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  1. They do make the adaptors. I switched my duraspark distributor to Pertronix a few years ago. Had the same issue. Duraspark was male and the pertronix was female. The adaptors were going to be as high or higher than a new wire set. I opted to just buy the new set. https://www.jegs.com/i/MSD-Ignition/121/ASY10124/10002/-1
  2. Pulled my original worn out oil burning motor and put in a pretty decent early 70's 302 with new cam, lifters, push rods and timing chain. Haven't driven it yet, but it sounds good and holds great oil pressure. Going to run this til I figure out what I am gonna do with the original motor.
  3. I have a summit 500 on my 302. I'm very happy with it. I replaced a 570 street avenger with it. No idea about tunability since I'm just running it more or less out of box minus air mix. It's a vac secondary.
  4. I'll pm you my shipping address. The black wheels tied it all together.
  5. I think it looks good as is. You have the caliper in the back. If they were mine and I was gonna add color to the wheels it would be the gray that the 427 sits in. The orange I think would be a bit over powering. Then again if the car was mine I'd would have asked to have all the stainless on the grill, windows and such black. sorry if it sounds like I am criticizing, I am not. It's an amazing machine. And yes on the 18s.
  6. And the air was escaping up through the head where the oil drains back down to the pan. None from exhaust, nor carb, nor radiator. I had all the rockers off so I know the valves were closed.
  7. I just went out did a leakage test on the passenger side. Granted it was cold and I know it makes a difference, however, at 80 psi input front 2 were mid 30s. Plugs black. 3rd back plug looked good and it was holding 75 out of 80. The back cylinder was 60 out of 80 and plug was not as black as front 2, but blacker then the 3rd. So, I guess that tells me all I need to know unless someone much wiser tells me heating it up would make that much difference in the front 2?
  8. Yep umbrella. One on right is the new one and fits the crown on the head perfectly, the middle is old off the intake, one on left is old off exhaust valve.
  9. I have the original 302 and it smokes a ton on start up and burns oil. I started changing the valve stem seals over the weekend. I pulled of the intake valve one and compared it to what I ordered. The one I pulled off the car has a inner diameter of 3/4 on the base and 5/8 inch tall and fits horribly. No doubt the wrong ones. The exhaust valve had even a different size. IT has a base ID of closer to 7/8 and was only 3/8 tall where as the ones I ordered that fit well have a 5/8 ID at base and 1/2 inch tall. I received my cylinder leakage tester today. I am going to check all the cylinders then do a compression test on all after I get it all back together. My question is, other than on start up, how or what other issues would having valve stem seals that far off cause? Would it cause oil to be burnt while driving vs just on start up? My gut tells me that the old motor is probably just pretty worn and I will find that out with the leak down tests and or compression tests. The plan would be to figure out this summer what I want to do motor wise then pull it beginning of next fall. thanks
  10. Probably not your issue, but. I put all new suspension under mine and really started driving it this year. Every corner, bump I'd get a loud squeak from the driver side. Thought it was the suspension. My issue was I either forgot to put in the fender bolt by the door hinge or it fell out. The fender was rubber the cowl cover.
  11. It's 10w 40. I was thinking it was 185 but very well could be 180. My temp gauge has 160 and 190 numbered with hash mark at 175 it holds closer to the 190 hash then 175. The temp could be a little over 200 in traffic, bUT don't remember it ever reaching the 205 hash mark. I was under the car recently. It was a little wet near rear main, but I didn't see any blow back of oil underneath and I've never seen a puddle or anything left after it sits and runs. And never any on the garage floor. But, I plan on checking again since I've been driving it a lot over past 2 months. I agree, I am guessing when I pull plugs a few will look very black. I changed them about 2 months ago after i put a new carb on.
  12. I am pretty sure I used Castrol 40W. I have 185 thermostat, but on hot days in traffic it creeps up to 200. I plan on pulling plugs this week.
  13. The exhaust is one of those went from long tube to shorty temporary deals that turn down at the rear axle. With that said you get some exhaust in the car. When you get out your shirt smells like you have been running a chainsaw for 5 hrs.
  14. It does have baffle for the pcv valve in the valve cover. I pulled the pcv and the hose off. I have a T in middle of hose to carb as a connector with the leg blocked. The T is white and it was coated with oil on the inside. I had it in between the full and add line Thursday. I put arox. 150 miles on it and it was below the add line a little when I checked it this evening. So in 150 mIles it burn at least a qrt. It doesn't really seem to smoke much. But you can smell the oil in the exhaust.
  15. I've had the car for 6 years. Just got it to point of being able to drive it. It's burning oil at a pretty good clip. Don't know ton about motor. 302 2v now has 4 barrel. Where do I start on determining the reason?
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