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  1. Yeah I was the one that thought it was related to the woodgrain. But my martis dont confirm my theory or the other one. Just seeing if any knows what it is.
  2. It is a mach 1. Is this listed as a Trim Variation on marti fvike? If so that probably is the answer. Weird did not add these pics. cannot delete them without flash lol
  3. Hi been a while since I was on but now I am back. Will try to get on more often now. Hope everyone is doing well. Ok I have a question that came up at VMF yesterday and wondered what was the answer. A person had a Marti that listed trim variation in the option list. Does anyone know what this option is? I thought I did until I looked at my 3 martis which seems to prove the two theories wrong.
  4. Just noticed this question. Actually Marti has record on all mustangs from 1967 on. All mustang (and other fords) production was kept in database that marti got ahold of before it was deleted. So anyone with a mustang 1967 and on pretty much can find out how their car was option from factory(one exception is the color for special paint cars). I think maybe you read about the Emminger reports that is fords copy of original invoice. Most of the info in the invoice was kept by the database by the 80 alphanumeric vehicle order image. The invoice had this data in printed form and also had other information like option cost not included in VOI.
  5. The codes you have for Acapulco blue and Pastel Grey wrong, Has been confirmed by Marti. I brought up this issue in VMF today were the color chart was wrong and was confirmed by a MCA judge to be wrong. Here is the link, Also has the note from marti included in it, http://forums.vintage-mustang.com/vintage-mustang-forum/834785-paint-codes-wrong.html
  6. Yep you are correct the 5 means that it has a matte back hood treatment. Even if the car is a black one! Don't know why that engine showed up there and it wont let me delete it.
  7. I know it is wrong at Vintage-mustang forum.
  8. I found it one place but know I read it somewhere else also. http://www.ebay.com/gds/1969-69-Mustang-Body-Color-Door-Tag-Codes-/10000000004007562/g.html Look at the note under color codes.
  9. I have heard a few reasons for this. One I heard they changed in middle of year but I don't really think this is true. Secondly I have heard that ford only used 6 as Acapulco blue paint code. Pastel grey was code D. I read that ford put into some early literature (written before cars went to assembly) color codes that were incorrect. This data has been passed down. Not sure if it is true. I have two code 6 1969 cars one built 1/6/69 and other 5/19/69 both are Acapulco blue per Marti and were this color at build (I see original paint in doors and ect).
  10. It all depended on the year the car was built. All color codes could change any year with ford. But if you know the year of the car and the code then you know the color.
  11. That site has had nothing done with it for a long time. Might be easier to just start a new one. Looks like there would at least be 2 of the 1127 1969 gt verts registered. I think problem with a just 1969 registry is that there were so few. It might be better to extend it to 69 and earlier gts. Then there could be info on identification of pre 67 gt that don't have marti and ect. If you just do a 1969 only gt there would be a lot less traffic than we have here.
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