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  1. I tried to PM you, but you box was full. The price is great. Just PM me how you want me to pay. I can send via paypal.
  2. Where are you in nc

  3. Where are you in nc

  4. Where are you in nc

  5. Let me know how much you want for the side ornaments.
  6. Does the part on NPD just fit into the hole? My other mustang has an large fake vent on the side that sticks out from the body?
  7. I have two 69 mustang coupes. One has side ornaments, the other does not. I stripping one of them and doing the body work. Someone fiberglassed over the area where the side ornament goes. The old fiberglass was removed. Do I leave the indention or buy side ornaments or scoops? If I need to buy, where can I buy them? I checked NPD and CJ Pony. They have the chrome piece, but not the whole part.
  8. I am located in concord, nc. I've reached out to sbsmustang.
  9. One of the doors on my 69 coupe is rusted. I've talked to several people to get estimates. The estimate is 500 to 600 to fix the door with a new skin. A repro door is cheaper. Are the repro doors any good? Do they fit well? If not, where can I find a replacement door. I live in Nc and checked several local places without any luck.
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