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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    Thanks. I am very close to having it pass inspection road worthy. In DE cars newer than 1968 still need to pass emissions. Unbelievable!
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to BuckeyeDemon in 69 mach 408w build   
    thank you.  i'm sure the falcon will get driven more in the first year, but the Mustang will always be the special one to me for many reasons.  hoping my dad will be able to come down and drive the falcon with me in the mustang.  I believe the falcon probably means more to him for his reasons....
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    Well, took her out for a drive. First time she move3d under her own power since 1983, when the P.O parked it. My wife snapped a few pics of it as I left the drive for a quick trip around the block...Still no windshield, but nothing too strenuous. Still needs and alignment and some muffler work and a DMV inspection....

    After I parked it in the driveway, I came out later to put her in the garage and saw her illuminated under the evening sky and had to snap one more picture... Just love that Calypso Coral color!

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    1970 Mach 1 Walk Around With Start & Lights Small Size.mp4
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    These are the only pics I can find of the Hyperspark coil bracket I made to mount it to the Edelbrock Air Gap intake. Unfortunately I don't have any pic when I was making it or the dimensions. My goal was to keep the coil horizontal and below the air cleaner base.
    Looking the coil and bracket from the front of the engine  between the distributor and the Sanden AC compressor.

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in I have run in to an issue with my 70 Mustang Factory tach   
    I ordered and just installed the MSD 8920 tach adapter as per the instruction connected the Holley Sniper brown aftermarket tach wire to the MSD 8920 wire for a current triggered tach, and early indication is it appears to be working beautifully.
    Thanks all.
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to BuckeyeDemon in 69 mach 408w build   
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to BuckeyeDemon in 69 mach 408w build   
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Mike65 in Moving out of NJ soon.   
    Thanks for the good wishes everyone. We made it safely & we are enjoying our new to us home. Pics to follow in a couple days.
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to copb8 in VintageLeds Mustang Daytime Running Lights   
    I've installed these as well and had an issue with the wiring of my car. Gary was actually more responsive to the problem than I was! :-) He kept checking back and making suggestions until the issue was resolved, which was not related to his product. Love being able to see now and being seen.
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to capemustang in VintageLeds Mustang Daytime Running Lights   
    I meant to write this last winter.  Previously, I had installed Led bulbs for the front turn signals in order to make them more visible, but still felt that other vehicles couldn’t see them well enough.  I purchased and installed the VintageLed Daytime Running Lights on my 1969.  I had some difficulty with one of the lights that had to do with my car’s socket. The connector would not stay seated in the socket. Gary responded immediately and talked me through the solution.  Since installing them, the brightness is amazing as well as how well the lights work.  I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the customer service, the design, and workmanship.
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Mike65 in Moving out of NJ soon.   
    OK everyone I will be absent for about 1 week. Cable & internet are getting turned off tomorrow & we will not be back up until next Sunday. I temp installed the f/e sheet metal on the Coupe for the ride to Virginia. I had to roll it out of the garage to get some of our stuff out of the attic so I snapped a couple pics.


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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in Have an engine bay clearance issue and need advice   
    Sorry no spacer on mine. I might be able to fit a spacer up to a 1/2", but it would obviously raise the shaker a 1/2" higher than where mine is now...pic below.

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Mike65 in Moving out of NJ soon.   
    Thanks guys, moving day is just a couple weeks away.
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    Grabber70Mach got a reaction from staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    You have good reason to be pleased it looks great.
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to rwcstang in suspension/steering upgrade   
    FYI to anyone debating a SOT CoilOver kit: 
    SOT will be doing a price increase after their current stock is done. So best to pull the trigger now! 

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    Been busy building an airbox so the boss scoop is functional and engine can have clean air, taken a while, still needs painting just trying to decide either silver or black? And finished the gauges 

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    Bit of an update, side windows in, central locking in, head unit in, almost finished wiring.

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    Converting mirrors to power, used Toyota Corolla motors with a little modification, still have to get mirrors cut

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    Grabber70Mach got a reaction from RPM in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    Digging the color that came out looking really good. 
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    Grabber70Mach reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    Well I’m pleased to say that the car came back to me 2 weeks ago from the paint shop.
    I’m so pleased with it, the paint finish from the shop is just sublime.
     Now for the hard work of putting it call back together.

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    Good catch! If I recall, the water neck with the ports is from a 70s 351M or 400ci truck engine. They are getting hard to find. I watch for them on eBay and swap meets.
    I'll dig up some pics of the Hyperspark bracket. 

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to rwcstang in Replacement Gages   
    I have the Dakota Digital RTX Series and what an awesome kit! can give you multiple readings i.e Speed, Oil Pressure, Radiator Temp. You can also adjust these settings in your iOS or Android Phone. you can also change the color of the dials. 
    my only gripe with this kit, is it doesn't have the running horse when you select the high beams. thats one thing that I wish that on there. other than that Dakota Digital is a winner for me.

