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  1. Cantedvalve

    Fuel Filler Relocate

    http://www.mustangstofear.com/page.php?page=parts_catalog&yr=67-68&prod=lemans_filler_set call them. He does it.
  2. Cantedvalve

    Steering wheel recommendations

    I’ve found the problem with using aftermarket wheels is that they are all round. My original steering wheel isn’t round. The radius on the bottom is shorter. So to get one with the same leg room, I would need something pretty darn small
  3. Cantedvalve

    My website's new banner art

    Inkscape for Android? I used a PC. I’m sure there is some sort of vector art program for Android, but I don’t think it is Inkscape.
  4. Cantedvalve

    Ground straps

    I’ve always been in the habit of hooking the battery ground directly to the block and grounding the chassis with a strap. With moving my battery to the trunk currently, I am curious to know how this ends up.
  5. Cantedvalve

    My website's new banner art

    Yes, I made this one. I’d love to say it was due to an immense talent, but truthfully I put a picture in Inkscape and traced the edges.
  6. Cantedvalve

    Reversing Sensors

    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Now I have a new project.
  7. Cantedvalve

    Ignition again - alternate source

    Are you sure? Best I can tell it's for the dash warning light for that switch on the distribution block.
  8. Cantedvalve

    Ignition again - alternate source

    I need to recheck my gauge cluster wiring. Make sure I haven’t left anything else out.
  9. Cantedvalve

    Ignition again - alternate source

    Yeah it comes straight off the fuse block and ends right where I have it. I was able to trace it to the brake switch as well, which is probably why I didn’t bother with it... my brake switch isn’t hooked up as I have an aftermarket distribution and prop valve. My wiring is in pretty good shape except for the stuff I’ve done to it. Now that I know what it is, I will use it for my coil positive.
  10. It’s been a day of highs and lows. First the low... I lost my buss bar that I bought from Midlife. I think one of the kids ate it. I spent some time with the wiring on the car today, trying to figure out where I need relays and where I need to rewire. I traced that silly pink resistor ignition wire back to the fuse box, and found that coming from the same terminal was a green/red wire. I followed this through the harness to find... it’s been cut off! I know I did it... but I don’t remember why. I think it had something to do with the voltage regulator (I’m on a 1 wire alternator now). I checked the wiring diagram I have and I think it’s the S terminal on the voltage regulator. Odd thing is, I think it also plugs into the gauge harness. Why I don’t know. I do have the pin for that wire in my “crap do I need this” pile, but I’m unsure why I removed it. Do I need this thing hooked up to the gauge cluster? What purpose does it serve there? Can anyone help me remember?
  11. Cantedvalve

    Remote jumper cable posts - good or bad?

    Yeah. I may end up there. Not right now though
  12. Cantedvalve

    MSD ignition box placement

    When I had one, I mounted it on the apron under the battery. I took the battery tray, and cut off the bottom bracket, so that it was just the tray. That gave me enough room to mount it down on the panel under the tray. The battery tray was still stable as I had it bolted up top as well. If you look at the middle left, you can see it sitting down there. The battery IS installed in this shot. I did paint it black to make it hide better.
  13. Cantedvalve

    1970 non-tach car resistor wire IN the switch?

    The pink wire in the switch doesn't have anything on it... it is very thin... I'd say no more than 18 gauge. Yes, I did have to replace my ignition switch about 20 years ago.