air box yet, but soon Pic from a car show over the weekend
  8. Added lower boss stripes and the bud Moore style hood stripe!
  9. Just purchased a new air box for the mustang. 69 style TA air box
  10. From western colorado ( grand junction )
  11. Finally a nice day in Colorado!! Took the car out for a spin
  12. Yes the front has been lowered about 3-31/3 ( grab a track 620 lowering springs with one full coil cut)
  13. A couple pics at a local car show yesterday
  14. She is all done!! New grabber orange paint!! And I put my PSE wheels on!!
  15. Mikestang Post up some pic!!
  16. Put my 1 lowering blocks on, Now it's going in for some fresh paint
  17. I run a grab-a-track 620 with one full coil cut. ( about 2.5 lower). But still rides good.
  18. I have a 351w In my 70, first I had a Holley 600 on it. Out of the box it would barley run, and tuning it was a pain! I'm very limited on tuning carbs, I changed it out for a edelbrock 650 thunder series. Out of the box it ran great and with a little tuning the carb performs perfect. Go edelbrock 650.
  19. After buying 2 bad solenoid I Tried a different solenoid, Good to go. Thanks for all the help!!
  20. Thanks for the info, yes the starter disengaged before I switched the solenoid. I was thinking I may have crossed the s and I wires on the solenoid. I'll try it again
  21. Ok. So new issue!! So the car won't start at all without jumping the battery. But the battery test fine. I isolated the problem to the solenoid, but when I replace the solenoid with a new Napa auto parts one, a new problem showed up. Car starts fine but the starter won't disengage. (Had to pull the positive battery cable!!). Took it back to Napa thinking I had a bad solenoid, got a new one and same thing!! Can't be 2 bad solenoids in a row???? What am I doing wrong? Where should I start? This is a stupid problem. Thanks for any help
  22. Ok thanks guys! I'll start there. I still have a light issue!! My lights flicker bad when on. What could cause that?
  23. Yes the lights and radio work when the car won't start. I haven't trued hitting the starter with a hammer yet. And when I say jump it. I mean with jumper cables and my truck. With u is odd because the Battery is good.
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