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  1. Located in South Florida, I have for sure one side still but maybe both, if you pay shipping you can have.
  2. Fan should have clutch, Can take a picture of my original 390 AC/PS fan if you want. Spacer I believe with it still is a 2".
  3. I just shipped a project from Texas to Florida for $450 so right broker can get it done cheap.
  4. Had to many PM's cleared inbox up to allow. Doubt firewall pad is good in fastback. They are easy to reproduce just like original with stranded fiber instead of aftermarket wool.
  5. Purchased a few years back for roof section for my big block car. Have sold some small pieces off it to forum members.Storing at buddies bodyshop but city is bugging him to clean up back of shop where I am storing. It's a roller right now with no roof and passenger door pillar. Info I know without pulling marti report is 1969 - Mach 1 - Acapulco Blue , 351-4V with Automatic transmission, AIR,TINT,DISC BRAKES. Have title for car, if somebody wants to repair somehow. Front underhood/towers in good shape for parts. Disc brake stuff still all there, have dash etc out stored although rough but metal good. Located in South Florida, also have 1969 Grande parts car with 351, car runs complete together, although rusted.
  6. I purchased this a few months back expecting to replace mine but decided against it. Still in box. Make an offer located in South Florida.
  7. I need the Passenger side quarter extension from a fastback 1969. I have two but both are cracked. Need the cast ones not the fiberglass ones.
  8. Rusted out to bad. I ended up using a slightly bent one off my other 69 and straightened on frame machine before I used, was rust free atleast.
  9. They have the inside cowl part, outside hinge pillar but I need a piece dynacorn will not sell without buying a $1500-2000 side assembly. Its the sheetmetal that goes up the windshield pillar.
  10. Coupe won't work. This is for a fastback.
  11. I need from drivers upper hinge to top of windshield sheetmetal. If anybody has let me know.
  12. I cannot cut out until this weekend when I go to work on mine, but if you cover paypal fees I can do the $50 plus shipping. Its a shame to cut stuff off this car being a Mach 351-4V but I think I ruined it after taking door post off it for my car.
  13. I won't be using the quarters, I already cut out the quarter window area structure for my project. No clue what they cost though.
  14. Glad you decided to paint it before shipping overseas saved alot of extra work for you. Looks good.
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