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  1. I bought a trunk mat kit for my 69 vert and I don't know what this piece is for? thx,
  2. the nylon guides are worn, and the windows have play in them. Any idea where i can get new ones? thank you
  3. Vert helpful thank you everone for you help when this c4 dies i'll have a plan
  4. Thank you LindenBruce your advice has been very helpful over the pass year getting my car sorted out 3.50 sounds right but what model AOD fits I have a 302 and is the a computer involved with AOD?
  5. Hello everyone expert opinion needed I have a c4 with 3.00 gears I would like to go AOD with lower gears what works well and how much fabrication needs to be done Thank you for your help
  6. I've been having no success with my Windows I've used 3m urethane and about 30 days later the bond fails and the window comes lose. I didn't primer my bonding surface mabey that was my problem? I am trying something the local mustang shop recommended called PC11 epoxy I just finished one window and it looks very strong so I'm gonna wait and see.. I'll keep you posted
  7. I installed SFC on my vert they helped a lot but I would like them stronger was thinking about adding gussets? or mabey I should just leave it alone. any ideas out there..
  8. Thanks I'll try that my Windows line up but they wobble and make contact on the front windows.
  9. my quarter windows brackets have lots of play back and forth. so alignment is impossible would replacing the regulator thighten it up. How about replacing the guilde bushings, but i can't fine any. it's a vert so the windows are pretty worn. has anyone seen this problem before?
  10. I would like to thank everyone on the forum for there pics and advice I was able to fix my shock towers and reinforce them with homemade plates with the motor in place it was a PITA but much cheaper than a shop. Thanks guys!
  11. The parking brake link on my car raddles and makes contact with the axle, the spring seems ok but I'm gonna replace it anyway. is this normal has anyone else had this problem?
  12. Pics coming soon on a different topic need advice on replacing/repairing rear deck at back window. the convertibles rust bad from the back window water running down mine is pretty bad. Can't find a repo panel. I started an other tread on the subject thanks, dan
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