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  1. You know red is the most expensive right up there with yellow.
  2. Yes new shaft would be needed for that hp. Stock 50 year old rubber coupler would not be happy with that power.
  3. If you have the skills you can paint it yourself several times over for 10k in materials
  4. Well that is over 1 grand in new glass...and I have everything for glue in....if I was going to keep it I would consider it....got cought up in a headliner install over the last week...
  5. Oh yeah forgot how much I hate glue in glass and alignment...
  6. Making progress almost finished with the interior... drivers door to do next...if I had the door clips I would be done today...
  7. Not quite...still going to do another coat of black the grey stripes then clear...but only have 3 little spots to take care of...
  8. Might get the last of the pre paint in.... everything will be black...
  9. Got a little paint gun time in this afternoon
  10. Been a little bit since any progress but....here ya go getting closer to final paint had to remove the fake side vents because a dark shadow grey stripe will go under it... bought new headlights from Amazon one came it broken... oriellys don't stock them eather way had to order..
  11. I'm in Baytown...want to get it healthy before I sell but if you want to look. I'm ok with that...got 2 others would like to get rid of them first....but...I can build another convertible.......I know I will have the brakes fixed...looking for a condenser to get the ac blowing cold again...don't want to sell crap... If you want to vieu and drink a beer it's fine with me...


    1. 69gtconv


      sounds good ... I'll give you a holler when I'm in the neighborhood ... Thanks. Bill

  12. ran one on my big motor but had issues with it hitting the screw in freeze plugs.. still have it .. was a good one.. had to grind the solenoid for clearance. Swapped starters to a late model PM cranked the motor fine.. with timing pulled before 800 rpms..
  13. I use mine for pressing pistons on the rods when they are stock/ wheel bearings / lawn mower spindle bearings and pinion bearings and smashing stuff.
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