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  1. As I stated in my post , installing a PS box system for Borgenson .
  2. I have a Flaming River Steering box , new 5000 miles ago for $250 . Pd over $450 for it from NPD I am installing a new PS box system .
  3. Here's the real issue , there ultimate goal is gun confiscation , because if gun control worked and it mostly would if enforced , the why is the highest crime rates in the country in places with tough gun laws ? We don't put the real criminals behind bars , they get paroled by some judge , they go out and do the same things
  4. Well , that's my point . You just mention how the very goverment who made the laws and want to remove guns , can't or don't even bother to do there own jobs ! Doesn't matter if it's local , state or federal . They failed not the law. law says back ground checks are required , the gun shops do it , then the system drops the ball . Then blames the gun . how can anyone who has a gun with those issue have it legally , If the system fails to do there job .he got the gun because of as we up not because he was legal. we have seen this time and time again, yet what gets blame ? The Gun !
  5. Our guns laws are more than adaquate , it's enforcement that's the problem . If one checks the statistics lawfull gun owner here are not the problem.
  6. Got my answer , differant length belt required . 50-52" . The ones I have are 49 & 48". Quite a differance .
  7. This my plan but I just wanted to know if this was normal ?
  8. Did a search , no results. So I installed the Borgeson steering pump in my 69 351 , with A/C . I am replacing the ford unit. anyhow , the belt I bought a Napa , 2 differant ones because they show 2 for differant production schedule's , neither of them fit ( to short ) , I can not find my original belt from when i took the. Old system out , so no way to compare. anyone experience this ?
  9. This same type of thing just happens here in ! Mt Pleasant mich . CMU . Father was a police officer , mom worked the the college . The boy killed both when they were at the college . as I understand it , the boy was reprimanded / disciplined by the parents for doing something stupid . So the just up and kills them ! we have a mental illness problem in the country , not guns .
  10. I have no lift myself but a friend of mine lets Meuse his . I don't like abusing a privelage , so I try to have a bunch of things to when I tie up his garage for a couple of day's This spring we are going on a 2000 mile trip / road rally , so I have sevearleral things to get done. New front brake pads, rear brake shoes , turn drums , new PWS system , adjust emergency brake cable , detail the rear axle , new back up light switch , new led's lights in parking , turn signal . Look for lode parts , nuts etc.. Prepairing for summer Is an every year thing but. I love it . Bye the way Sharp car !
  11. I took my old power steering out yrs ago . Then after being single for awhile I remarried , gave the car to my wife as a wedding gift , she would'nt drive it because of no PWS . She said to me the other day , I sure would like to drive MY car . So PWS going back in but just a better system. I had a good thing going , her car but I always got to drive it .
  12. I haven't install the box yet , I wanted to get the pump installed asi had some spare time yesterday. But I have heard the system works flawless with the Saginaw pump ,opposed to fords pump.
  13. No debate , Mary Anne was always the one .
  14. Installed Saginaw steering pump for new Borgeson power steering system. Also installed relay to reduce voltage draw from lights , prepairing for Pa Roadrally in June.
  15. They did. Mine too , very pleased . 4 tyrs ago.
  16. Only those who can see the Invisable , can do the impossible !


  17. Looks great , I will be doing mine this winter . Now I know what to expect for results , that is of course I do it correctly. :>)
  18. I too have extra ordenary hearing or at least I did at one time. when I took my army physical , I had to go through the heard test 3 times . They said I was hearing sounds I should not be able to hear . They finanly said well you can't see worth a crap but you sure as hell can hear ! YOU SEE , i HAVE NO DEPTH PERCEPTION , AM NEAR SITED IN ONE EYE AND FAR SIGHTED IN THE OTHER AND i ALSO HAVE A STIGMATIZUM.
  19. I buy a lot of my blasting stuff at Tractor supply , and have even bought Glass bead media from Napa , no shipping cost . I recently bought HF blast cabinet for just over $200.00 and had some one pk it up for me as shipping would have been #100.00 . surely there must be a Tractor supply some what close to you ?
  20. Yep I agee , spring needs to be rotated some more
  21. You guys have too much time on your hands and way to much disposable income ! :>)
  22. I wouldn't do it but I have to say this is one of the best I have ever seen. It was done tastefully. Not all jacked up in the air.
  23. I believe this is the way they came from the factory ? At least thats how mine is set up.
  24. Yes use a tooth pic , I didn't mean that i pulled them off , all I did was use a tooth pic to put some on the letter backs.
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