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  1. Probably some aftermarket aluminum heads or some better stock style heads. Not Boss style for sure. I have been reading up on what mods MUST be done and which ones people recommend. Very helpful to read what others think that have done this before.
  2. Yeah, I listed the parts on some Ranchero forums before I start throwing them up on Ebay. The attached pic KINDA looks like a Boss engine though which would require some shock tower mods. Did he do the valve covers that way to give that appearance or am I just crazy?
  3. Thanks for the input. Yeah, the car is actually a 73, he had it advertised wrong. The engine is a 1972 - 429 with the D2VE-AA heads which I am reading are shit. So I can steal the engine and trans and make them work, but everything will be parted and the rest scrapped. Anyone need and parts for a 73 Ranchero GT? lol
  4. Hey guys! I am new to this forum and have a question about some parts on a 73 Ranchero GT working on my 69 Mach which I'm building into a driver Boss 429 tribute. I just bought the Ranchero for the 429 4V and the auto trans but I'm wondering if I can use anything else from it? PS setup, PB parts, AC system, pedals, steering column, etc? My car is a rolling shell of all new metal so anything I can use from this Ranchero is a big help to me. The Ranchero is a complete running and driving car that is just rotting and the interior is shot. Being a 73 its not worth saving but the engine and trans can be built and are worth something to me! :laugh: Thanks in advance for any input guys! Brad..
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