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  1. Well I cant seem to upload any pics for some reason...any ideas?
  2. They want $3500 for the 69 Grande............was running but he said they are having an issue with the starter (probably a $200 issue). Its in great shape minus a spot on the lower trunk lip by the bumper. Interior is decent, exterior is awesome, no rust! Here is what it looks like by the way! I can probably knock it down to $3000, and Im driving to pick it up in a couple weeks as long as the money hits like its supposed to! let me know what you guys think!
  3. And this is why I come here! Thanks for the advice guys. Ill be looking into them both a little further. 70 is looking a little less likely. Im gonna have to go through it with a fine tooth comb as well. Ill throw some pictures of the 69 up as soon I as I get them, so you guys can judge for yourselves. Thanks again Mike, and Chuck!
  4. Hey Mike...Im throwing in a couple of pics for you guys to look at. Of course these are the pics that they have up advertising the car, and avoided showing the bad spots. Tell me again what you think.....I have another offer for a 69 Grande (302/Auto) non/ac in Mississippi which is not driving right now, I know it has a little cancer as well, but nothing major.
  5. Well, I dont have pics up front, but I did stop by where its stored and gave it a look over. Sheet metal has some cancer on the lower corners of the doors, and fender wells on all four. Pitting on the chrome, with some rust. Has the original rebuilt 351W/C-4. Interior is trashed and needs to be redone, pans seem solid, boxes are ok! I have $3K in hand as of right now! What do you think?
  6. Alright guys, and perhaps girls too! I've had 5 mustangs up till about 6 months ago. I have been looking for a 69, but found a 1970 Coupe (351W/C-4 Auto-both rebuilt and running). Car is currently in primer, needs brakes, paint, and seats reapholstered, headliner, carpet, and a few small mechanical things in order for it to be complete. Also needs new tires all around. The lady is asking $4k for it. Underbelly is solid, little surface rust. With the negatives, should I attempt to talk her down any? If so how much? Fact of the matter is, I dont have $4k to drop on her anyway, so Im asking her to split it up with half and half! ANY help you guys can give me would help out a lot! Thanks!
  7. Hey IF you still have the set of 69's, let me know, e-mail me at meangreen72065@yahoo.com and let me see some pics of what you have. Im in Arkansas, so you arent too far! Thanks alot!
  8. Any pictures yet? Location?
  9. It really depends on the car itself. Body, paint, engine, mileage, aftermarket additions. Is there anything that stands out as being wrong with the car? Last time I went on a scouting for a 69, ALL of them I found in decent shape averaged at anywhere from $4500-10K...........So shoot some pics and lets see what you are working with?
  10. Hey Kris, I appreciate it. Ill have to look into that one. Problem with Craigslist anymore is Scammers, Spammers, and if the owner is real, they dont reply to your messages, which defeats the purpose of an ad in the first place! Thanks again!
  11. Im still looking for a 1969 Mustang Grande in running condition, does not have to be perfect, but I have a budget of $3-4K I can play with maybe a little more based on how good it is. It has to be a v-8, prefer with a/c, disc brakes, and power steering. Needs to be close to Arkansas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I made a mistake. I wanted to post a private message.

  13. I made a mistake. I wanted to post a private message.

  14. I got a few parts around the house that should suffice for the drivetrain, just waiting for the sale of a couple to go through. Sold both 67's yesterday, so Im waiting to trade off this morning, got only one more to go.....well two 68's. Thanks a lot for your help.
  15. Hey John, called ADCO today, they are supposed to send me some pics of the 69, so hopefully, I can reduce my load of mustangs and get the one I really want if they will work with me. They sounded pretty good to me! Thanks for the help!
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