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  1. 10.25..in great air... normally in the heat 10.40 to .50 all day long..
  2. I have a 3.0 with my top loader was a 2.79 8" before. just a cruiser.. Might be ISO a 2.79 gear for a 9" ..used..
  3. I have had all the box stores fail on me.. I take mine to a local rebuilder who uses all usa parts.. haven't had a failure yet.. Had him fix a Chinese generator/starter for a golf cart from amazon...working for 2+ years now..
  4. sub 11 could be done with both motor combos. roll cage not needed but a 5 point bar minimum. I would suggest swing out on the drivers side.. ran a pump gas 393 and it put print out 11.15 slips all day..
  5. ok do tell..69 side scoops with 70 taillights.. what year is it?
  6. I do have a drop top also...so that satisfied the cruiser.. building a 69 coupe for my brother right now all stock... something about the 69-70 years have stuck with me...my coupe has been in the family since 1979...hand me down from my brother...he drove the snot out of it..
  7. Right now it is legal...9.99 would require more work... Just want to get there then back it down. Don't want to take the street out of the car yet..
  8. 10.30s in good weather...might have to go on a diet...still has full interior..10.5 in the heat...Texas style heat
  9. My vision.. To run 9 seconds in the 1/4 On pump gas. On motor.
  10. Red hood didn't make the cut...had this one laying around.. had to borrow a hood hinge from another project. Got good gaps all around....will see if this hood works out... hopefully not much repair...looks like it was painted with house paint...will strip it next
  11. Passenger door on... trying to line up fenders and a throw down hood... drivers hinge failed...might have to rob them off another car for now...
  12. yes and modified it and some welding.. it can be done.
  13. Race car is sleeping for the rest of the year... started back on this prepaint of the passenger door is done...some progress...wife is Happy.. bringing it back from the shell it was
  14. 393W with AFR 205 and solid roller crane nitrous cam.. 478hp to the rear tires for 3350lbs..
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