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  1. Thats what I would do.. But thats me.. Whats your back spacing on the rear?
  2. http://www.1969stang.com/mustang/forum/showthread.php?t=4672 Heres my thread with the new springs installed and crappy rims.. Im going with some new TTII's shortly but need to get all the info first..
  3. I would go with the Grab a track mid eyes... Actually, I did go with the mid eyes.. LOL.. If you drop the rear too much you will be stuck.. my suggestion is use the mid eyes, and if you still feel that it needs to go lower, then put in a spacer.. that way you can dial in the rear height.. and not drop it tooo much with the springs.. By the way, what b/s are you using?
  4. how big of a difference did the 3.25's make ? Ive got a FMX tranny with 2.73's and I think 3.25's would be a good step up, but I do like how it runs on the freeway now..
  5. The guy at discount tire gave me a price of 185 each for the TTII's 15x7 4.25bs and told me that as long as I ordered the correct wheel, he would change tires all day until I found the right fit. Once the wheel is mounted on the car, its mine... "I get paid by the hour man".. But Im still stuck with "do I want 15's or 16's ? 255's or 275's, or do I want to be able to rotate the tires by going with the same size all around?" buying wheels is a damn headache..
  6. I dont know if I want to go larger.. I think that if I do I would only go up to 16" .. Im still wonderinig if that 275 would fit under my rear with it lowered 1 inch.. Im kinda scared to order and it not fit right.. Im thinking that the safest bet for me would be the 255 on a 15 inch.. Still not sure.. I know I can get a 255 on a 16 inch rim in the same type of tire.. but how would it look with a 15 on front and 16 on back?
  7. Forgot to mention that the rear tires are 215 70 15's with like 3" B/S (i hate them) stupid previous owner.. And last night I took out that spacer so it does sit up about a half inch higher now.. I liked it as it sat in the pics..
  8. I just found out that discount tire finances for 12 months intrest free.... Looks like i may get some new shoes pretty soon.. However I was disapointed that they dont carry BFG Geeforce in a 255 60 15.. the largest is 235 60 15.. I wanted to match the front tires, which I do like alot.. (225 60 15's) by type and just put a little more meat back there.. I may end up with TA's on the rear and mismached..
  9. GAT 4.5 leaf mid eyes installed.. before and after. I left a spacer in so its actually about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch lower than it should sit.. [ATTACH]2723[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2724[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2725[/ATTACH]
  10. I would go 275, I just want to make sure it fits under a coupe rear end.. It looks as though the sports roof is a little wider.. Is your front end on a 4.25 b/s? I will probably just go with the 255 on a 7 inch wheel.. I will test fit my front driver side wheel to the rear passenger side and see how it looks with 225s on front and back and then probably be able to decide on what to do after that.. Test fit the 225, measure the difference and clearances and take some pics.. Then I should be good to find the right size tire.. Ive never known a shop to mount a tire and then dismount it because I didnt like the stance.. I think I will ask my guys if they would do that for me if need be..
  11. I would just pull the oil plug and see if you have any more water in the pan (because it will settle at the bottom) and then run it until its at operating temp and put around in it for 15 minutes or so to burn off all the residual moisture.. It should be good..
  12. Thats what Im afraid of.. That the 8 inch wheel will bring the 255 tire height down too much and the rear will be shorter... But If that seems to be the problem I could just keep with the 7 inch wheel all around.. I dont think It will matter that much.. I just think its the fact of having an 8 inch wheel in the back that would make me happy inside..
  13. What about on a coupe.. Im going to run 225 60 15's on front with 4.25 b/s and 255 60 15's on rear with an 8 inch rim and 4.5 b/s See any problems? Could I get that 275 under the rear? My rear is dropped an inch with 4.5 leafs and KYB'S
  14. You sure its not from a freeze plug??
  15. I really need to get the old cragars off the rear of my car now that its lowered. It rubs the tire way too much.. I dont mind if they are old or a little ugle or even just plain steel wheels, i can paint.. I just need cheap.. if possible.. So if you have something that would work I would appreciate it! Thanks guys.. -justin
  16. I would definately take the 2 inch exhaust off and add the H pipe with your 2.5 inch system.. that will help out a good bit. Im glad you found it to be a good deal!
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