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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    Finally installed the rebuilt Cleveland. I had some clearance worries, but once I installed the Tremec TKO 600, which I had MDL machine the top covers on the TKO to provide more clearance on top to better match the stock alignment, my valve cover was no longer in contact with the brake booster....What a relief. Also my Sanderson Block Hugger shorty exhaust headers cleared everything, including the obnoxiously large GM style steering box I got from CPP. The next test was to install the shaker stack on top of my taller than stock Edelbrock Air Gap intake and hope it it fits under the hood. I used a (repro) 428 shaker base which is about 3/4" lower in height than a Cleveland base. First I had to re-clock the base to align the concaved area with the distributor. This turned the base from a 6:00 position on the 428 to about 7-8:00 o'clock on my Cleveland. With the Shaker stack in place, the height of the shaker scoop was perfect with the hood closed. Apparently the Cleveland sit farther back in the engine bay than the 428, so I needed to shift the plenum and scoop assembly forward on the base to fit thru the hood hole. Once I had it positioned and clocked correctly, I drilled new holes in the plenum for the mounting studs on the base. The most difficult part was fabricating two crescent shaped sheet metal filler pieces to close up the gaps between the base and plenum created as a result of shifting the base forward. these filler pieces were attached to the front and back between the base and the plenum. This created an offset ring on top of the base in a way like the factory Cleveland base has. Finally, I made a bracket to bolt to the back of the base to an existing mounting hole on the back of the Edelbrock intake to ensure the whole thing can not rotate on the carburetor since it is held only by the center stud thru the air cleaner lid. No clearance issues with my Holley Sniper EFI, or the Hyperspark Distributor. or with the throttle cable, which I had to add a small plate to the stock throttle bracket to extend it to align better with he Holley throttle linkage. I fabricated a mounting plate and mounted the Hyperspark Coil to the Edelbrock intake under the air cleaner base.
    Installed the front end components... Four row copper radiator, Aftermarket six blade fan, Alternator, Sanden Compressor, Saginaw P/S pump with a Ford factory A/C mounted cooler. I fabricated the top plate over the Sanden compressor to mimic the mounting locations used on the factory York Compressor and mount the P/S cooler and Idler pulley bracket to it, just as it was from the factory York. 
    I had to fabricate the P/S pump bracket and spacers to properly mount the Saginaw pump. This took a lot of time tweaking it until it was aligned with the water pump and crank pulleys.

    Here are some pictures....


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    Grabber70Mach reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    Made a rookie mistake! I had a no start issue after wiring up my Sniper EFI with a Hyperspark Distributor, Ignition Box, and Coil on my 1970 Mustang with a 351 Cleveland, and I thought it  I would post it hoping it might help others who experience a similar issue. I had my Cleveland rebuilt and my engine builder and he installed the EFI set up and ran the engine and then disassembled the EFI components and wiring before I received it. I installed it back in my car and wired the Sniper and Hyperspark components. I wanted to keep the wires neat, so I re-pinned some of the plugs and trim and lengthened some of the wires on everything but the Sniper itself. Before I go any further, let me describe the wire harness for the Hyperspark Distributor... The Distributor harness starts with a three-pin plug for the... 1) Red/Pink 12v ignition, 2) (center) Purple +, and 3) Green - crank wires. On the other end of the harness, the pink 12v is a single loose wire and the green and purple are pinned to the two-pin square plug to connect to the Holley Sniper. In the process of making the wire mods, I noticed that the two-pin square plug for the Positive Purple Crank and Negative Green Crank wires coming from the distributor were reversed (green to purple and purple to green) when plugged into the Sniper two-pin crank plug counterpart. I checked the Holley documentation that I received with all the components and nowhere did it mention that it is normal for the purple and green wires to be reversed when plugged in to the sniper EFI. The complete wiring diagram did not have the wire colors for these two wires. The Holley documentation did say to use the harness that comes with the distributor, but that was all it said. So I thought this must be a manufacturing mistake, and I re-pinned the wires to match purple to purple and green to green. WHAT A MISTAKE! For days I tried to diagnose my "STALLED" problem undoing all my wiring and tearing my hair out in the process. Even with Holley tech's help, we could not figure out why my Sniper was indicating the engine was stalled and was not getting a crank signal. Long story short... I was at a loss and ready to ship the Sniper to Holley for testing under the warranty, when I was going back thru some pictures I had saved and saw a sales picture for the Hyperspark Distributor, and in the picture I noticed that the wire harness shows the purple and green wires were also reversed in the plug. I went back and re-pinned those wires back to purple to green and green to purple and the dam engine started right up! So, DO NOT make the same mistake I made! 
    Holley should provide a better explanation and tell the installer that these wires are intentionally reversed and do not change them.
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