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  1. I just received a complete console assembly from Scott Drake which is actually made by Daniel Carpenter. The only thing that was not included was the wiring for the cigar/cigarette lighter. The wiring I've found on-line looks like its way too much wiring just to hook up a cigar lighter. Scott Drake doesn't make one. I'm bothered with what appears to be a lot of extra wires. The new console only has the lighter and no other lights in the ash trays or console box. Has anyone had any experience wiring a 69 Mach 1 console! Thanks for any help, Steve.
  2. I was looking to purchase a complete center console for my Mach and found a complete console from CJ PONY PARTs for $713. The picture shows the console with a dark walnut woodgrain insert. All My interior woodgrain is the light teak. The sales person at CJ's is telling me that the dark walnut is the correct insert. I have never seen a Mach 1 with the dark walnut console insert. He tells me I can order the console and then spend another $51. to buy the light walnut woodgrain insert but they cannot substitute one for the other. I think thats B.S.! I think the two types of woodgrain should be optional. How many of you guys have seen the 69 Mach 1 console with the dark walnut woodgrain insert? Thanks, Steve.
  3. Has anyone had any experience painting a 69 Mach 1 dash pad and/or console. I think all dash pads and consoles mostly come in black. I think you can find some new dash pads in a white like color. Unfortunately trying to find a NEW dark red/maroon dash pad or console for a 69 Mach 1 is pretty much impossible. Some of the plastic pieces I have in my Mach have worn some over the years and I can see a little white coming through so I'm assuming that a lot of the interior pieces were painted originally. I was quoted $270 to paint the console and $180 to paint the dash by American Mustang here in Sacramento, CA. Labor rate is $90 an hour. I'm somewhat concerned how things will turn out. I have a single split in the speaker grill of the dash pad so I'm thinking about living with it for awhile and either repairing it somehow or replacing it down the road. I thought I would start with the console since my original is long gone! So to make a short story long! Has anyone had any interior pieces painted? And, does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to go about this? The dash and console would be coming from Daniel Carpenter Mustang at $399 apiece. Thanks for any input! Kingfish (Steve)
  4. I saw some Cragar Style wheels the other day that were for sale and the center caps had what I thought was APPLIANCE on it. The chrome and everything looked very good. I'm not at all familiar with this brand of wheels. Are they any good? I briefly checked the internet but didn't come up with any Alliance wheels. Thanks for any input.
  5. I just had the trunk lid and quarter panels repainted along with a new rear decal that says Mach 1 on my 69. When I bought/ordered it back in 68 it came with the solid stripe. I kinda liked the Mach1 punched out in the newer trunk lid stripe so thats what I had put on. But....its got some pointy stuff around the letters and I'm wondering how fragile they might be? If I was waxing that truck lid and wasn't too careful could I break off one of those pointy ends on the letters? They look pretty substantial but I thought I WOULD ASK IF ANYONE HAD ANY GOOD OR BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THEM. The stripe is suppose to be concours quality. She's really running sweet! Steve
  6. I'm being LAZY! My windshield tag is hardly legible. Is the door tag the same as the windshield VIN? I'm going for the Marti Report and want to make sure I've got it right! It's a 69 Mach. Thanks for any help, Steve
  7. I very seldom drive my Mach at night but I've learned that exercising car switches just like were suppose to exercise circuit breakers in our house will keep them working over time. That old saying applies: 'Use It OR Lose It'! Steve
  8. Sportsroof69: PLEASE READ THIS. It plainly states that lead helped reduce knocking (detonation) along with lubricating the valve seats. http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2011/11/why-lead-used-to-be-added-to-gasoline/
  9. I put marine fuel in my boat thats at a marina here in Sacto. It's suppose to be Ethanol free and I believe it. It's a Honda 150 hp outboard and with that fuel it runs so much better. I think if I could put that fuel in my Mach I would! Leaded high octane fuel in the old days burned slower because of the lead. I don't know how many brain cells I lost filling up but I really don't think it was all that much of an issue all thing considered! Steve
  10. I run Chevron Supreme which I believe is around 93 octane. The 351W I have has been bored slightly when I overhauled it around 50K. I believe the compression ratio is still 10.7 to 1. So the other day I was cruising by my local Union 76 and saw racing fuel selling for around 8 bucks a gallon (I think). I entertained the idea of putting some in the tank but didn't. Because not to long ago someone told me than unless you need really high octane gas by using it when you don't need you actually make less horsepower. I think the 76 racing fuel is up around 100 octane. Back in the good old days when I first bought the car (I bought it new) I put Chevron Custom gas in it which I believe was around 100 octane and I swear I could feel it in the gas pedal. Maybe it was all psychological! Probably so! What I'm wondering is what would be the optimum octane for my 351W at 10.7 to 1. The engine now has 73K on it. Do any of you run octane booster additives? Thanks for any feedback! Steve.
  11. I ordered my 69 Mach 1 in October of 68 and I looked at all of the options available very closely and I cannot recall seeing where a supercharger was offered as an option. Steve.
  12. I see something that looks like a Part #. Plug that into your computer doing a Google Search. You'd be surprised what I've found doing that.
  13. I've had a Ford Stripe Kit for no telling how long. I'm presuming and hoping it's still good. My other concern is applying it to the trunk lid. I attempted this several years ago with disastrous results. I had all of these bubbles in the stripe that I couldn't squeegee out. So I gave up! What are the tricks to applying one? And are the newer after market ones easier to apply? Thanks for any help! Steve.
  14. Everyone: Thanks for all of the good input! I WILL HOOK MY PCV VALVE BACK UP! Kingfish (Steve)
  15. I've been venting to the atmosphere for a good long time. I think with these new valve covers I'll hook up the PCV valve. My old covers had 2 breathers, Steve
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