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  1. ran one on my big motor but had issues with it hitting the screw in freeze plugs.. still have it .. was a good one.. had to grind the solenoid for clearance. Swapped starters to a late model PM cranked the motor fine.. with timing pulled before 800 rpms..
  2. I use mine for pressing pistons on the rods when they are stock/ wheel bearings / lawn mower spindle bearings and pinion bearings and smashing stuff.
  3. mine sleep a lot also... but the coupe will finally come out and play this weekend at the track.
  4. I know its not the same car ( in this project report forum ) but.. I own it also.. down to only 4 mustangs.. Sold my wife's 2012 A little E-85 test last Friday night at HRP video-1616810442.mp4
  5. a video from last Friday night.. Carb testing

  6. run a wire or cable tie down and tape it up and pull it back up...small hand help also.. you might have lost some slack down under the car.. feed it back up.. Take your time..
  7. I had the factory fuel line as a return down the drivers side to the factory pickup// back in my heavy NOS days..
  8. The exhaust port on the 220 will be restricted ...the ports are really wide...with 1 3/4 headers I would do the 205s...my opinion...the 220s need 2" primary's...you can make it work if you can fab some headers...I bought 2" headers for mine and they are a pain to work with...
  9. Should be able to access in the car...at least you don't have shifter rods in the way like a top loader..
  10. nice progress.. Did a 70 a while back and had trouble with grounds on the turn signals..wiring is always fun
  11. same yes and no.. they all do the same thing but different cap size.. diameters... factory ones encased in rubber for vibrations..aluminum and steel.. So if you find one that has the same yoke you need for your u joints...cut it down and have it balanced.. might be cheaper than a new shaft..
  12. Finally get to use this gem...been in the rafters a while...need decent headlight buckets and grill ...have all I need..I hope.. bought it a long time ago from a guy that made a shelby clone in the seabrook area...
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