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    Grabber70Mach reacted to RogerC in 69 SuperCoupe   
    Having second thoughts about fog light location. Too low? Maybe rectangular lights in lower opening?

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Cantedvalve in 1970 Mustang Retromod - Boss 351   
    My dad had a 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340 back when he was a senior in high school and freshman in college. He sold it while in college to help pay for college. That was back in 1974. He loved that car, but knew he was better off getting his degree. His car had a 4 speed, bench front seat, signal indicators on the fenders, B5 Bright Blue Metallic with a white vinyl top - NO stripe.
    Back in 1997 (I was 20) he wanted to get another car. He searched and searched, and the only one he could find that hadn’t been chopped up to be a race car was in South Carolina. We flew down there and purchased the car. It ran and drove, but the speedometer didn’t work and the gas gauge was stuck on empty. He bought it, and we drove it all the way back to Indiana that night. We timed ourselves between mile markers to keep speed. We stopped every 150 miles for gas. Made it home. It is a real Swinger 340 with a bench seat, 4 speed, T5 Copper Metallic with a white vinyl top and a white stripe. No signal indicators on the fenders. It has since been painted an awful orange, and has signs of body filler on the driver front fender and door.
    That's the preamble.  The rest is over on the FABO forums.  Dad's 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Cantedvalve in 1970 Mustang Retromod - Boss 351   
    I know. No updates.  There was a reason.  I was finishing dads car.  1969 Dodge Dart 340 Swinger.  Got it aligned and wheels installed.  Here she is after her first bath in decades.

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Caseyrhe in 69 Boss 302 postage stamp   
    Philatelic catalog just came out, going to be releasing some muscle car Fore ever stamps, 5 different cars, but one is a yellow 69 Boss 302. Scheduled to release 8/25/22. 
    here’s the link if interested 
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Just a little somthin for me!   
    Went to wallmart this morning ,didnt want to park anywhere where it may get door dinged so i parked next to a black hell cat and a RT that was same color as mine but with black stripes ,we all three had the same wheels ,i think this was the designated Challenger only parking space ,forgot my phone so i couldnt get a pic!
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Just a little somthin for me!   
    Mucho beuno ! I like these wheels !
    I didnt know it was independent rear end . The car automatically resets the tire pressure sensors as well   

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    I got the old fire wall out ,that thing was really in there ,it looks like i need to pick up a sheet of 19 gauge sheet metal to build the new one . I am going to sand blast before i put in the new fire wall so i can get at everything . 

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    I decided to give my harbor freight sander a try on the front of the cab ,it took it down to clean metal fairly quick with out a lot of effort. Hit a spot on the door and found it still has the old army green under the brown primer . These cabs are 19 gauge ,well thicker than a mustangs 20 -21 gauge ,its kind of like working on a 55 gallon drum . Smooth dents can be bumped out and usually need no bondo .
    I will sand the flat panels but i will have to sand blast everything else .
    The cowl vent will be filled in and the original firewall will come out so i can make a new one deeper set for a small block Ford to fit .

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    20 years ago i was the only one that made a patch panel for the back of the cab ,a friend machined the dies for my bead roller ,it cost me a whole $80 ,i wonder what it would cost to make these dies today?

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    Found a pic of my fiberglass 37 pick up grill

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    35 ,36 ,and 37 hood side panels . 
    The fenders are pretty much the same as are the running boards except the 37 front fender is completely cut out for the bumper brackets to pass through ,35 36 has a window in the front of the fender for the bumper brackets to pass through . There is  differences between the 35 36 and 37 inside as well ,but 35 36 is almost the same 

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    The cab i am using is actually a 36 although the 35 parts will fit ,easiest way to tell a 35 is the notch at the bottom of the wind shield posts ,the 36 is rounded ,although i have had two original 35s with the rounded post to the cowl . The 35 doors have a removable window frame ,the 36 and 37 do not . The grill for the 35 is shorter than the 36 and i think mush better looking ,the 37 is totally different and rounded but not as ugly as a 39-39. 
    The hood has a v in the louvers where the ford emblem goes ,the 36 side panel has long louvers all the way with the emblem in the front of the louvers . 37 hood sides are long but way different from the 36 and has a smaller V8 emblem mounted right on the center of the louvers . 37 hood will not fit a 35 36 ,it longer and shaped a bit different 

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    Well ,what do you know ! Its kind of hard to take a door from one cab and have it fit another cab ,you guys complaining about fitting mustang parts just dont know ! These things were fit to each cab as they were built ,the driver door just has to come up a bit and the passenger has to go back a bit at the bottom ,they are usually way off but these look great !

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    It was a sad when old Betty went away .

