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  1. Not directly. Worked through WCCC and the feedback from Daniel Carpenter was that “supply chain and manufacturing issues” made them unavailable and not ETA when/if they would ever be back in stock. That said, my personal experience in contacting Daniel Carpenter directly has been…..underwhelming.
  2. Keep a sharp eye out for them as they are very small and easily missed! Basically, these little clips keep the upper edge of the column cover from flopping around where it meets the steering column collar. They clip to the under-dash structure and often get yanked off and lost during disassembly (ask me how I know)!
  3. Thanks for the response! LOL! Unfortunately, that is the way this whole adventure started! Daniel Carpenter was supplying these clips with their repro column trim and suddenly quit supplying them. Problem is, several distributors (like Kentucky Mustang, WCCC, etc.) still show the exact same picture in their catalogs and/or online. So basically, we’re all back to square 1 when trying to find these clips now. Grrrrr…….
  4. Yessir. That's where I got my latest repop steering column cover and we went round a bit over the lack of clips even though they still show them as included.
  5. Tried AMK and they do not make them unfortunately. I have ONE original and I pucker every time I think about removing it from the cracked column cover to move it to my new one. So close!
  6. Hello all! I am looking for a pair of the steering column lower trim clips as shown. Daniel Carpenter has evidently abandoned the effort to supply these with their new column trim even though they still show them in their product description on many sites. Anyone out there have a set they are willing to let go of? Please let me know and thanks in advance! S. Pruett
  7. Last call! $375 and pay for the ride and it can be headed your way before Christmas!
  8. Wow! I sure blew that one! SMH. Gettin’ old……my apologies. Asking $565 and that includes the ride to you. Thanks!
  9. MSD Pro Billet “Black” Ready-To-Run Distributor 83523 – NEW $375. Brand new in original box, and never installed! Fits Ford/Mercury “short-deck” Windsor engines (302/5.0, 289/4.7, from 1963-2001). This distributor is fully electronic with a magnetic pickup, mechanical and vacuum advance and an integrated ignition system that requires NO external box to work. 3 wires and a coil connection and it’s ready to work. This distributor comes with an iron gear fitted from MSD. If a steel, poly or bronze gear is required, MSD can upgrade this distributor accordingly for a fee. I accept PayPal & Venmo. The price is $375.00 price and buyer pays the ride to your location within the States. I will NOT ship internationally. Thanks! Sven Pruett Lake Orion, MI
  10. Howdy folks! I am a sucker for “old” tools. Particularly tools I was “raised” with and have since gone the way of the wagon in the modern sense. Recently, I picked up a very nice P&G Valve Gapper, nearly identical to the unit I was trained to use many years ago. If you know what these are and how they work, you’re my kinda crazy! There really has never been another tool like it to ensure extreme accuracy in setting valve lash on mechanical cams and it’s a shame they have become so rare. Anyway, as someone who continues to have need to set valve lash, and hates the feeler gauge method, I decided to try to find the most complete P&G Valve Gapper I could. This is a “Universal” model 300 which was considered the most “flexible” evolution of the design before they went obsolete in the early 70’s. As I have a desire to better round out my setup to cover all of the engines I get into, I am looking for some help in locating and purchasing some specific P&G parts if anyone might be willing/able to help. Specifically, I am looking for the following: Adapters (horse shoes): H-1, H-2, H-3, V-2, J-5, F-1 Barrels: #1 If anyone has any familiarity with these tools and has any leads on where I might find these bits, I would be very grateful! I have a small cache of Model 300 parts I have that I can trade if anyone else out there might have one they still use as well. Just let me know what you are looking for! Thanks!
  11. Call Brian at CVF and tell him what you want to accomplish. They are very accommodating and can often help configure a belt drive to do exactly what you want it to do with parts they already make and/or they can tweak one of their existing designs to work for you. T he GM Type II pumps are far too popular and reliable to not have options available like that.
  12. Vicfreg, That's some top-shelf work! Did you make the floor "floating" with the rest of the structures attached to it? Also, what is the source of that nifty amp cover lid you used? Neat stuff!
  13. C’mon guys! I know it’s old, but this is still copyrighted material.
  14. There is a thin membrane of rubber that is supposed to cover the large round hole to effect a "valve" to prevent debris, water and critters from going back up the drain into the fender cavity. The image of the new drains above is missing that membrane. Looks like it may have been cut out actually. Just an FYI.
  15. Looks outstanding! Great color choice!
  16. Creeps the SH*T out of me!
  17. TexasEd, Is that your original bezel or a repro?
  18. Hello all, Just curious to hear first hand experiences with the repro std. interior gauge bezels available and if there is any one better than the other. NPD seems to be perpetually out of stock on the one they offer but I see Virginia Classic Mustang has one that appears to be available. Anyone have any experiences they are willing to share good/bad? Pictures would be great if ya got 'em! Looking for the best quality and fit we can find as the OE parts out there are getting rougher and rougher as years pass. Thanks in advance!
  19. Just as a point of reference, the 1970 floor pan stamping was different than the 1969 to allow extra clearance in the tunnel to accommodate the Hurst shifter option. The “bump” tunnel in the 70 can also make seat options a bit tight in comparison to a 69 as well.
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