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  1. I have AFR205's on my 418w. The ports are raised very little, no header interference with FPA 1.75 full length headers in my 70. Also I have stock motor mount height. Regarding the intake manifold, I had my performer RPM ported and flow balanced, really noticeable performance and sound difference.
  2. I had to shim my March water pump and alternator pullies out to line up with the crank pulley. Not sure if it was the pullies or the harmonic balancer that caused the misalignment. I never dealt with march Customer Service,.
  3. This is a full kit that just drops in w/o the diffusers. Your diffusers may be melted like many are. The diffusers are easy to take out and it causes no other problems.
  4. I think I paid ~ 500+ for Lojack w/o the early warning key fob system in 2015. Lojack should reduce your insurance premium. In 2017 I had a service call to check it. They replaced it with a unit that didn't require a battery replacement.
  5. I bought a lojack unit quite a few years ago. It was a one time purchase w/o and further fees. One installed it doesn't need anything further. You need to have lojack coverage in your area. One stolen, you call the police and they activate a signal to track your device.
  6. $900 seems like a good price for a rare tach setup.
  7. I paid $570 for a really nice factory tach set out of a shelby back in 2011. Considering how hard these are to find, 2x price, 10 years later is not bad. I had redline put modern internals in the tach to run it directly from my Crane fireball CD box, so no harness work needed.
  8. If you want original its not a bad price. It looks to be in very good condition and the tach has been rebuilt. Might want to inquire on who and what was rebuilt. The price gone up considerably in the past 7 years!
  9. I sold my FMX with all related parts except the driveshaft back about 5 years ago for I think $600. It had a performance rebuild on it a few years earlier and was in good working condition. Since yours is a new rebuild I think you would get a better price. I bought a big plastics container for shipment from lowes. It worked great and was was just the right size.
  10. As midlife said it can get expensive. I bought a set of 1970 tachometer deluxe gauges (minus the speedo since I had one) on Ebay for ~$500 a few years ago. I bought the tach printed circuit from NPD. I had Redline Gauge Works convert the the tach to modern internals (I believe VDO) to run directly from my FAST Hi 6 CD ignition box. It looks factory stock and works great.
  11. If you want your original block stroked and a performance build you could send it on a skid to Coast High Performance.
  12. If you heads have the wide bolt pattern, I would buy headers that have the wide bolt pattern. The tubes don't require notches so better flow. And its easier to install the fasteners (studs and nuts recommended) and keep tight.
  13. This was not ever about the fire causes. 20 years ago you would never have thought that this could have happened. But the Antifa roach comment was hilarious. The sad part is some will believe it.
  14. https://www.oregonlive.com/crime/2020/09/man-arrested-charged-with-arson-in-connection-with-southern-oregon-fire.html Probably a meth addict.
  15. . There was one arrest for suspected arson back on Sept 2. Two arrested for looting. The Antifa rumor is completely false.
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