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  1. Pics Like I said still needs work but all the hard stuff is done. Does need a patch on the passenger side front frame rail. Has new driver side front rail I am not hiding anything. Its not a pro build but would be a killer street car. Like I said up for trades like fox mustang rancheros f100's Torinos and so on. I just longer want to work on this one.
  2. I have a 69 coupe in need of finishing. Lets start with what it needs. Breaks to be plumbed front engine and head lights to be wired weather stripping driver side window installed interior put back in and a head liner, and depending on the deal a motor and exhaust. The goods. Body: New floor pans are in from previous owner. new rear inner wheel wells ( one need to be installed) New quarters fiberglass fenders and Shelby side scoops. New front spoiler and 70 stone guard for bigger opening. solid 1970 doors and hood with nock off boss 9 scoop. Brand new Weld pro stars never been on the street. Rear tires brand new 295/??/15 I think. Needs front tires. Disk breaks all around. 8.8 in the rear from 95 gt with posi. Up front: Mustang II front suspension. 11.5 front disks and large metric calipers. Tubular lower control arms. 12 adjustable coil overs. chrome springs. 1.25 hellwig sway bar. long 3" SFI studs. Everything up front brand new. engine bay is painted sonic blue. Brand new set of door handles not installed yet. I have all the trim and extras of some. Interior: black rug front seats out of a 95 gt leather. and white faced gauges. Needs ignition switch and wires fixed. For the right price motor will go with it. 460: .030 over flat top pistons decked block shaved heads. Full port work 3 angle valve job, balancer rotating assembly, blue thunder intake for dominator powder coated. with rebuilt 750 dominator carb and wiend aluminum water pump and more.... Well I have more details on everything and a small fortune into this thing. and I am open to trades cash offers and trade plus cash. I am in buffalo NY contact 315-416-3849. As of now it is for sale minus motor and trans because I would prefer to put it into a fox mustang or a Torino but like I said the price will get it. Pics on the way
  3. Could I please get a 99-2002 Cobra/ Cobra R bumper on on 69 coupe? Here are the best I could come up with.
  4. Hello all. I have disks up front and a 8.8 out back with disk brakes from a 95 GT. I would like to know what master cylinder and proportioning valve I need to use to make this work. Can I use a stock master cylinder and a after market prop valve? I found some in NPD but not sure what I need Combination valve PN 2b091-20bb Master cylinder 2140-7 Thanks
  5. I picked sonic blue from the 99-04 cobra. I just painted the engine bay last week and I am in love with it. stangme428. My coupe looks about the same as yours other then the duck tail fr500's and the bigger scoop. I have a stock height boss 9 scoop and big and little weld pro stars. I'll have it out this summer. NICE Car!
  6. I ended up getting global west SFC.
  7. Have you looked into the gt350 and gt500? I know some of the 64-68 had a Paxton on them. not sue for 69
  8. I have spent a lot of time fabbing everything and I would like to buy a few parts that should be close to working. I want to run a set of under ride traction bars as well and am worried they might not work together. Thanks for the help so far guys.
  9. looking at these ones http://mustangforums.com/forum/classic-mustangs-tech/578919-subframe-connectors.html
  10. I am putting a order in today and was wondering what ones to get. I am looking at the global west round tube type. or the $100 square tube ones from NPD
  11. Would some one mind doing a color close to the sonic blue and some roush 427R stripes in black?
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