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  1. Lizard skin on. We masked off an inch from each flange, and layer down two coats. Is it factory? No. I do like how it looks though. Wednesday we’ll put down another layer of epoxy, and Friday color.
  2. I welded in the two boomerang shaped pieces to the inner structure. I installed the quarters to make sure they were reasonably located.
  3. So we have stuff done. Floor has been sanded and primed. Today we cut the marker light holes in the quarter panels. Talk about nerve wracking! Turned out well though. This is the passenger side. It had a 69 marker hole in it, and what I learned is that the bottom of that hole is the same height as the bottom of the 70 hole, so it helped line things up. The driver side was freehand and We got it after a couple of attempts. The quarter is sanded and ready for round 2 of primer, after which the lizard skin goes in, then more primer, and finally Grabber Blue.
  4. Idler end has a welded stud that can point up OR down depending on how you install it. Not saying that is it, but worth a look.
  5. Tonight I worked on welding all of the inner structure together while Josh continued to strip EDP coating from the quarter panel. I got the inner structure welded to the wheel wells, and the rear seat support welded to the wheel wells and inner structure. Next is a pause on welding parts on so we can clean and prep and primer the whole thing.
  6. Last night we did nothing on the car. I did help my daughter do front brakes on her car. I showed her on the driver side, and she did the passenger side.
  7. Interior of the quarter panels. Sorry, I failed to specify that. It is sound deadener. Factory had it, and we are approximating a factory build, so we will put it in there. While im here, we also need to get the marker light holes cut before we do any of the spraying on the interior.
  8. No pictures today. Started welding the filler panel to the rear seat support. Should finish today or tomorrow. The boy has been working on stripping the EDP from the inside of the passenger quarter. He is anxious to see color on the car! Once that is done, we will hit it with epoxy primer, then Lizard Skin, then epoxy primer again, and finally Grabber Blue. Now I’m getting anxious!
  9. Earlier this week we did some more mock assembling to make sure we had things in the right places. We put the quarters and roof on to make sure the positioning of the rear filler panel was correct. I measured my Fastback at 31-5/16” down the middle. The car we are building measured at 31-7/16”. I think it is in the roof. I also measured the trunk diagonal to corners and it came out exactly the same as my car, so I am confident enough that everything is in the right place. I stripped the inside of the filler panel and brushed on some epoxy primer. I also stripped the upper seat support brackets, primered those, and drilled holes for the plug welds. I’m hoping tomorrow we can weld some of this stuff together.
  10. Tonight was busy but necessary work of grinding down welds in the wheel wells and primering the bare metal. Nothing sexy.
  11. Work continues. Wheel wells are welded in place.
  12. Inner wheel wells are welded in. We put epoxy primer on all surfaces first, then cleaned the back metal off through the hold via a flattened drill bit in a die grinder. We also got paint! Single stage urethane Grabber Blue.
  13. I am digging that Jack Daniels overflow tank!
  14. Today was more of the same. Media blasting and primer on parts. We also let the parts bask in the sun. Tomorrow hopefully we assemble again and get ready to weld. Josh has been doing an awesome job with the primer. Parts are turning out very nice!
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