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  1. I've had the car about 4 years now. Here's some more pics and can get any detail ones anyone needs as well. IMG_0806 IMG_0805 IMG_0804 IMG_0814 IMG_0813 IMG_0812 IMG_0810 IMG_0809 IMG_0808
  2. Updated, price drop to $6,000
  3. All original engine, trans, rear, metal, ect. 27,265 miles currently on odo, unknown if it has turned over or not. Car seems to have been someones drag car in New Mexico during the 70's. -351w, fully rebuilt with 23,726 miles on the odo (currently 27,265) unknown if bored out or stock bore. -Transmission fully rebuilt -Unknown cam, 302 firing order -Edelbrock Performer Intake -Edelbrock 1406 Electric choke carb -New plugs, MSD 8.5mm wires -MT valve covers -DEI Titanium wrapped Crager Blue Thunder long tube headers -2.5" dual exhaust with Flowmaster 40 mufflers, dumped at axle -Scott Drake progressive rate springs in front, 5 leaf springs in rear -Scott Drake Shocks -9" 3.00 Open Diff (one tire fire ftw?) -New gas tank -Summit electric fuel pump, regulator, pressure gauge -LED flashers, side markers, reverse lights, plate light -American Racing Torque Thrust D, 15x7 in front 15x8 in rear -Factory A/C car, has all HVAC controls, heater and blow box, but missing underhood items (condenser, compressor, hoses, ect) -New brake drums (4 wheel manual drums) all around and pads, as of engine rebuild -Export Brace -Various interior do dads fixed, replaced -VR1 Racing oil and motorcraft filters since I've owned it Needs to be fixed: -Oil leak at pan, has new reusable gasket on pan but didn't seal right. Needs to be reseated -Power steering cylinder leaks, I have a rebuild kit, or a new one could be used -Passenger side window has come unglued -Fuel sending unit either gone bad or float came off. Gauge works, just needs sending unit fixed -Passenger side trunk drop off is rusted, cheap and easy panel to replace -Small rust spot in tail light panel near passenger side brake light -All seats need to be reupholstered. Rear bench has hole in it from stupid 3 point roll bar -Dash cracked around speaker area -Holes in floor boards from mounting of the bolt in roll bar -Needs new console, or console removed, one of the previous owners butchered it to put in an aftermarket 8-track player -Radio bezel was ruined for modern DIN radio slot. On the upside, the car now can hold a modern stereo, which I'll leave installed for another $100 (Pioneer DEH-X3500UI) -Tires should be replaced. Car had air shocks in rear that at some time must have gone low and the rear fender ate the tires sidewalls. Additional photos and information on request. Asking $6.000, don't toss out offers please.
  4. I guess my car is a Boss 351 then cause it looks almost like that one. He's even in Utah somewhere. Wonder if anyone in my local club knows who is selling it....
  5. I've been on the wall about cutting mine to allow air to escape, rather than enter. Ram air effect at any sort of speed my car goes is negligible. Would like to help the engine cool more since I have been battling hard hot starts.
  6. Pretty! I dream of a day that my car will actually have a color (Torch Red is the plan) other than primer grey.
  7. Thanks for putting all the time, effort and money into this site, guys. Like many people, we may not post a lot but there is SO much info here and a great group of folks. Been having withdrawls from 69 specific info!
  8. I'm with barnett here, go with a Performer RPM.
  9. My metal tray has 4 x 10 speaker holes horizontally. Which brand of fiberglass package tray did you get? My original pressed cardboard(?) one is in horrible condition and will be getting a replacement sometime and I'd want to steer clear of the one you got if its not fitting anywhere near properly.
  10. Haven't really been a big poster to begin with, but check here everyday for info and to see if I can help anyone. Any work on my car has been put on hold since I'm jobless but it drives like a champ, which is a plus.
  11. Don't mash the pedal and put it in the gear you are going to gun it in manually. Ease into it. If you are still blowing the tires off the car then start tossing money into it. 3.73 gears are just going to make your problem worse. Time for a 4 link coil over setup maybe. :P
  12. I'd love one of these but not for $1,000. WOW! :O I'll just keep working out that left leg.
  13. Generally, Carpenter parts are better. Most SD parts are just generic/cheap mass produced stuff with their name slapped on. It's really hit or miss with SD IMO.
  14. Great lookin car. Hope she gets plenty of exercise!
  15. Your carb floats may be off. Check if they are adjusted correctly.
  16. With how original the car looks I'd do the last option. Lowered but not slammed.
  17. I don't know if its worth investing money into an 8 inch. I'd bet you could find a used 9 inch that fits somewhere for that kind of price.
  18. I'll add that dynomat is terrible if you live in a place where it gets hot. On my brothers Firebird it literally melted and gooped all over the place. He tore it up and replaced with Fatmat.
  19. I use the exact same stuff Bryan is using. VR1 ain't cheap but beats the crap out of wiping my flat tappet cam.
  20. Absolutely nothing wrong with plasti dip. It's super cheap, super easy to apply (and fix any mistakes made), easy to take care of. I'm going that route to get some color on my car until way down the line when I can swallow the gigantic bill for a quality paint job. Looking forward to seeing pics of it when it's done!
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