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  1. My opinion is the benefits in the website are correct. My engine used to blow breather cap up off the seated position on the mounting tube. I tried two breather caps and had the same problem. Now the breather cap doesn't move from the seated position. I used to have some minor oil leaks and they are gone. My engine idles and seems to run cleaner. I think it really works. Feel free to call the owner. I had some questions when setting it up over the weekend, The owner picked up on the phone and gladly walked me thru the setup.
  2. I have 1 PCV, the other valve cover is plumbed to the air cleaner housing
  3. I would use a PCV. I use this adjustable PCV on my 418W and it works great. http://mewagner.com/?p=444
  4. I have this Maradyne dual fan setup on my 351W. It is low profile and works great. Added a picture, Exact Fit Griffin radiator painted with eastwood radiator paint. I still needed the fans to keep my 418w temp in check with this radiator. http://www.maradynehp.com/mm22ks.html
  5. Love the color and the wheels look great. Can't go wrong with FPA long tubes on a 351W. They make them to fit a TCP rack.
  6. What is the make and model of your carb?
  7. Metuchen build date: 10/07/69: Sold to Maguires Garage Inc. Duncannon PA on 10/17/69
  8. A 351w is a great engine to mod. Maybe buy / build another and keep the original in the corner of your garage. A TCP manual rack is not invasive and will be a big improvement. Beautiful car!
  9. They look good and the price is right, They appear to be standard drive not performance underdrive.
  10. I purchased March performance pulleys from Summit. Really nice product, not inexpensive.
  11. Hi All; I installed a RetroSound Model Two in March of 2015. It works great, I am very happy with it. I have two Pioneer power amps mounted on a custom aluminum plate mounted behind the back set in the trunk. Four focal speakers hidden in the dash. a JL Audio micro sub in the trunk and two Boston Acoustics 6x9's in the package tray. No power issues here. Before you send it back, with a voltmeter make sure you have 12 volts min connected main power to the radio. check the fuses. Make sure the accessory wire is getting 12 volts min at the radio. Make sure you have the ground wire properly grounded. If all that is good, I would get a replacement. Alan
  12. Very similar to my car. It has some serious rust on the underside. I would start repairing that and decide what direction to go after the bottom is restored. Just my 2 cents. Alan
  13. I took my 9" differential + axle housing out last week for a refresh. Its getting new dutchman axles. The differential housing will be painted red oxide. The axle housing will be painted semi gloss black. New axle seals, lubelocker printed seal (I am impressed with this seal), redline 75w90 and AMK copper nuts and washers.
  14. What happened to yours? I don't think they are reproduced. Try to locate a set thru a used mustang parts dealer.
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