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  1. Thank You for all the options!
  2. I agree with Mach1Rider. Be very careful when buying. A good body man can cover up rust with filler, icing, block it and paint it to look very nice to the untrained buyer. If you know a body man or someone very knowledgeable on old Mustangs take them with you.
  3. Our 1969 has the original 302 2V engine, C4 auto, and 2:79 gears, that I have upgraded over the years by adding a aluminum intake, Holly 4160 600 cfm carb, full length headers, and dual exhaust. We have owned the car since 1975 and has 120,000 miles on the motor. It still fires up and runs fine but is starting to smoke some which is probably the valve seals. In any event I have been told it is cheaper to purchase a crate engine than rebuilding the original since it is not a rare engine. My question is can someone point me to a decent company. All I want is a 302 with a little more cam, and horsepower. I do not race so I don't need anything wild, but just a dependable motor. Thanks!
  4. Mac I found a couple of S code 1969 Mustangs for sale and they all list C-6 for the transmission too. Also I found a FMX on eBay and it says it is NOT compatible with the 1969 Mustang 390. Looks like it stops at the 351.
  5. They look great! Beautiful looking car.
  6. I used Dynacorn for both full quarters and they had no issues. Also used them for torque boxes and front floor supports without issues.
  7. Thanks! Great memories. I remember seeing him run when I was a teenager back in the day!
  8. From your description I would pass as body work alone can get quite expensive, unless you have the tools and knowledge to do it yourself. If you can go look at the car. Do a thorough inspection. Crawl under the car and look at the floor pans, torque boxes, floor supports, and front frame rails. Look inside the wheel wells and see how the outer wheel houses are and open the trunk to see the inner wheel housing and trunk area is.
  9. James I will add to the Dynacorn list. I replaced both rear quarters on my sports roof and the body shop that put them on said they had no issues.
  10. I also used denatured alcohol. I then paint with SEM Semi Gloss black part number 61023, with no issues.
  11. My sportsroof 12/27/68 are metal. Metuchen
  12. Not sure if you have them but full headers will really wake it up too.
  13. Your car is cool and how you want it! Good for you. Mine will not be factory correct when it is done in a few weeks, but it is how I want it. I really don't care if someone says their car is worth more.
  14. Thank you guys for the picture and measurements. Mine does not have to be exact either between the two I have a good idea. Thanks!
  15. Both quarter panels were replaced on my fastback and there are no anchoring points for the roof side ornaments. During the restoration of the body I forgot to measure an approximate location to mount them. (My fault). I was just going to eyeball one side and then use those measurements for the other side but anyone know if there was any measurement? Thanks
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