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  1. What is your shop 's name ?? and located ?? looking for a shop to restore a 302 car I just bought
  2. For sale complete set of seat belt's from extra belt's I had . Front belt's have Date 769 Code R301 / rear belt's have Date 20 71 Code 102 . All in very nice shape .Ready to install . Not date correct But very nice set . $300.00 Free Shipping Lower 48 States Mark 248-904-7134
  3. Well have to wait and see . ?? $$$ i think your wrong . He's been offered $4,000 for carb and shaker HM tells me some thing . All he added is rear window slats .And chromed a few under hood items [has original's ] Car was ordered that way . Rarity dictates price. 351 Cleveland 2 barrel shaker / A/C / Rear Spoiler / FMX trans / Going to the Ford World Headquarters Mustang Memories Show in August 21 2016 [Anyone going ] Bet I wont see one there Let you know later . Can't wait to get Marti report Barnet468 don't know where your coming from on your reply ???? extremely undesireable. Did you see pic $80,000.00 never said that;s what he wanted ? Bubonic plauge is rare but nobody wants it. Leperacy is rare but nobody wants it.
  4. It could be worth more than you think ?? A 1970 Mach 1 351 C shaker car sold for $80,000 it was a 1 of 1 car. How many sport roofs have shaker's ??? . He's getting the deluxe Marti report to get the whole story .
  5. A friend is thinking about selling his 70 mustang Sports Roof standard interior automatic with a/c . Has a 351 Cleveland with a 2 barrel shaker . Told him to get Deluxe Marti report before selling . How rare ??? first one I seen .
  6. Both mirror's have C9Z part number's on base . hood scoop has 4 part number's .used on other car's Has C9Z part number .
  7. For sale 1969 1970 Mustang sport mirror's set .1 driver' side [ Remote handle broke ] 1 passenger side . Mirror's are clear . 1 short boss hood scoop [no turn signal's or grille ]. No cracked 's or break's . All mounting hole stud's have no crack's. Selling as a package deal $285.00 + shipping . Paypay or cashiers Check . Need more pic's or have Question's call Mark 248-904-7134
  8. For sale 1969 passenger deluxe black door panel .[Has 1 small tear lower rear bottom see pic ] Door panel is very nice $135.00. 1969 deluxe gauge cluster bezel [Have deluxe gauge's ] No break's or crack's $225.00. Steering gear box SMB K 9A 28 B $100.00 .+ Shipping on all Part's Mark 248-904-7134 NEED MORE PIC'S el70gato@yahoo.com
  9. For sale 1969 Thunderbird tilt steering column . Part's could be used on 69-70 Mustang Cougar tilt steering . Check Before Buying .. Selling whole column I don't want to part it out . Buy it now $480.00 + shipping ,If not sold by 6-20-2016 .Look for it on ebay . Mark 248-904-7134 . NEED MORE PIC'S Email el70gato@yahoo.com
  10. Ford 428 / 439 Pro Stock racing engine. 12 1/2 to 1 compression. This engine was just rebuilt by Felice Racing Engines. 428 External side oiler. Early block that is cast for the cross bolted mains. 428 polished crank. 427 polished rods. Neutral balanced. ATI Super Damper. New bearings. Cobra Jet heads with the big valves. Aluminum water pump. Billet distributor with the wires. Holley Street Dominater intake. Built C6 transmission. Reverse valve body. No trans brake/ Air cleaner / Starter / Flywheel/ Race Custom made Headers / Coil / Storage bin of extra part's /. Owner has all the paper work. Need more pic's email el70gato@yahoo.com Everything pictured here $9500.00. No texting. Call Grant 248-363-3954
  11. Early 1967 Cobra Jet block and crank shaft. Crank shaft main journals are standard. Crank shaft rod journals are standard. Date code on the block is 7M20, December 20, 1967. Need more pic's email me el70gato@yahoo.com . $3,000.00 No texting. Call Grant 248-363-3954
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