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  1. Yes I still have it it is located in york pa.
  2. I have a Ford FMX transmission. It is currently in a 1969 mustang but will be pulled this week to replace with a manual valve body c6. Their is nothing wrong with the trans that I know of. I purchased the car a year ago and it had a tired 302 in front of it. I built a 351 and when I installed it i installed a new torque convertor and changed the filter and fluid. Everything seemed fine inside when that was done. It still shifts fine and am only pulling it to install a race trans. It would be good as a replacement or a parts trans. Many FMX parts are hard to come by the Neutral safety alone is worth 100.00
  3. I have a set of door and quarter glass for a 69 coupe or convertable. Not looking to get rich off of it just want to get it to someone that needs it. $30.00 sounds good. All factory glass
  4. i just bought a set of both sides and both regulators. Basicaly everything you need to swap 69-70 on ebay for under 200. there was quite a few brackets on their still for decent money.
  5. Lik eit says, I am looking to convert from glue in to bolt ins. i have everything but the glass itself.
  6. I have been looking for the same thing good luck.
  7. that is why i picked up my 69 coupe. Everyone has a fastback. mine is more unique. i am happy with it except everyone asks when you say its a 69 'Is it a fastback'
  8. I need to do some steering upgrade. I am debating whether I should just go factory power steering or rack and pinion.
  9. Well other then a few cosmetic touch ups and a few other little things the car is done. I surprised myself with what it looks like compared to a few short months ago. Runs like a dream and looks great. I need to address the steering which has some play at the box on the column side. Probably a worn out manual steering box. If that is the case I will probably swap in a power steering box and pump. But my wife finally got to take it for its first spin today. She came back smelling of burnt rubber and smiling ear to ear. I guess I did an ok job on my first classic mustang.
  10. I have used the ford Taurus fans they work great. They are huge in the jeep market and hot rods too. Work great, inexpensive, and readily available.
  11. Ok I did some research today and found that 70 coupes had a chrome molding with a black stripe. This would be perfect. I found a set that has 3 of the 4 pieces and would need rechromed. The problem is no one makes it. Also I am not sure how to make it clip in. Does anyone have this trim? Anyone seen how it clips in?
  12. that old thread is what I am looking for here is a picture they had posted but no one ever said if they found the solution.
  13. Here is one you can see around the perimiter it is standing out now because it is still white with buffing compound. I was wondering if the trim from a 71 would work?
  14. I got the car back from the painter today and am pleased except for one thing. We had decided to do away with the wide black trim that was on the rear window. I like the look without it but there is quite a bit of space between the rubber holding the glass and the steel around it. It makes it look somewhat sloppy. I am wondering if anyone has seen or heard of any chrome trim that can be made to fit. Also thinking of maybe filling it with black urethane or some bulb shaped rubber to fill it in with. I will take pictures in the morning just looking for input.
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