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  1. Did you support the cooler on both sides I can only see one bracket in the picture. Which cooler model did you use?
  2. Nice thanks. Do you use the radiator cooler as well?
  3. This would be between the radiator support and the grill to the left?
  4. I need to install a transmission cooler in my 69 mustang. The car has AC so I believe that in front of the radiator is out of the question . Looking for mounting locations.
  5. Here’s a thought, I had the same issue and completely disassembled the steering column and began to trace wires. After a few hours of standing on my head under the dash, which is a feat in itself for a man of my age, I decided to check to see if there was power at the socket. Guess what, there was and the bulb was good. Upon further inspection I discovered the the socket contacts were not oriented correctly and did not make contact with the bulb. I ordered a new socket form Midlife spliced it in and problem solved. Just a thought
  6. can’t add that much caster the wheels rub the forward wheel well
  7. Anyone else having an issue with the power steering ram bracket loosening up on the frame if so what was your fix I’m considering welding mine
  8. Thanks I found the mark. You fellas have a Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Is anyone aware of an alignment mark on the steering wheel and steering shaft that should be matched to properly align the steering wheel spoke down. So as an example if I have 4 turns full left to full right, two tuns should should center the the front wheels. If they are not is a tie rod adjustment. Is there a mark on the shaft that should match the steering wheel in that position. I cant find one on the steering wheel.
  10. I’m my never ending quest to get my 69 mustang to drive without wandering or following the crown in the road. I have a question. Has anyone ever used a valve in the power steering line tho limit flow there by reducing sensitivity?
  11. So that’s what happened to that harness. Thanks and Midlife as a native Floridian I have been through my share of hurricanes. If this is your first it will get better. Just hang in there I am glad you and your family are safe.
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