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  1. Yep, saw that it exists again today. Thanks for fixing it -- I use this email all the time for certain forums and LinkedIn!
  2. Thanks! It's a bummer as I used that email address for quite a bit of stuff including my contact for a bunch of forums and even LinkedIn.
  3. I have had one of these email accounts for many years, but I am no longer able to receive mail there, although I can send it and also use the IM feature to send and receive messages. But I've gotten NO email messages since early August. Has anyone else had one of these accounts and had this happen recently? Thanks.
  4. Send me pictures please (underside, torque boxes/frame rails, trunk drops, interior, exterior, engine compartment, etc), to : DeadStang (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks.
  5. W/O pix, I'd venture a guess of $20K.
  6. Nope, those are '69 seats and to some people, it does make a difference. There were a lot more high backed buckets in 1970, so the '69 models (the lever in the middle of the side, not the bottom) are actually more desirable. If you were closer, I'd buy them as I could use a nice set of '69 seats for my Mach.
  7. Or at least the intake manifold was "upgraded" to 4-V. I also wonder if it can be bought for the Forum price... I sold my very stock M-Code GT for $20K in May. It was a very nice car with more options, and I felt happy to get that price. The eBay price doesn't appear realistic IMO, if the car wouldn't sell for the past year for $22K. I like the white and blue...wish he was interested in trades--I'd like to have this one!
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180775674849&ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2648
  9. I'd be in for a shirt or sweatshirt if 100% cotton (shirt) and at least an 80% cotton sweatshirt. Don't like polyester stuff. I still have my old '69 Stang shirt.
  10. The actual cable from the carburetor bracket to the accelerator pedal us usually not the problem. It's the worn-out bushings and such in your carburetor itself. If things aren't too bad, swapping the return spring for a stronger one, or using two, will solve the problem. You can just go to Napa or Schuck's and get a multi-pack of different diameter and length springs for a few $$$, then find one that is a little stronger than the current one to replace it with. I think dieseling can be timing or idle speed.
  11. Honestly? It was all I could do to sell my '69 351W Grande for $5,000 6 months ago in the spring (and I had over $7,500 in that thing)...and fall/winter is a harder time to sell. I would guess the car is worth around $4,000. Not good times for getting any return on the $$$ put into old cars, unfortunately.
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