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  1. allrighty fellas. im in the midst of putting the beast back together. I bought new handles for the door and of course i figured out that I need the original piece from the back of the handle for 69/70. Well I bought the car as a basket case and it appears I never had a passenger side door handle. Anyways hopefully I've explained what Im looking for and if anyone has one theyd like to part with let me know. Im stuck at that spot until I locate one. Thanks for any help. Bo
  2. Mine are NOT drake. Just the MU house brand. I paid maybe 30 for the pair.
  3. The hardware is interchangeable on what I have. I got one changed (the one I had an old handle on hand for) but I havnt fitted them to the car. Spot on on the poor quality of the repop stuff. I havnt bought one new manufactured part that has gone easily. As far as the doors go I'd rather have rusty well fitting handles than shiny with poor fitment. I'll see tomorrow what pans out.
  4. I will look at them again and see if that may be the case. Doors in general anger me and with the luck I've had with repop parts I border on rage so I just put them down came inside and asked, but that's wise thinking I hadn't seen that noted anywhere. Thanks I'll update as soon as I figure anything out
  5. A while back I purchased new repop exterior door handles from mustangs unlimited. Today I was attempting to install them and can't get them thru the hole in the skin. I grabbed my originals and noticed that the repop has a different mechanism on it. I went ahead and to make sure I wasn't crazy put the original on. It slid right in and fit great. Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so is there a work around? (Apart from grinding on the door? I spent the last year getting it painted and it just isn't gonna happen) I'm betting that my est choose is to prob cut my losses throw them in the trash and use the originals, unless someone has a better idea?
  6. Excellent. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. Will I be able to wait until after the glass is in to put the beltline weatherstrip in? Id like to wait so I can negate the possibility of ruining it when working the glass thru
  8. Okay so maybe glass first would be the easy way then
  9. I'm wondering if anywhere out there, there is possibly a guide on door assembly? I'm fairly certain it needs to go back together with the latch hardware followed by regulator, then glass and finally weatherstrip but I'm not 100% sure on this. The car was in a million pieces when I got it so there's plenty I didn't disassemble. Thanks in advance for any help bo
  10. Bauman reprogram or talk to silver fox for a valve body, also od super servo.
  11. The car is going to have an aftermarket 21 circut and I had thought of just never running those wires, but now..... Im so stealing your idea:)
  12. No sir. None at all. Car has a nice clean shave all the way around. Too bad getting rid of the back markers wasn't as easy as the front....
  13. Okay bit of a goofy deal here. The car is a 69, but using a 70 front valance, is there any difference in the 69-70 chin spoiler? If so is it merely the mounting or are the spoilers actually any different?
  14. The SPI black is BLACK!!! None of the usual brown or blue or purple undertones/flops you usually see. Toyota black is second.
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