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    SWPruett reacted to Vicfreg in 1970 Convertible Restoration   
    Trying to finish up my trunk build before I go to paint.  Mounted my Sub-Woofer, and fabricated panel for my marine access door on the drivers side.  Last thing to do is to finish the passenger side where my battery is mounted, that will require some thought....

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    SWPruett reacted to Ridge Runner in 1969 -70 hood ,with 1971 -73 top   
    Just finished this one ,i have made several but i have yet to see a pic of it on the car finished .

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    SWPruett reacted to JayEstes in 3D printing   
    Anyone interested in starting a 3D printing thread?  I've got a decent printer at home, and since I got it I have taught myself some CAD.  I think it would be nice to have a library of parts for the mustang, and those of us that can make them, can print stuff in our spare time, and provide to other users.  I recently wanted a box to contain a fuel-gauge calibration device, and I created this in about an hours worth of CAD and then some longer hours printing:

    It's not perfect, but it allowed me to use an existing bolt to hold down the device, and store the wires/connections in the trunk.  Here it is installed:

    It seems to me there is a need for 3D printing stuff for ourselves, and as we design the parts we can perhaps keep a library of them somewhere, and if people need one or several, those of us with time and printers can help out.
    What do you all think?
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    SWPruett reacted to Dr Chickenhawk in Sally   
    SO the hood stayed in the bedroom for almost a year. Not sure why wife was ok with it but happy she was haha

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    SWPruett reacted to Flanders in Grant Steering wheel adapter vs. Turn signal canceller   
    When I got my car (8+ years ago) it came with a grant steering wheel, which looks great, but I found that the turn signal canceller worked only intermittently.  I lived with it for a while, "fixed" it a few times, but only recently sorted out what's going on.
    There is a pin in the turn signal switch that needs to engage in a little slot on the steering wheel adapter. In my case, the pin wasn't engaging fully in the slot (see pic) and kept popping out.

    You can see it's worn down the adapter so it's nice and shiny, when it pops out of the slot.
    Anyhow, 3D printer for the win.  I made up a ring that fits around the adapter so that the pin on the steering wheel switch had more of a notch to engage in.
    My prototype:

    works like a champ!  I've cleaned it up a bit so it sits flush with the metal ring, plus a little screw keeps it all in place (although it's pretty snug on the metal ring).  My turn signal cancellation thingy has never worked better.  In the above pic, there are two holes for some 'pins' to go in the original one (for turn cancellation) but it was a bit sketchy as the a) I don't have the pins, and b) the instructions to put in the pins say "bend them inwards" which I wasn't a fan of, and c) the holes are all oval anyway.
    Anyhow, thought I'd pass this along in case others are sick of their aftermarket steering wheels not cancelling their turn signals properly.
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    SWPruett reacted to Vicfreg in 1970 Convertible Restoration   
    Back working on my console, found some auto meter gauges with silver faces, used blue LEDs, so it will match my VHX Dash
    Installed power trunk release button inside the console box

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    SWPruett reacted to Vicfreg in Trunk Carpet Kit / Results?   
    The floor is screwed down to oak cross members.  The amp cover is sourced from a Marine supplier, it is a hatch used on boats.   

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    SWPruett reacted to Vicfreg in 1970 Convertible Restoration   
    Update on the 'Vert project.   Had the painters come by and take a look at the car, so it looks like I am finally going to get the car painted.   
    So, I am working off a list of some mini projects that I can do now that will save me from doing later.
    Got out my dash panel and mounted my Dakota Digital/VHX stuff.  Fit nicely.  Plugged in the ethernet wire and started the car, and the dash went live. Yay!
    I don't have the dash insert installed.  It is going to be painted, not woodgrain.

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    SWPruett reacted to Vicfreg in Trunk Carpet Kit / Results?   
    I have one in my '68, not too bad. Mustangs to Fear has one for '68, I understand it can be modified for the later cars.  I also did it the hard way.....

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    SWPruett got a reaction from paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
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    SWPruett reacted to aslanefe in Rear Qtr Drain Plugs   
    Brian, I think I can see the left over pieces of the membrane at the bottom corners on the picture in your first post. The membrane is thin, disintegrates and falls off in time. As you can see on your pictures, the rubber on other areas are disintrating and falling off exposing the metal frame they were molded on.
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    SWPruett reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    We’ll after having it for 13 years and rebuild over the last eight,she’s finally registered and driving , it’s been a long road.

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    SWPruett reacted to 1969vert in my 1969 project   
    Making progress almost finished with the interior... drivers door to do next...if I had the door clips I would be done today...

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    SWPruett reacted to BuckeyeDemon in 69 mach 408w build   
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    SWPruett reacted to Jesse 69 Fastback in 1969 Flashback   
    I installed the 9 inch last week.  Pretty much everything is new except for the leaf springs, which i cleaned up and painted to match the rest.  Just need to finish running the brake and e-brake lines and fill it up with fluid.  Then on to the TKX swap!
    Currie 9inch
    31 Spline Axles Sportsman Nodular Iron Gear Case 3.50 Gears (Polished) Eaton Truetrac Posi 1350 Nodular Iron Yoke Wilwood 11" Dynapro/D/S/Red Powder Coat, Gloss Black Calvert Racing CalTracs Traction Bars
    Koni Special Adjustable Shocks

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    SWPruett reacted to Vicfreg in 1970 Convertible Restoration   
    Got my rear bracket made and fitted up.  What a huge difference in how sturdy it is now!  I took me maybe 2 hours to make both brackets out of aluminum stock I got from Ace Hardware.
    Now to get my hood and see how the whole thing fits...or not....

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    SWPruett reacted to Jesse 69 Fastback in 1969 Flashback   
    Here are some photos of the Dakota Digital gauge swap, before and after.
    Dakota Digital VHX
    Original Gauges:

    New Gauges:

    New Gauges Installed:

    New Gauges Installed and On:

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    SWPruett reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    Thanks ! 
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    SWPruett got a reaction from staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    Looks outstanding!  Great color choice!
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    SWPruett reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
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    SWPruett reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    Well, The car is essentially done. Although we all know that our cars are never ever really done! I do have a list of things I need to or want to change/fix or tweak.
    I belong to the local Mustang & Fords club here in Delaware and we had our fall show sponsored by a Ford dealership in Newark Delaware, Porter Ford. It was a nice day and we had a great turnout. I took the car to the show where it made it's debut.  The car got a lot of attention and took home it's first trophy. The awards were based on spectator popular vote and a Dealers Choice award.

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    SWPruett reacted to fvike in Cutting in New Carpet   
    Do not cut it flush! Keep it long, and trim it next year if you can. Use a steamer to form the carpet.
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    SWPruett reacted to BuckeyeDemon in 69 mach 408w build   
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    SWPruett reacted to capemustang in VintageLeds Mustang Daytime Running Lights   
    I meant to write this last winter.  Previously, I had installed Led bulbs for the front turn signals in order to make them more visible, but still felt that other vehicles couldn’t see them well enough.  I purchased and installed the VintageLed Daytime Running Lights on my 1969.  I had some difficulty with one of the lights that had to do with my car’s socket. The connector would not stay seated in the socket. Gary responded immediately and talked me through the solution.  Since installing them, the brightness is amazing as well as how well the lights work.  I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the customer service, the design, and workmanship.
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    SWPruett reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    Well I’m pleased to say that the car came back to me 2 weeks ago from the paint shop.
    I’m so pleased with it, the paint finish from the shop is just sublime.
     Now for the hard work of putting it call back together.

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