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  1. This race season new heads cam intake exhaust...whew...it's faster..
  2. Waiting on one more bird to cook....and enjoying a beverage just a shot of the car ready to hit the track next year....
  3. Cooking some birds by the mustangs hope everyone has a great holiday.....not me I'm working....
  4. don't 400 cranks need the counter balance cut down to fit the blocks? meaning slugs added to the journals?
  5. Here is mine which is crude but works with a boss 9 scoop..made with a drop down base and a street sign..
  6. the shaft should have a keeper on it. Not allowing it to come up and out of the oil pump.. Try a magnet and see if you can pick it up more than a inch.. If you can there is no keeper and the pan need to come off.
  7. depends on your intake.. I have a mechanical and factory water temperature gauge in my victor jr intake..
  8. Brakes and steering first here also...
  9. m-6009-427f from Ford has treated me well...
  10. Barnett I agree on the paint but the radiator should be sized big enough to cool the engine with some more to spare.. allowing the thermostat to function properly...this is Texas...it's hot..I have a mc338 in my 427 small block it keeps it cool with room to spare with a 147 deg thermostat ...there is a big difference between a 20" and. 24" 2-3-4 cores out there...more BTUs...I'm not taking about a small fan either..18" or 19" if you can fit it in a shroud... extra cooling flex..I would give up HP for better cooling between rounds...or stopping at a red light
  11. All mine are 24" ac radiators..work great at the track and convertible blows cold ac at idle in the Texas heat from a 4 core I bought from John's years ago.
  12. You can paint the aluminum flat black so its not seen from the front...I bought a champion aluminum..pain to fit with a factory shroud..but I did have my factory radiator recorded to a 3 core... bought a 4 core for my convertible from John's mustang...many years ago..it was expensive but the fit was good...
  13. Hmmm..cross flow in 69? Not any of mine..also a 70 with a passenger upper hose and a lower hose on the driver's side...if they are calling that a cross flow..??
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