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  1. On my 69 Mach 1 with 351W and C6 automatic, I just replaced the entire front suspension with stock new components and with the Shelby-Arning drop on the upper control arms. I removed the old power steering components and went with manual. The only new component I could not install was the manual steering idler arm. With the long tube headers in the way, I unfortunately can’t feasibly remove the original power steering idler arm. From what I have read online, when you switch to manual steering you should also change out the idler arm to a manual style. With the old PS idler arm still in place, everything seems to match up fine with just a minor modification needed by trimming the bottom of the bushing on the PS idler arm. The steering wheel turns all the way left and right with no interferences. There is no play in the center link connection to the idler arm. Does anyone know specifically if or why it may be a problem to keep the old PS idler arm? Any comments or opinions are welcome. Photos attached.
  2. I am converting from power steering to manual steering. I removed all of the power steering componentry except for the Pitman arm and the idler arm. Those look very difficult to remove because of my headers. Would it be possible to reuse the idler arm and Pitman arm with the new manual steering center link?
  3. Thanks. I went back and checked the wire diameter is a little bit bigger on the older springs. The number of coils is the same.
  4. One more question: I removed one of the coil springs and after decompressing it, I compared it to the replacement spring I bought from CJ Pony Parts. The new spring is about 3/4” longer (and almost one full coil longer) than the original. Note that the springs I bought are for a small block. The original engine was a BB 390 but it was removed by the previous owner. After I bought the car I installed a SB 351W. The old springs appear to be original since all of the other suspension parts also look untouched. The spring pitch is the same on both coils. Thoughts?
  5. Hello everyone. I am replacing the front suspension on my 1969 Mustang Mach 1 using all stock replacement style parts. I would like to do the Shelby drop and lower the upper control arms by 1 inch. My question is - can this be done using all stock style parts? Or will any of the other components need to be modified or changed? Also, will this cause any clearance issues with the tires? I am using 14x7 Magnum rims with 225x70x14 Cooper Cobra radial tires. One last question: how dangerous is it to remove and reinstall the coil springs? I have heard stories but it seems like it shouldn’t be too difficult if you are careful. Thanks for your help!
  6. I totally need new quarterpanels
  7. Here is a photo of the front tire nearly touching the arm. Is this enough gap?
  8. Also, can anyone tell me why the rear wheels appear to be not centered in the wheel well? The quarters and wheel lips had some amateur bodywork before I bought the car many years ago, so maybe that isn't helping. FYI, the wheelbase checks out at an even 108" on both sides. Could it have something to do with the leaf springs and the rusty rear torque boxes?
  9. I just installed 14x7 Magnum 500's with 225/70-14 Cooper Cobra Radial G/T tires on my 69 Mach, front and rear. The suspension is all stock. The inside of the front tires only have about 1/4" to 3/8" clearance to the arm. Not sure if the tires will rub the arm while driving. Does anyone have any experience with this? Hopefully that little bit of clearance is enough. Thoughts? Should I get a set of spacers? Thanks.
  10. Ok thanks. I'll let it run a while.
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