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  1. 1969vert

    Help selecting radiator for 427W

    Barnett is right... My 427w is using a champion MC338. Was using stock 24" 3 core from years ago... Using the 3 core the temp would rise from 160 to 195 down the track during the 1/8th Now 165 start 170 to 175 finish.. Hi flow pump and such..147deg. stat flex fan and shroud. Your E-85 should help out on the cooling .. Have a buddy with a small truck and he has a hard time keeping temp in it on E-85.. E-85 is going to be in my future soon... as soon as a station gets it near me..
  2. 1969vert

    1970 Front Side markers

    found one but the back was blown out.. don't have any
  3. 1969vert

    1970 Front Side markers

    might have to dig in some boxes and see what I got.. Might have some 1970 stuff laying around..
  4. 1969vert

    69 Vert project

    had braces welded on my doors also.. left drivetrain in while doing all the sheet metal.. had to trim one door and extend the other after all the welding was done.. oops...cant tell now.. Floors torque boxes frame rails inner rockers trunk floor.. the list goes on ..
  5. 1969vert


    got one of those bells in my car...big truck flywheel and some larger cars...yes it will fit and work.. 164t is correct.. broke 2 of them.. have a PA Bell on it now
  6. wish I would have seen this earlier.
  7. 1969vert

    70 Vert, new project

    nice car at a steal of a price..
  8. 1969vert

    Car Cover Recommendations

    micarcover.com they do a lot of boats.. but cars on the side expensive ..... bought 2 so far durafin fabric the first one I bought survived hurricane IKE down here.. heavy canvas with a liner. . keeps my cars happy
  9. 1969vert

    Value of a 1970 Toploader?

    Bought mine in a rural Texas town 75 miles from nowhere...paid 400 and it was full of dirt and ants....cleaned it up...working fine after several flushes
  10. 1969vert

    Black Saturday Sale at Tractor Supply

    Yea its a 2 stage also... Just like mine I bought 10 years ago...getting ready to change oil in it and get a new air filter for it.. Supply's all my air needs...But I paid 1g for it. If you paint put a knock out pot off of it to help with moisture. If you haven't permanently mounted it.. Look into a way to run the drain petcock out from the center of the tank.. I used some old nitrous lines so I don't have to crawl on the floor to get the moisture out of the tank..
  11. 1969vert

    Dash Gauges or A Pillar Pod Ideas

    Here is a shot from the drivers seat....a little in the face thought....
  12. 1969vert

    Dash Gauges or A Pillar Pod Ideas

    I have two gauges mounted to the a pillar...oil and volt...try to get a pic. In the morning...was a 1988 pod for a Mustang ...was close...not in the face ....still have great view.
  13. 1969vert

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Kept 3 69 Mustangs dry and a 70 fastback.... hopefully we won't get more rain here near Houston....damn this is bad down here...
  14. 1969vert

    Wideband sensor and gauge

    One will do unless you want to tune both sides of the motor...
  15. 1969vert

    Wideband sensor and gauge

    Place it 24" from the exhaust ports...don't forget it can fail...get the carb adjusted and enjoy the show... exhaust leaks will give a false reading..bad sensors will too..they are neet and cool but read your plugs also.. write the number of the sensor down...so you can order another one cheaper than the manufacturer...took me a while to tune mine but it was 1/4 mile at a time and a plug killer...bad plugs will misfire and throw it off also..have fun..