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  1. Yes I am now they went in really nice and work great! Thanks for you help!
  2. you were right they were standard pulleys. I sent them back. I made a boo boo. no biggie. I got this set from cj pony parts. https://www.cjponyparts.com/march-underdrive-pulley-kit-performance-series-289-302-351w-1965-1969/p/UP5/. $100.00 More but it's what I wanted.
  3. I found a full kit from amazon.com. Made by Blackpath racing. It comes with every thing you need. $147.95 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YI6SWDY/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AXUCUAWIY11DZ&psc=1
  4. does any anyone have an idea or sources for some underdrive pulleys. The water pump, alternator, and the crankshaft? Thanks!
  5. your schematic shows there is a resister wire at 1.66 ohms. A lot of people call this a fusible link. I believe its the pink wire
  6. this a cool mod and it would be nice if yall would share all info needed to do this mod. parts, instructions, wiring diagram.....
  7. Today I ordered the tank armor to cover the trunk gas tank in my 69 mach1. I saw the Bryant Gumbal report on mustangs exploding when rear ended years ago. While I am not paranoid about that happening. I thinks its a good step in some protection. They have them for every early model for the mustang and cougar. Here is their website if you are interested, http://tankarmor.com/.
  8. The temp and fuel gauges were grounding against the metal case. I put electrical tape around the case edges where the gauge posts go through and the flat surface as well. This fixed the situation. I researched and found a u-tube video that gave me the idea. Problem solved, no more short to ground! I replaced the old printed circuit board and installed 5 led light bulbs blue red and green. and a solid state voltage regulator. I also replaced the lower steering wheel cover as the mounting holes broke as I barely touched them,. It must have gotten brittle. oh well.....lol
  9. I replace the printed circuit board and they don't work. I replaced the constant voltage unit and they still do not work. I put the old printed circuit board back on and they still do not work. I put the original constant voltage regulator and still no go. I want to bench test the original gauges.Can you suggest a good way. I know they work at 5vdc, so what's the solution? I really don't want to apply 12vdc to them. If they are truly dead then I will replace them. Thanks! I have a 69 Mustang Mach 1 btw
  10. So your saying the the stock idler plays no part in that? thanks!
  11. Hi fellas, I want to purchase the Opentracker's roller idler arm. However, I have a concern. The stock idler arm springs the steering wheel back after you turn. Does the roller idler arm do that? I have a 1969 Mach1 351W auto with power steering. Thanks! I will make my decision after I have read your responses. Thanks!
  12. you can make the front parking lights come on with switch in both positions. It's not hard. Do a search on this forum for it.
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