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  1. Congrats Ridge it looks good.
  2. Do you have a chart like that for a 70? Thanks.
  3. Sounds like some great music to my ears. Better than the stuff I have to put up with at work that makes my ears bleed.
  4. Wow that's a nice acquisition, definitely keep us updated on your progress and take us on the journey with you.
  5. @MidlifeMidlifecan that be used for a 70?
  6. Give me a few days, I'm checking with someone that might have one. Sorry for the delayed reply.
  7. @Ridge Runnerwhich 05 harness are you looking for? Engine I assume from another thread.
  8. Nice sang and nice setup, I've seen your lift on GJ forum.
  9. Nice space, congrats Mike.
  10. That came out great @BuckeyeDemon, I bet it's a blast to drive. I went to an annual show earlier this month and saw this car and thought of yours. Hope you don't mind me posting some pictures of it on your thread. If you don't want me to just let me know and I'll remove them.
  11. @Casgar this may be something that you would be looking for: https://1970mustangvintageracer.shutterfly.com/737 Another option is some preformed ones from here: https://www.umshop-store.com/ I got some last winter but haven't done anything with them yet.
  12. If you have the money i say go for it, lifes too short.
  13. #12 looks to be the manafold half of a 351C shaker bracket.
  14. Your car looks and sounds great, congrats on the journey so far. Hope you get her over the finish line and start enjoying the ride.
  15. Wow when you finish the Falcon you're going to have two awesome looking cars. You'll have a hard decision on which one you want to take out for a ride.
  16. Any spacer between the Sniper and intake? Size if so? Thanks.
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