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  1. 1969Fstback

    Unbearable squeaking coming from the front

    Probably not your issue, but. I put all new suspension under mine and really started driving it this year. Every corner, bump I'd get a loud squeak from the driver side. Thought it was the suspension. My issue was I either forgot to put in the fender bolt by the door hinge or it fell out. The fender was rubber the cowl cover.
  2. 1969Fstback

    Burning oil

    It's 10w 40. I was thinking it was 185 but very well could be 180. My temp gauge has 160 and 190 numbered with hash mark at 175 it holds closer to the 190 hash then 175. The temp could be a little over 200 in traffic, bUT don't remember it ever reaching the 205 hash mark. I was under the car recently. It was a little wet near rear main, but I didn't see any blow back of oil underneath and I've never seen a puddle or anything left after it sits and runs. And never any on the garage floor. But, I plan on checking again since I've been driving it a lot over past 2 months. I agree, I am guessing when I pull plugs a few will look very black. I changed them about 2 months ago after i put a new carb on.
  3. 1969Fstback

    Burning oil

    I am pretty sure I used Castrol 40W. I have 185 thermostat, but on hot days in traffic it creeps up to 200. I plan on pulling plugs this week.
  4. 1969Fstback

    Burning oil

    The exhaust is one of those went from long tube to shorty temporary deals that turn down at the rear axle. With that said you get some exhaust in the car. When you get out your shirt smells like you have been running a chainsaw for 5 hrs.
  5. 1969Fstback

    Burning oil

    It does have baffle for the pcv valve in the valve cover. I pulled the pcv and the hose off. I have a T in middle of hose to carb as a connector with the leg blocked. The T is white and it was coated with oil on the inside. I had it in between the full and add line Thursday. I put arox. 150 miles on it and it was below the add line a little when I checked it this evening. So in 150 mIles it burn at least a qrt. It doesn't really seem to smoke much. But you can smell the oil in the exhaust.
  6. 1969Fstback

    Burning oil

    I've had the car for 6 years. Just got it to point of being able to drive it. It's burning oil at a pretty good clip. Don't know ton about motor. 302 2v now has 4 barrel. Where do I start on determining the reason?
  7. 1969Fstback

    Accelerator pump tuning guidance

    No vacuum on meter at idle. My answer for timing are in twined in your post. Primary idle mix screws made no difference screwing in or out. Secondary turning either in increased idle. Thanks
  8. 1969Fstback

    Accelerator pump tuning guidance

    Will do. Thanks
  9. 1969Fstback

    Accelerator pump tuning guidance

    I was thinking the same thing on the jets. From what I read on holley's website and other places they 570 normally came with 54 primary and 65 secondary. Mine had 64 primary and 68 secondary. I know my secondarys are 64 cause I moved the front to the back. and fronts I am pretty sure is 58's. It's still a tad rich, but not near what it was. I was pretty familiar with how to adjust the cams, but wasn't aware of the nozzle til recent research. But, having it come with the larger jets then what was specified on the site I am starting to wonder what the nozzle size actually is. I have no idea what stream size of volume a nozzle should spray, but I was surprised at how thick the stream was that came out. But like I said, nothing to compare that too.
  10. 1969Fstback

    Accelerator pump tuning guidance

    I actually did check those when I was fighting it being rich. I should probably pull the carb and verify the slot is still correct. From what I gathered the slot should look square when set properly. My cam looks more red then pink right now. I was gonna pull the nozzle tomorrow and verify which size it is once I got some good guidance from this thread.
  11. 1969Fstback

    Accelerator pump tuning guidance

    I set the fuel mix screws with vacuum gauge. Power valve is not stock but is a 6.5. It's probably year or so old. Yes I did change the jets. It was running 64's up front and 68's in back out of the box. and was extremely rich. I am now running, if memory serves me, 60's(maybe 58's) think I still have the package, up front 64's in back. I set ignition using light. at 10 degrees. with advance unplugged. But yeah mostly by ear. distributor is using metered vacuum. explain the process using vacuum gauge and tach and I'll reset it how every you say. Carb has site glasses and primary and secondary are both right at bottom. thanks
  12. 1969Fstback

    Accelerator pump tuning guidance

    No I did not. I will readjust it tomorrow using that technique. thanks
  13. 1969Fstback

    Accelerator pump tuning guidance

    Ha that's what my wife says when It try to explain something to her. Bog probably not the best word. stumble is more appropriate. Ok, so, idles great, put it in gear take off normal no issues runs good. At 40 or so if you are accelerating and floor it it picks up and goes fine. If you are running 40 and let off of it and let it coast for a few seconds and get into it hard it will stumble for a second then pick up and take off fine. if you are sitting park and floor it from dead idle it stumbles for a split second and takes off fine. If in park and you have the throttle down a bit around 1200 rpms and floor it it picks up fine.
  14. Car has original 302 2v but with 2 year old holley 570 street avenger. Not sure on specs of motor. By ear sounds like small cam. Car runs great except for kicking it down from idle. It bogs a bit. You can smell fuel when it does for split second. I adjusted the arm and it seems correct. You touch the throttle and it starts to squirt. The nozzle shoots out 2 thick streams fast. I haven't pulled the nozzle yet to get the size, but it almost seems to much too fast. Next steps?
  15. 1969Fstback

    Sail panel

    Yeah luckily I saw the tab on the back if the panel and read about it a little before hand. But thanks for the heads up.