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  1. Finally finished my Mach 1, didn't get to enjoy it much
  2. A good source of info and Q&A forum here if anyone is interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1138882606178838/permalink/1226524717414626/
  3. I put a set of Global west reverse eye leafs on mine with Del-A-Lum bushings: http://www.globalwest.net/102sh.html The car sat nice for about a month then started sagging on the drivers side like they all seem to do. The car was sitting in the garage without anyone using it! Due to that the front end on the right side was higher than the left. All good fun!
  4. The 255's look just right IMHO. The 295's just don't sit in the arch right, makes it look like your trying to squeeze them in for the sake of it. The 255's make the car look classy.
  5. Have to agree also, those Magnums look great.
  6. No just the inner ring. I did have a set with the out ring lit up but I prefer the look of the smaller one.
  7. Mine bolts to the block just behind the Alternator then across to the frame rail.
  8. That sort of thing any good Dave?
  9. Spot on! Bit of a double entendre there :)
  10. I've always toyed with the idea, I don't think they would be much cop for brake cooling, you'll just end up cooling your tyre but it would look good to see them open. One day I'll have a go prob when it's time for a respray.
  11. Congrats on the build Alex, you've done an amazing job!
  12. premix

    tire treatment

    How about Mothers® Reflections® Tire Care. Suppose to be non glossy as long as you wipe the excess off. I hate the glossy plastic look to!
  13. Awesome fabrication skills, can't wait to see this completed. It's been a while coming I see but you can't rush perfection :)
  14. These are the darkest we could go without affecting the brightness of the taillights. They are just beyond a smoke but not quite dark.
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