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    My 37 ,on a 35 frame ,i will use this frame and i have a lot of trim pieces to choose from among other parts 

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Missing my 1935 Ford pick up .   
    After pretty much loosing my old 35 ford i have been thinking about it a lot lately ,i think i need to build another one ! I used to collect them ,i had several at one time but i am down to just 4 now haha.
    I even made my own patch panels like the rear bottom of the cab ,you couldnt buy this patch several years ago and it a pretty normal rust out area . Now there is quite a few patch panels for them ,you can even buy new running boards ,but i have a good set . My cab i will be using isnt bad but no where as straight as my old 35 was . I have a pretty decent pair of doors with just a small ding in each door that will be fixable without the use of bondo . I need the rockers ,they make them now ,and a couple of lower corner patches that i have from an old crushed cab . 
    I have piles of head lights ,interior trim ,window regulators ,door latch assemblies you mame it i have it here some where. .
    I happen to have a pretty good 35 frame in my shop with a 37 pick up setting on it but my favorite is the 35 .
    I have a few hood panels hanging on the wall with a super nice 35 grill ,its the one on the left .
    I pulled the cab and a few parts out just to see what i need ,looks like i have to find a passenger side front fender but shouldnt be to hard to find . I bought a couple of 35 -37 rear fenders a few years back  that need a bit of work but they are almost impossible to find because these things were used as a truck and the rear fenders were the first thing destroyed . 

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Scammer alert   
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Ridge Runner in Scammer alert   
    I said all along it would be something so stupid you wouldn't even think of it ! When i put the 07 motor into my 05 mustang the 07 harness was still on it ,it wouldnt work in the 05 so i had to change it inside the car ,that wasnt easy because it was almost impossible to get to the tranny sensors . I must have twisted the rear part of the harness,the part with the plug ins for the 02 sensors . I had the bank 1 sensor plugged into the bank 2 02 sensor and the bank 2 sensor plugged into the bank 1 sensor ...does not work that way ! Swapped the plug ins today and its like a new car ,should be ,i replaced every sensor ,spark plugs ,coils  and even resealed the intake and throttle body . Now i can finally finish it up and drive !
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Midlife in Dakota Digital Install   
    1970 Standard Dash Cluster Wiring:
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to fvike in electrical problems   
    Pretty sure that is the clip for the brake pedal shaft.

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to RPM in electrical problems   
    To me, that clip looks like the one that holds the brake pedal shaft in place. 

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    Grabber70Mach got a reaction from Caseyrhe in New Ride/Project   
    Wow that's a nice acquisition, definitely keep us updated on your progress and take us on the journey with you. 
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    Grabber70Mach got a reaction from maxum96 in Trying to annoy the neighbors   
    Sounds like some great music to my ears.  Better than the stuff I have to put up with at work that makes my ears bleed.
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to dbmac in 69 mach1 Wheel and tire size   
    I went with 18x8.5 front with 245/45, and 18x10 rear with 275x40. The diameter is the same on both so the sidewall heights are equal. It is dead flat. I think it comes down to whether you like historic/stock or updated/modern. Both are fine, just pick what you like. Lots of the TV customizations go with bigger wheels and really thin tires, I always thought the thinner stuff like 35xs didn't look right on classic muscle. Plus they ride like skateboard wheels, hard as a rock. The 18's clear the upper and lower ball joint in the front so you can run a little more back spacing. I rolled the fenders all the way around to avoid shredding tires. They don't rub on most stuff in and out of driveways, etc.  Post a pic of what you end up with !

    Oh yeah its dropped 2" in back and 1.5 in front. I don't like "air" between the fender and tires. ;-)
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in 69 mach1 Wheel and tire size   
    Just adding my two cents to this thread...
    I found that modern tire design and brands, such Nitto do not make many,  if any performance tires below 17 inch diameter. On my 70 Mach 1 M-code, I went with 17 US Mags Bandit rims and Nitto NT555 G2s. I have factory height big block constant 640 lbs rated coil springs up front with Global West suspension and a 1" Shelby drop (upper Arm Control). Global West Plus 3 upper arms have 3 degrees of positive caster built into them. This will eliminate the need to pull the lower arm so far forward in order to get the optimal alignment.
    In the rear I have stock height 138 lbs rated/Competition Handling Eaton rear springs and an aftermarket 1" rear sway bar. The US Mags Bandit front 17x 8 with a 1 Offset and 4.54 backspace with Nitto NT555 G2 245 x 45 tires. The rear US Mags Bandit front 17x 9 with a 8 Offset and 5.31 backspace with a big Nitto NT555 G2 275 x 50 tires.
    I prefer the look of a larger width and height rear tire. I did have to roll my rear fender lips. I also lightly rolled the front fender lips too, but I don't think I needed to.

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