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  1. Let me look. I dont think i will have one but I may. I will let you know if i do find one though. Thanks -Nick P.s I am not sure how these pictures got attached. These are not any that i have uploaded. Tried to delete them but somehow cant. Please Ignore them. Thanks
  2. Splash shield??? Thats the part that goes right infront of the door and in the fender? -Nick
  3. Shipping to Florida will be around $45. Sorry for the late reply. -Nick
  4. Hey Bob, If your interested in the dash still let me know. Have not heard from kris. Thanks
  5. Also just cleared all my inbox messages so people can pm me. Thanks
  6. Will get a shipping quote for you! And you as well. I am located in Las vegas Nevada
  7. Hey Guys, It has been awhile since i have been on the boards here. I have a bunch of parts that are from the private stash. All of these parts are in original and excellent condition and some are even restored originals. Below is a list and just some of the pictures i have of the parts. $750.00 - Shelby console insert *Excellent Condition* (Original never mounted) $750.00 - 1969 Mustang console *Restored* (Original comes with wiring harness) $150.00 - 1969 Mustang sport mirrors pair (Original) 2 sets $45.00 - 1969 Neutral safety switch $299.99 - 1969 Deluxe door panels *Excellent Condition* Pair (Originals w/out wiring harnesses) Sold + $99.00 for the Quarter panel deluxe panels $40.00 - Headliner front piece (metal, repainted) Sold $70.00 - Trim piece set *Excellent Condition* (Set of 7) Sold $250.00 - Mach1 hood scoop *Restored* (Complete w/out wiring harness) $25.00 - Brand new ashtray gauge pod (Shelby) $70.00 - Am Radio w/ Knobs * Great Condition* $450.00 - NOS Dual tip exhaust *Excellent Condition* (w/ NOS box) $79.99 - Maplight *Restored* (Original w/ wiring) 2 sets 1 left $10.00 - Ignition switch $59.99 - Underdash lights *Excellent Condition* (Original) 2 sets $25.00 - Light switch (Original) $69.99 - Lock Set (Aftermarket New) $24.99 - Radio Bezel w/ Wood (Aftermarket New) $89.99 - Gas cap *Excellent Condition* (Original w/ running horse) $149.99 - Gas cap *Great Condition* (Original w/ GT emblem) $19.99ea - 351 Hood scoop emblems (Original) 3 available $30.00 - Gt rear valance (Aftermarket) $99.99 - A/c Dash (Original) Sold $199.99 - Cougar Tach Harness (Engine Bay) $349.99 - Mach 1 Seats (Original) $99.99 - Grande Clock bezel w/ woodgrain $499.99 - 1969 Big Block Shock tower half of a car assembly (everything intacted and perfect no rust) $199.99ea - Mustang Shaker Scoop (New style not classic mustang) 3 available $2,999.99 - Police interceptor engine Rebuilt (runs great) $30.00 - 1969 Cougar front springs (Original) All Prices are obo + shipping.
  8. Pm'ed you. Have a bunch of your parts needed.
  9. Bump!! Still looking for parts. If anyone has any that would be great. Thanks
  10. Bump...Still looking for parts. Thanks to all that have replied and sold parts to me -Nick
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