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  1. Cantedvalve

    Fenderwell Wiring

    Nice work. What tubing is that?
  2. Cantedvalve

    Craig from New Zealand

    Hey, I didn't get to see THAT when I visited! Nice power plant!
  3. Cantedvalve

    Helped my son build a Boss 429 engine this evening

    I got the dizzie attached and the body painted. Taking my time on this.
  4. Cantedvalve

    Helped my son build a Boss 429 engine this evening

    We'll check it out. Thanks!
  5. Cantedvalve

    Helped my son build a Boss 429 engine this evening

    The distributor doesn't fit.... I have a kit that came with both 351C and Boss 429 engines (and really, what other engines really matter?), and it cam with 2 distributors. Neither one will fit into the hole due to interference on the intake. I am going to scrap a little chrome off the intake and glue the distributor just in front of the hole. Son wanted Boss 429 stickers for the valve covers... I might see if I can do some.
  6. He added a tunnel ram intake with dual 4V carbs... I think it was overkill, but it looks good... *Actual Size
  7. Cantedvalve

    Santa brought Mustang parts!

    Oh, I bought myself a gift in a new MTF headliner a few days before Christmas. I asked myself if I wanted it wrapped, and decided I didn't.
  8. Cantedvalve

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Wow. Love that wire work and front suspension! I gotta resist the urge....
  9. Cantedvalve

    Don't use cheap tension straps

    Same but different. I had a GMC Jimmy (small SUV) in college. One day I drove back to my apartment in a hurry to get something for something. Jumped out, ran upstairs, grabbed the something, and came back down to find my truck GONE. I looked up the street, then down... found it. I hadn't got the gearshift all the way to park... jumped out with it in reverse. It went backwards until a tree stopped it. It hit on the spare tire on the tailgate. Minimal damage.... could have been way worse. We've all been there. Glad to hear it wasn't worse.
  10. Cantedvalve

    Santa brought Mustang parts!

    New sun visors and rods. Also got a set of stainless door sill plates... the old aluminum ones have had it.
  11. Cantedvalve

    Mounting coil to driver side cylinder head

    @1969_Mach1 Yeah, but just about anywhere on an engine will have heat and vibration issues won't it? On the stock intake (351C 2V)the coil is located on the passenger front corner of the intake, horizontally. Not an option now, so I gotta find something else. The bolt holes on my cylinder head are 7/16", but I cannot get a 7/16" bolt through the bracket. I did find some threaded inserts that are 7/16" outside with a 5/16" hole on the inside that would help. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002WC8SXU/
  12. Cantedvalve

    Son of a... holes in my headliner

    So just got done with a road trip over to Mustangs to Fear in Rochester, Indiana. These guys are the real deal. Rick gave me a run down on the cars currently in process, and they are all spectacular thanks to the care and quality delivered by MTF. I especially liked the 65 Fastback he was building for himself. He has managed to engineer basically an entire frame for the car going from front to back, finished off with a Watts setup out back. It (and the others) were just amazing. Michelle and Emma were able to hook me up with a new headliner to replace my rodent-chewed original, and so far it looks very well made. I will be installing it as soon as I can get my car running and driven to my house (it is at dads house right now)... but seeing as my back went bad on me a couple weeks ago, I have some healing time before I can get back on it. I'm close... need to get fuel lines plumbed, radiator hoses on, and a little wiring before I can fire it up. Thanks again for the hospitality Rick and Michelle!
  13. I've been looking for an artful was to mount my coil to the front of the driver side cylinder head. The bolt holes are 7/16, which is too big for the stock style coil bracket. Then I read about Boss 302 having their coils in the same place, and using some sort of adapter plate. Anyone have a picture of one? I'm not sure why a plate is needed, particularly if the plate is metal... it will still transfer heat. What about another material... say the stuff they make carb spacers out of? Phenolic material? Darn oil filled vertical only coils...
  14. Cantedvalve

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Today I... Installed the fuel pump removed distributor to solder on connectors (and put assembly lube on the gear).
  15. Cantedvalve

    1970 Fastback

    I don't know... seemed like a good idea.