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  1. I like the look. Hopefully the interior improvments are substantial. My wife has a pony package 2013 and I love the way it looks outside but it is lacking on interior. Feels like I'm in a bathtub up to my eyeballs, and not the best toad feel either. Hers is a auto and that is lacking, but like said earlier the v6 is no real slouch. It's quick, not 5.0 quick though.. I rented one after being used to her car and that 5.0 rental 2013 was crazy fast.. especially after driving the 6 for so long. I loved it.. that motor in a smaller package will be awesome!

  2. Have if you get an immediate delay at idle.. Maybe you need to check the accelerator pump spring adjustment again. I adjust mine so that it squirts at the slightest blip of the throttle but so that it has a slight bit of play in the spring when you are at full throttle, so that it doesnt bind up the linkage.


    do you use the small hose barb coming off of the main circuit just in front of the choke for your timing? That is the timed port. Anywhere else will give you full vac.


    The carb should be tuned for idle, at the idle 700-800rpm with the engine in drive.. Or neutral for the manual trans. Check that your timed port hose it not leaking, causing the lean bank.

  3. What carburator do you have? How long has it been since a tune up? If you have a autolite or holley that has a vent hole on the fuel bowl, that will cause the gas smell. some original carbs had a charcoal canister that helped to lessen the smell. Or You could be boiling gas out of the carb if you dont have a carb/intake spacer. Or you could be running really rich.


    I would check the tune of the carburator first.

  4. I happen to also have a free 94 console (out of my donor). Looking at your picture, I'm not sure I like how it looks at the dash. But I think it can come apart around there (seem to remember seeing some seams there), so it is possible that the console could be partially disassembled. A console is one of the last items that will go into the car, so I haven't investigated it any.




    EDIT: Not that it matters much, but was your console from a convertible or a coupe (two buttons or just one and a cover)?



    It has a button and a coin holder. You are correct though, it doesnt fit perfectly and I too would love one that did.. But it was free and is functional. Plus it has that little crappy fold out cup holder.

  5. It just so happens that I ran across this image earlier today. It's a 2002 console in a 69. The 94-04 consoles are pretty much the same.





    Thats my car.. I used a dremel to cut the cross bracing under the console and a heat gun to slowly bend the plastic to "fit" the car. I just really got tired of not having a console and this one was free.


    Ive got the ebrake handle too, just need to follow this thread to figure out how to use it.

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