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    1969Fstback got a reaction from RPM in SSBC Disc brakes woes   
    One thing to keep in mind, for GT conversion you have to run 18 inch wheels.  Seems like 17 factory wheels would clear but not all after market. 
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from RPM in SSBC Disc brakes woes   
    I have 69 drum spindles. I had to press the backer plate of the hub.  I went with mustang Steve's GT brake brackets.  If I remember right, I bought 2007 gt calibers (take offs) from ebay for about 125 shipped with pads.  They came with the caliper brackets and all.  I sourced rotors from some place, but they are 2007 rotors.  All and all for brackets, calipers, rotors and all I got about 500 in the complete set.  
    The Steve kit came with centering ring that goes on the hub and fills the gap between the rotor and the hub.  
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from TexasEd in 50th birthday thread   
    I love that color. What is it?
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from TexasEd in running rich (I think)   
    I'm getting a lot of smell when driving. Monday was fine parked it got in it Tuesday and it's like a different car. I'm going to pull some plugs tonight. 
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from Bob & Sue in Parents Killed by Son 1 mile from us   
    The volume of guns in this country hasn't changed a lot over the past 30 years.  Guns are no easier to access then they were in the 80's or 70's.  I grew up with guns in the house.  Had easy access to them.  Never once thought about going to a school and shooting things up.  Wasn't uncommon to see a rifle or shotgun in the back window of dads truck or a dozen others.  What has changed is how children are raised.  What we have is a mental health crisis in our youth.  Blame it on violent video games, lack of parenting, single parents who are doing best they can, divorce, raising kids to be gender neutral, promoting and supporting 10 year old children to change genders, the list goes on.  The existence of an AR15 isn't making these young men decide to go shoot up a school.  You remove the AR15 and they will grab a double stack 9mm with ext mag and still get 18 rnds that is easier to conceal or even worse a 5 minute google search and with way less money then an AR cost and you can make homemade bombs.  The arguing over guns from both sides is pointless.  It will resolve nothing.  And it's nothing more then a power struggle between republicans and democrats.  Neither side care. If they did they would work together on the problem(mental health) and not the symptom(school shootings). 
    Drunk drivers kill more people then guns taking out suicides.  No one is chanting lets get rid of booze.  Why, too much tax dollars generated from the sale of booze.  Neither side wants to be responsible for losing that much money.  
    I am PRO gun all the way. However, if I thought for 1 second, banning AR's would end all school shootings I would be all for it.  
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from adelahe3 in What am I missing?   
    The "boat" if you don't jump on those.
    My entire 69 fastback isn't worth that much, yet.
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from hazeljn16 in Wierd craiglist post   
    Ha my first guess is this may be a coded ad to sell something else.
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from Mach1 Driver in Lights Vs Temp Sensor   
    Could it be lights using amps and less amps to the fans?
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from Adam in Some vroom vroom noises   
    That 66 sounds incredible. 
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from SM69Mach in to cut or not to cut   
    I'd break out the sawzall and not even thing twice about it.  
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from RPM in Can this be fixed? Yearone dash bezel   
    Perfect location for the infamous oil temperature gauge.
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    1969Fstback reacted to barnett468 in Need advise   
    i love chevys and mopars too...don't be prejudice, lol.
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from Charlesbus in Disconnect Switch used for Anti Theft   
    Hmmm now that you mention it, it may be signal the amp.
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from RPM in Another Mach1 Coyote restomod Basket case.   
    Makes me want to sell my serial number matching 302 for scrap.
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from magician in 190 temp on 180 thermostat   
    Nothing on this car looks like factory for most part.  So I have no attachments to factory look.  It has a aftermarket flex fan that is too big to fit the factory shroud.  I was thinking either going with a smaller flex fan to fix the factory shroud or get a more universal larger shroud.  
    Yeah at some point I was thinking of switching it over to electric.  The FItech fuel injections has a built in fan controller.  I have plans to make that switch later this year.  If I do I was gonna gonna switch to electric fan then.
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from RPM in Need advise on UCA bolt   
    Ha, no.  Offer was to Prayers1.  Just tacked it onto your post about doing the drop.  
    Sorry for the confusion. 
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from lalojamesliz in Widest rear tire/wheels for a 69 coupe   
    I have 18x10 rims and 275s on back.  I am pretty sure I have 6.5 inch back spacing.  My fenders are not rolled.  If I rolled them and used a 1/4 wheel spacer I thing I could go 295, but it would be real snug.
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    1969Fstback reacted to Caseyrhe in Coolant Overflow Tank info required   
    Who knew a overflow bottle could create such a HEATED topic
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    1969Fstback reacted to JayEstes in Homemade Fire Extinguisher Mount   
    I appreciate the feedback guys.  
