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  1. I suggest buying the "best, repro US made" at NPD.
  2. I wish they would create a port fuel injection for the 351w performer RPM intake, so we could use it with a shaker.
  3. I have custom sport R seat covers in my 70. TMI was kind enough to make them with black with white stripe and logo delete. They turned out fantastic. I am 5', 7 and fit great. in these seats. Yes they are a bit higher than stock. TMI now makes reclining Pro-series Sport R seats complete with low profile mounting brackets. They look great and worth a call to find out how much lower they. Not saying there aren't other good options out there but these look great.
  4. Also the weights are not as heavy as the lead ones from years past. So you end up with more.
  5. I eliminated the gasket tube seal assembly and added a twist on cap. The cap fits under the Mach 1 flip open assembly. The flip open doors could be a huge fire hazard if hit from the rear.
  6. its coming along nicely. Happy 50th! I live in Portland, Bud Meadows is no longer in business. I would love to know how it made its way to Europe. Best Regards Alan
  7. You might want to try 100% gas (no ethanol). What is your timing set at? With 300 miles the motor, it could be tight. When my motor was rebuilt it had a big overheating problem. I installed Maradyne dual fans with the shroud that fits a 24" radiator. (~2800 cfm) and it solved the problem.
  8. I tried many breather caps and at one time had one on each side using two driver side Branda high valve covers with tubes. I still have a new valve cover like this is anyone needs one. They all popped up at high RPM. This arrangement fixed my problem. I expect there is enough vacuum in the air cleaner tube at WOT to aid in crankcase evacuation.
  9. http://mewagner.com DF-17 Dual Flow PCV Valve #1
  10. I have the adjustable PCV value as shown in this picture. I was always popping my breather caps with high RPM bursts until I added the adjustable PCV valve plumbed the breather to my ram air base.
  11. http://mewagner.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Hemmings-Muscle-Machine-Jan-2016-p64-67.pdf Also the tech articles at M/E Wagner are a good read.
  12. http://mewagner.com/?p=444 no big deal setting it up. Not cheap but it works great.
  13. It would also help if the drivers side breather was connected to the air cleaner base. I use and adjustable PCV and it fixed my problem.
  14. The heater hoses route better when reversed. The heater core flow will be the same if the fluid moves from from top to bottom or bottom to top.
  15. Well I just found out that my 70 351w heater hoses are reversed. HaHa they have been that way forever. I don't see how this could affect anything.
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