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  1. Mine acted similarly a few years ago. My issue was a vacuum leak.
  2. Is this one of those deal where you've been driving it for 2 years without issue or just getting it running type deal?
  3. Just an observation but the springs have the same number of coils. The small block spring has more space between the coils. Just googling some big block springs from drake and such they also have 9 coils. I have no idea if that is scientific comparison or not. Just an observation.
  4. I have 18x10s with 275/35s and 6.37 in back space. My wheel if math is right would be out .23 inch further. But your rim being narrower your tire would stick out past rim and inch. So .78 inch out further. I have space without out the fender rolled but I'm lowered an inch. Inside you'd have no issues I don't think. Outside you be close to the tire hitting.
  5. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/clp-in38v60-c?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwl6LoBRDqARIsABllMSbSapwk6mZ73eycTOVVyeoYKMUlX9qMhCIkz0ITC9SNrA9A6DdG20UaAnwLEALw_wcB
  6. Google vacuum block. Brings up ton of various configurations.
  7. I love that color. What is it?
  8. I don't have a pic, but when I was trying to find bows for a fast back, I found a site or youtube vid explaining that they are supposed to be color coded. Thus, an order of install based on color. From what I gathered the bows with the longest bent leg went in back and they went in order of the shortest leg up front. But that's coming from a foggy memory.
  9. I'll check that. I think I've narrowed down my issues. I had valve cover leak that was blowing back on exhaust. One fouled plug and looks like the bolts that go through valve cover is getting some oil bypassing and blowing on the headers. Seems like the bolts came with Teflon washers but not sure. But, plugs looked good so thinking smell is externa to the motor.
  10. I pulled 6 of the 8 plugs. Not rich, they looked real good actually. If anything more on lean side. I put vacuum gauge on it, running around 17. Rechecked the timing and floats. Everything looks good. I am going to check the pcv valve and other 2 plugs this evening.
  11. I'm getting a lot of smell when driving. Monday was fine parked it got in it Tuesday and it's like a different car. I'm going to pull some plugs tonight.
  12. I just swapped out my original 302 with another 302 a few weeks ago. Timing at 11 if I remember correctly. It's early 70's 302. It has a brand new summit cam, lifters, pushrods etc. I used my summit 500 carb. it ran great Monday. Got home popped hood to check things out. Noticed 1 wire on the distributor cap wasn't seated. Started up still ran great. Parked it, got in it yesterday could smell fumes badly. I checked the floats looked correct. I still haven't pulled the plugs to check them out. The one thing I noticed that was odd, I have aluminum valve covers which are flat on top and fairly tall. The bolts are counter sunk, and a few had oil in the holes. Seemed kind of odd. I am hoping to pull plugs tonight. See if it's rich or lean. Just stumped on what could have happened to cause it over night. Ideas?
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