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  1. Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia... Gerrardstown WV
  2. 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback. Here is a list of things that have been updated since I got the car in December of 2012. I have not found ANY notable rust on this car. I have turned 98% of the nuts and bolts on this car and know it from front to back. From what I was told, the owner before me had this car garaged for 20 years before it was sold before me. When I bought it, it was in primer and had no interior. I have the original license plate also. I was also told before I bought it, this car was a Mach 1 … it is not .. I pulled the Marti Report and it is just a 1969 Sports Roof. 1) Holley Electronic Fuel Injection 2) Stainless Steel Fuel Lines 3) Stainless Steel Brake Lines 4) Stainless Steel Transmission Lines 5) 2 Core Aluminum Radiator 6) Wilwood Front Disc Brakes 7) Ididit Tilt Steering Column 8) Kenwood Sound System 9) TMI Front Seats 10) Keyless Entry 11) 4 Link Coil Over Adjustable Rear Suspension 12) Power Rack and Pinion Coil Over Front Suspension 13) 1970 4 Valve 351 Cleveland Engine 14) Re-Sealed Automatic C-4 Transmission (Original to the car) 15) Classic Cragar Wheels (Aluminum) 16) 255 Cooper Tires on Rear, 235 Cooper Tires on Front 17) Fold-down Rear Seat 18) New Fuel Tank 19) New Gauges to Include Tachometer 20) Replaced the Heater Core 21) Replaced the Thermostat with a 185* Thermostat Here is a list of some things that I feel needs to still be done. 1) Re-Upholster the Rear Seat 2) Repair the Driver’s Side Door (The car was lowered onto a jack stand) 3) Replace the door felts (both doors have rust bubbles forming in the front corners due to the chuckleheads that installed them not doing it correctly and them leaving the car outside in the weather … I have always kept the car garaged) 4) Replace the Rear window Seal Correctly by the Manufacturer’s Specifications. (Again, the Chuckleheads at the shop I bought the car from did this incorrectly and it leaks. They also tried to fix it with seam sealer! Damn idiots) 5) Connect Power to the Clock 6) Replace the Heater Controls 7) Needs a Paint Job (Currently it has a 30 Foot Paint Job. If you get any Closer than that … you go ACK !!!) I am brutally honest, as I would want the same in return. I have invested NEARLY $80k. I know there is no way in hell that I would get that out of this and knew that going into this. I will not take anything less than $27k for the car and that is my rock bottom $. If you want more picture just ask. If you want to come see the car in person, just ask.
  3. Sorry, rm69, I cannot split the seats up. It would make selling the other seat super hard.
  4. All original and in great condition except the foam needs replaced. I was going to reupholster them but decided to buy new seats from TMI. I have a new set of TMI seat covers included. $650.00 I would prefer not to ship. These would be a bear to ship and the cost would be crazy money I am sure.
  5. I currently have a spoiler on the trunk lid.... BUT it is mounted through the hinges. Not sure if the Mach 1 trunk lid is different from the "Sportsroof" version or not. Heck, the spoiler on there might not even be for a Mustang ... I do not know. At this point to have it mounted correctly, I am in search of a Mach 1 trunk lid with the correct mounting locations outside of the hinges. The Mustang is getting a new high end paint job late fall of this year and I would much prefer it to be done right and not look all Jenky so to speak.
  6. I am wanting to buy a 69-70 Mach 1 trunk lid with the proper spoiler mounting locations.
  7. I have a 69 Fastback, although not a true Mach 1 (after getting the Marti report I found this out), the trunk lid is not made for the spoiler. If I were to put the correct trunk lid on and new spoiler, would I need to replace the hinges and would they need to be relocated?
  8. After putting on the 4 link rear suspension and the power rack and pinion from TCP, (with new steering pump and the Ididit tilt column), on Friday I got http://www.totalcontrolproducts.com/fcoc-fd.html to install when it get a little warmer out. That will finish the complete suspension upgrade. OMG ... all those goodies were expensive!!
  9. White is actually colorless and not a color at all. Black is all the colors mixed together.
  10. Fix the slop in the 3rd member, put TCP coil overs on the front end, EFI and the 10k paint job.
  11. Pulled my hair out .... after replacing the 20" radiator with an aluminum 3 row 24" radiator with dual electric 12" fans, new heater core and new hoses, started engine. Started the process of burping the radiator, the fans did not turn on to cool it down. It got to 205* and shut it off. Coolant came out of radiator like a volcano everywhere. Was best to shut it off immediately than to button up the radiator first. Better to have coolant everywhere than a cracked block imho. Tested the fan's painless wiring harness. All wiring was working fine including the relay. Hooked the fans directly to the battery and not a GD thing. BRAND NEW Fans !!!! Chewed on CJPP's rep. Champion is sending me 2 replacement fans directly. I would have to say, engine compartment is looking mighty fine though.
  12. Parts are still for sale. Would like to get them out of my garage, the wife is shoe horning me into a small corner and need room.
  13. Parts are still for sale. Would like to get them out of my garage, the wife is shoe horning me into a small corner and need room.
  14. :clap: I was getting worried that I wold have to fabricate something. Thanks Mike !!
  15. There is a plug on the waterpump. Can I use that for the electric fan's relay?
  16. Add a second coolant temperature sensor on a 351c. I have installed an electric fan with "Painless" temperature sensor and wiring harness. It has 2 male leads on the sensor. One being used for a ground and the other goes to a relay to turn on and off the fan at temp. Do I add a "T" fitting to one of the heater hoses and use that for my dash temp gage? Or is there a better solution. If I were to install a "T" fitting, does anyone have a suggestion for what I need? Or is there somewhere else on the block that I can install the 2nd sensor? Chris
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