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  1. Guys, Thanks for all the replies I received on this topic. The info you guys provided helped me a lot. Thanks Henk
  2. Guys, Thanks for the replies that for sure helps. I did see some rants about CJ pony when i was browsing thru the forums but it looks like they took care of the problems. Thanks for the inputs.
  3. Guys, I have a 1970 coupe I am looking to get some input on these following parts suppliers. www.cal-mustang.com www.macsautoparts.com www.mustangsunlimited.com www.cjponyparts.com www.scottdrake.com www.aapd.net www.npdlink.com What I am looking for is which supplier has better deals and are good to work with or completely stay away from. The other thing is how is availability with the supplier? and do they take care of back orders in a timely manner. If you have better experience with a supplier not listed please let me know. Thanks in advance Henk
  4. Thats a bummer , i guess the sentimental value is higher than the money. I had the same problem with the mustang I bought the lady wouldnt sell it at first. After a little talk she was willing to part from the car. I told her that I would keep her in the loop and if she wanted to see the car she could any day.
  5. Roger C, Sorry not a B-52 guy....... Used to be F-16 Crewchief now work A-10's in depot and civillian T-33's i am just a firm believer in the old fasioned way of war......! Thanks for the reply. DRASTiK thanks for the info, that is usefull info for the next mod.
  6. Guys, I was given some very low miles 3.23 gears from a 2014 mustang. Does anybody know if they will cause problems in a 1970 coupe with a 8.8 rear end. Previous owner put in 4.11 gears in the coupe and i want to cruise more on lower RPM's .The engine is a original 302.
  7. Check out www.mustangtek.com maybe they can help I have a 70 coupe with the original engine it has the last 5 of the vin on the back of the engine. The date stamps on her where from 1971. Try to explain that one!!!
  8. Ok sounds good thanks for the advise. I will tear in to it one of these days.
  9. Bob. These are my other projects with this car Sorry all pics automaticly turned side ways!!!!!
  10. BandBSTANGS, i havent thought of it yet. I am in contact with RSANTER who has some parts and i am thinking of going to "cut and paste" first so cut the old part and weld in the new/ other part. As for the rust on the side next to the window i guess i have to put my sheetmetal skills to work. I was a aircraft sheetmetal guy but we dont rivet things on cars like we do with airplanes. So I have to learn the skill of welding i assume in order to get this project going OK moderators what is this automatic attachment stuff that I cant delete!!!!!!!!
  11. I am thinking of working on it and after i take the window out see what the difference is and i hope the joggle that the rear window sits in is the same as earlier models so i can cut the bad part out and weld a new piece in without messing toomuch up
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