    Yes, the cover is something I have been pondering.  I bought a really nice chrome extinguisher, and I have since removed all of the white stickers. Its kind of surprising, but with the chrome, it reflects the black color of the carpet, and the seat, and blends in pretty well - a close friend of mine thought the tank was black.  The handle end is still out there with it's raw aluminum look.  If the handle was black that might really help too.
    If I was gonna add a cover, I was thinking of some kind of black canvas or denim - something that just slips on.  I suppose carpet as has been suggested might work well too - a lightweight carpet might have enough body to it to hold it's shape well.  It does need to slide with the extinguisher.
    For the time being, I'm gonna go with "racecar billet style" and just leave it, passengers I have had in the car haven't even noticed the thing, and while I may notice it when I get in, it's really not noticeable for me while driving, or the passengers.  And it's right where I need it - if I ever need it.
    I watched the youtube video above, and I don't think that cool lawn mower blade twist is gonna work on our seats.  We have the seat slider latch lever right in front and it's got something like a 4in L to R stroke.  What I did pushes the extinguisher forward enough to let it sit down against the floorboard even when the seat is all the way back - that leaves tons of room for handling the slider latch lever without any interference.
    That video DOES show something at about 11min that I will do next time.  I used nuts and bolts to attach the aluminum arms to the steel crossbar, and it was a big pain to get the nuts on the backside because it's close to the seat.  Next time I would use rivet-nuts and then the screws can just thread into the rivet-nuts and no need for the nuts on the backside.  I never used rivet-nuts until I had to do them for the side mirrors on my car.  They are a GREAT option if you need to screw into sheet metal and want a better fixation than a sheet metal screw.
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from barnett468 in Gloss Black Hood   
    Sorry can't help myself.  I agree with both of you.  Barnett did say if you were doing a stock car the correct paint would sell better, I'd have to agree.  But, I think it to be true, if it's not a restoration or stock then it won't matter.  I also agree that a modified 69 will probably be worth more then a stock one.  However, how many cents on the dollar will it raise the price versus the cost? Does 15k in mods equate 7.5k more in value? I also agree a stock would be much easier to sell.  It's also easier to come up with 15k for a driver vs 40k for a heavily modified mustang.  Even a dunce like me can take a hour on google and figure out what I am looking at on a stock car.  With that said, I like them modified better and that's what I am doing mine.  So, in my unofficial opinion, the pissing match is a tie.
    MikeStang I love that green.  I am pondering a darker green on mine at some point.  
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    1969Fstback reacted to barnett468 in Carb Suggestions   
    what is your exhaust?
    who told you to use a 950?
    who made that cam?
    throw that girly cam in the trash and get a mans cam
    780 with NO CHOKE
    set your timing CURVE for optimal perf.
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    1969Fstback reacted to Max Power in Carb Suggestions   
    Perhaps it is because of the tone of your responses.
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    1969Fstback reacted to barnett468 in Carb Suggestions   
    It depends on what you want the engine to do and what trans and gear ratio you have etc . It is possible that the cam is contributing to part of what you are complaining about but we would need a lot more info to determine that . I can also tell you that a 20 degree difference in duration in the lobes is massive and that "should" be less than optimal for your app and it could be causing some problem . I have never seen that much in my life and I have seen a LOT of cams, plus the ratio of intake to exhaust flow is fairly high on those heads and the typical rule of thumb is that the closer the flow ratio is, the closer the duration the in and ex lobes can be to each other . Maybe around 90% of the cams made have no more than 8 degrees difference in duration @ .050 lift . A few have 12 but the ones with 12 are getting into being more for a highly specialized app like for turbos etc.
    It often happens that people have a problem with their engine but are attributing it to the wrong part and are therefor asking the wrong questions . This isn't suggesting that your carb is not part of the problem . It is merely to suggest that there may be others like the cam in addition to the carb.
    My guess is that your cam has only 10 degrees difference in duration and that you either made a typo or "misremembered" what it actually is, but even if it is only 10, it is still slightly more than what would typically be used on those heads unless the exhaust system was excessively restrictive which is why I asked what your exhaust system was.
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    1969Fstback reacted to barnett468 in Carb Suggestions   
    You are misinterpreting the "tone" of my responses/comments, plus, they are clearly in reference to the cam, not the car which is why I asked the question . They are also meant to be humorous while suggesting that there might be a better cam for his app, however, I do realize that unfortunately, some people have no sense of humor.
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    1969Fstback got a reaction from ultdocs in Front Battery Apron replacement   
    I am going to be replacing the battery apron and want to know what if any thing I need to do to make sure nothing moves out of place.  Do I need to brace the shock tower to ensure it doesn't move and so on.  Or if anyone has words of wisdom on making the job easier?
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