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  1. the rear will act like a spool a little when it is tighter...popping in the rear during a turn.. other than that all is normal ..you will be able to hear it and sometimes feel it..
  2. I use 3m weather strip adhesive on my servos...my line pressure is 90 to 225 .that was the only stuff that would hold the fluid in....make Shure the servo is not warped..
  3. big difference...power is very nice.. have a manual disc I drag race and its ok.. will stop any time.. But have 2 power disk cars that will through you forward if hit to hard.
  4. See...all sleeping.. convertible on top.. coupe below..my race car/ street car....then on the left..70 fastback grabber green... project far from moving under it's own power..
  5. Happy new year...on the 1st got to rearranged the shop for my wife's truck to fit for repairs...had fun starting most of my mustangs to make room...of course they fought me but I won and drove 3 of them in and out of the garage....I have neighbors that haven't ever seen two of them...well looks like I need to spend more time repairing or thinning the herd..
  6. Well this thing will not be making any corners... All drag race for this car.. Was thinking of adding more rebound to slow the suspension down during launch.. Lakewood 90/10 are too loose. Have a new converter on the way and it will make be go red on a sportsman tree.. I'm going to turn the computer off and let the motor eat out of the hole with all the ponys..no more detune on the hit.. I have been going red lately.. and do not/ cant put a bigger tire on it...Just need to be green...it wins ...
  7. any one installed these? was thinking of upgrading the front of my car a little... Might need double adjustables soon..
  8. Barnett is right... My 427w is using a champion MC338. Was using stock 24" 3 core from years ago... Using the 3 core the temp would rise from 160 to 195 down the track during the 1/8th Now 165 start 170 to 175 finish.. Hi flow pump and such..147deg. stat flex fan and shroud. Your E-85 should help out on the cooling .. Have a buddy with a small truck and he has a hard time keeping temp in it on E-85.. E-85 is going to be in my future soon... as soon as a station gets it near me..
  9. found one but the back was blown out.. don't have any
  10. might have to dig in some boxes and see what I got.. Might have some 1970 stuff laying around..
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