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  1. I'll be there all weekend with the Cobra Jet .
  2. Yes thanks, I'm looking of an original set (date code correct) for my car.
  3. Going to look at a set of chrome 69 Mach1 wheels. Is their any thing I should be looking for? Thanks, Tim
  4. If you ever get a chance watch the first season of TOP GEAR . It was so lame It wasn't even funny. The audience was made up of the production staffs families. It takes time to build the kind of chemistry that they have today in the UK. Just be patient. They must use what they know will work then work in the American style. Just my 2cents
  5. That sucks, They make you pay to register an antique plate every two years. In Pa. You pay a one time fee, and you own the plate. The only fee you pay on the Antique tag in Pa. is when you transfer it to another vehicle. Does that tag come with driving restrictions? Can't be used as daily driver ect.
  6. You can make more power cheaper if you use a 429-460. Parts are more available than 428. Just use one piece export brace and monte carlo bar to keep the towers from sagging from the weight.
  7. There is a company that makes them. It's the same towers that are used of the 4.6L conversion. The 4.6L and the 429-460 are almost the same size engines. I'll have to see if I can find the link.
  8. Not sure if this is new or not. Was just working on the computer and saw the four headlights on in a barn. Started watching the video The black fastback is the theme of the video. sweet car. I'll have to look on you tube for the video.
  9. I used to have a Cross Boss intake for a Clevor I built years ago. Worked pretty well.
  10. I have purchased items from them and never had any problems. No suspention stuff though.
  11. +1 Bill did my shifter he does nice work.
  12. That's with in the region that a race.(93 mustang) Not sure if we'll be in Dayton area next year: we were at I think it was Thorton Hill this year. I'll let you know
  13. You should be just fine. The gears should make a big difference. Plus you have ported aluminium heads lightweight and better flowing. 13's is very respectable for theses big cars. I think you could hit the 12's with some sticky street radials!!!! Any more HP and they are not very street-able. The best part is when you light them up though 1st,2nd and bark 3rd on the street. A good looking car with some nuts gets a lot of respect on the street. Keep us posted on your runs. Where ya located ?
  14. Engine is .30 over not sure on compression 10.5 to 11.0 Cam 554/556 lift hydraulic 750 carb(to small) Heads cast iron just cleaned up turns with headers. The run was threw full 2 1/2 exhaust.
  15. My Osborn electrical manual shows the light is located looking from the rear of the car, it is on the left back edge of drivers side of the trunklid. Tim
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