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  1. Son of a... holes in my headliner

    Yeah I have seen that video. I suffered through it. I do wonder why MTF went with a sierra grain vs. something that closer matches the rest of the trim (Corinthian maybe)... would it be so we have to buy the trim too? Hmmm? :-)
  2. Normal for seat hinge?

    Basement mostly. Ocassionally I'll use the kitchen for cleaning something, but my "non-garage" work is confined mostly to the basement.
  3. I put my cluster in today, but I couldn't remember what the "correct" screw looked like (after nearly 8 years apart). I only care because I want to be sure the screws I use aren't needed somewhere else. th one si used were Phillips head. They worked just fine, and I only had 4 of them, so they seem to fit, but if anyone has or can get pics of the right ones, that would be great. Gratuitous installed picture included.
  4. Son of a... holes in my headliner

    @mustangstofear does your headliner require the removal of the A-pillar trim? If it does, i think it means I have to remove the dash pad. Hopefully not? Alao, you doing any Black Friday deals? ;-)
  5. Custom Center Console 69Coupe

    Yeah, I do most of my best work when I am defying the wife's wishes... just don't tell her!
  6. Normal for seat hinge?

    Looks fairly similar. Guess that is as intended.
  7. Normal for seat hinge?

    I have my original seats that I am putting in the car (eventually). I am concerned that the trim doesn't seem to fit well. Pics attached. Is this normal? This is passenger side
  8. Explain to me the layers of carpet...

    Okay, so it sounds like you both describe something more than just the jute being under your carpets. There is underlayment as well. That could be why mine doesn't quite fit correctly. I must explore this further! Any non-Cali car owners out there want to chime in?
  9. So I stripped all the original carpeting from my car... 8 years ago. There was the carpeting, and some other stuff underneath it that the mice like to play with. What I DONT know is what layers SHOULD be under my carpeting, and what function they serve. I have heard that there is mass-backing, jute, underlayment... I would have to guess at some point at least a couple of those terms are redundant. What layers SHOULD be on the floor of my car?
  10. Interior Dark Charcoal Metallic - again...

    Eh... had to strip the glove box door and redo it. Something fell on it last night and gouged the paint (and metal... let's call it patina). I tried to fix it, but I was just laying too much paint on it. Easy enough to strip. I used a stiff wire bristle brush and was able to get the original paint out of the pattern as well. I've got it coated in semi-flat at the moment. Need to get more metallic tomorrow. Should end up for the better... got the pattern cleaned out better this time.
  11. Came across a sad picture....

    I'm pretty sure that's not going to buff out.
  12. WTB Cragar SS Chrome 15"

    I'll get some this weekend. They are buried right now
  13. Interior Dark Charcoal Metallic - again...

    I'm having fun... that's what is most important. that and driving it when it is done!
  14. 1970 Fastback

    Close up of trim pieces