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  1. It has been my experience that the sound really depends somewhat on the cam characteristics and the type of pipes, i.e., "X" or "H" pipes. In my case, I have the Comp 282S, a solid lifter grind, with the "X' pipes. I will try to post up a short video of the sound in the next day or so. BT
  2. It has been a while since I provided an update. Over the past weekend had a custom exhaust installed. I went with the Borla 2.5 inch center inlet/offset outlet, with "X" pipe. Below are some pictures of the install. Planning on taking the car to the Alignment shop on tomorrow. BT
  3. Darn Mike, I ordered a pair last Thursday...due to arrive tomorrow. BT
  4. Darn Mike, I ordered a pair last Thursday...due to arrive tomorrow. BT
  5. Love the 428 (.030 over), but wish I had stroked it...and I haven' even got it on the road (officially) yet! LOL I let my Restorer talk me out of it because he thought it would delay the project (waiting for the kit). As faith would have it, we ran into additional delays as the result of having to wait for other parts. BT
  6. I Installed ADDCO's 1 1/8" sway bar on myl 428CJ '69 Mach 1...was supposed to fit without issues but I had a problem with the oil filter not fitting because of the sway bar.. I resolved it by going to dual remote oil filters. You might want to give ADDCO a call and state your problem. I understand they are pretty customer oriented. Good Luck! BT
  7. As noted by Barnette468 the "gear" ratio would remain the same, however if you are referring to RPM, it would change at a different (higher or lower) speed. You would use the speed you are at going through the traps. You can validate my manual figures for the 70 series tires and the 60 series tires by going to the calculator in this link http://www.csgnetwork.com/multirpmcalc.html Your 70 series tires are 25.90" in diameter and your 60 series are 24.20. As you will be able to see, the gained RPMs (when using the 60 series rather than the 70 series)tires going through the traps will be lower at lower speeds. For the 1/8 mile racing, you really need deep gears to get the best results unless your are bracket racing, IMO. BT
  8. The difference diameter of these two tires ( 24.20" Versus 25.90") will give you approximately 300 point jump in RPM at 100 MPH. The RPM formula is what you are working with here to see the results. The formula is: RPM = MPH X Gear ratio X 336 divided by tire size In your case for the 70 tire using hypothetical 100 miles at the end of your run would be: 100 X 3.25 X 336 = 109200 divided by tire size of 25.90 = 4216.2 RPM at the end of the run Going with the 60 tire using hypothetical 100 miles at the end of your run would be : 100 X 3.25 X 336 = 109200 divided by tire size of 24.20 = 4512.39 RPM at the end of the run If you substitute the 3.45 gear into this equation (using your 70 diameter tire), you will see: 100 X 3.45 X 336 = 115920 divided by tire diameter of 25.90 = 4475.6 RPM Of course, You can always go to one of the online calculators and key in the information if you don't like doing it manually. LOL ...my $.02 BT
  9. Hood Locks and rear spoiler are in place. Hope to get the louvers done this week and get it to the muffler shop by next week. BT
  10. Finally have most of the front end done to include the install of the shaker. ood Still doing some fine tuning with the front end, i.e., hood locks, 428cj emblem on shaker, ect. Will then be proceeding to adding spoilers (front and rear) and the rear window slats. ...the journey continues. BT
  11. I received the splash shield today...THANKS very much! BT
  12. Sounds good! Do you take PayPal? Email me at btw3073@comcast.net and I will submit payment. BT
  13. The radiator purchase was the result of a thread started by 7Tcatvert here on the Site (in the Technical Forum) wherein he noted he had purchased this radiator. I subsequently purchased it off Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291620347931?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT BT
  14. Yes Nick, that is the part. Here is a link to a full set but I only need the right front passenger side. http://www.cjponyparts.com/splash-shields-1969/p/M315/ BT
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