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  1. So f4te block is roller? Does that mean lightning is roller? I thought they weren't. I'm going to try sift through their pre-1970 section for some doors, passenger headlight bezel(mine doesn't have the tabfor the lower valence), and a dash then pull a t5 out of a gt or cobra mustang 95 or older and seats, can you tell this needs to be driving by the middle of June? I am also pulling a harness and am going to try to combine it with a painless harness for the car or whatever you guys suggest for wiring
  2. Ok so it's been a long while since I posted last and this subject may have been addressed a thousand times but I'm in a bit of a time crunch. I need to know the best 302/351 stuff to get the most performance out of a stock bottom end 351. I'm making a trip to the junkyard for stuff tomorrow. So long story short I need to find the best parts such as block, heads, intake, anything. I don't mind buying A few motors they are super cheap where I'm going. I want efi but a strong block better flowing heads and I can buy a summit cam or something if need be, any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Brandon
  3. don't go m2 suspension, it puts pressure in places the gen 1 mustang was never designed to support, fatmanfab . com has a great strut suspension that uses cobra style spindles and foxbody struts, handles very well and for around the same price
  4. Hey all, I haven't been here in a while, but i am currently looking at importing a car from Australia to the USA and i was wondering if anyone has done this (or from us to au) and could maybe estimate a rough cost, thank you
  5. a 1000+ hp coyote is not hard to achieve, i dont own one myself, but i have built them for customers i usually use a twin turbo setup with smaller turbos (quicker spool) but 1 large turbo like a 76 or 78mm will also work but wont kick in as soon as smaller ones
  6. like this? found it over in the VMF [ATTACH]14044[/ATTACH]
  7. Welcome to the site! that is a really sweet project you have, what are the plans?
  8. how are you going to run the intercooler plumbing? i am wondering because i plan on twin turboing my '69
  9. i chose the 3550 because my friend has a 760ft# foxbody that he swapped from a t5 to a 3550 and it has been 10 months and on a drag strip and is still fine
  10. if i were you i would avoid the t5 until you know that you aren't putting out too much power i am going with a tremec 3550 out of a '95 cobra to put behind my 408c and they are really cheap and can take alot of abuse
  11. i want to dial in my mustangs design a but more so i have included pictured of a 69 coupe the wheels i want and the color thanks in advance note: the orange mustang is another angle for the wheels [ATTACH]13423[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13424[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13425[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13426[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13427[/ATTACH]
  12. i would rather spend 12k and put in a coyote that spend 20k on a kaase racing engine for street use and if it is a race car i would spend 20k and still put in a coyote, but with a 4.0l whipple
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