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  1. Sorry fellas. Its a 69 mustang grande that had cruse control, AC, power disk brakes,351w 4v, dual exhaust, 3.25 gears, and a fmx trans. I got the car in the mid 90's, sold it in the late 90's. the wife got it back for me after the people that had it burnt it up due to wiring issues. It now has a .040 over cleveland 4V open chamber heads, 4-bolt block, 2.125" primary tubes on the heddman headers, 3" ss magnaflow exhaust, tunnel ram bass converted to an interdependent runner intake with twin 1050 dominators, a cam big enough to have to little vacuum to run the brake booster, 3500 stall tc in the c6, 4.11 gears, tmi seat foam and covers, new carpet, headliner, dash, vinyl top, wiring harness from aaw, rebuilt the front suspension, cut one coil off of the stock .680" springs, windshield, windshield trim, and bald tires. still needs paint, door/window seals, and a hood.
  2. Went for a drive after installing the new windshield trim and air cleaners. 9/22/2015 Palmer Alaska
  3. BuckeyeDemon, what brand is that. I have the magnaflow 3" ss, yours looks a lil nicer.
  4. I for one have been come here less due to b468 specifically. Its hard to read through all the ramblings to make sure you're not repeating what has been said. In this particular case, it is obvious he hasn't built a motor with enough power to split stock block. Yet he says you need to run high dollar parts to make reliable power. Its magazine bs! He is helpful in many ways, but can only seem to see things from one angle. If we say different, he argues. With first hand experience!
  5. Will a 4.75 bs clear the upper ball joint in a 17 inch wheel?
  7. wow. Be honest with yourself. How are you goin to use this thing? Forged cranks are cool, but unnecessary for most. Strokers are cool, but also unnecessary. You can build to much hp with stock stuff! Don't get caught up in the hype! The after market doesn't push multi carb setups cuz most cant tune them. You WILL make more peek (not average) hp with multi carbs if tuned properly. It is your money, spend it how you want. Nothing is a wast of money if its what you want to do. It may be easier if you asked how to make xx hp under 2000 rpm, or i want to spin 8k and blow the tire off at 60 mph for under $10k. Some people have a hard time thinking outside the magazine box. The guy with the time slips and odometer to bake it up is who I would take advice from.
  8. The only reason I'm recommending that cam is that i have ran it with manifolds and 3.25 gears(that I'd bet 10 push ups he has), and it work very well. It also responds well to mods(headers, intake, carbs). The ex256 is slightly less of a cam, but that could be why I said "most". There are hundreds of cams that could work better for him than the one I recommended for him. This is one that I have ran on a stock 302 that did what he is asking it to do. Your cams ar all in the same ballpark. Just throwing a work of cation out, not doggin your information. When he is ready for a lil more, I have a costom grind that got the same motor to 11.82@113mph. With a lil more compression and on pump gas.
  9. This cam from summit is damn near stock. The one I posted is far from hot, but as stated, it will improve sound and performance while using the stock valve components. I like my Comp cams, but most of the extreme energy cams will require springs as well. If youre up for a spring swap as well, your options really open up.
  10. I've ran this cam on a stock 302 with small headers, stock pistons, and an Edelbrock 600cfm carb. It was a real nice daily driver with a noticeable idle. It ran a best of 13.2@102 mph in a 3000lbs ride with a stock c4 and 4.11 gears.
  11. X2^^ I always forget about the kick down! I don't run one, I just shift it down manually. That's a personal choice you will have to make. Every thing you change will have an effect on something ells in your combo. Its hard but it will save you time and money if you only buy parts that will get you to your end goal. Even if it doesn't work the best for the time being. I went with the performer, then the rpm, then the xcelerator and now a tunnel ram base. the first thee i was trying to make it more street friendly. then i said screw it, I'm goin all out! the tunnel ram is the most street friendly of them all!! If some one says it wont work, ask them if they've done it. Just have an end goal and go for it! And don't be scared! The 2V heads are more forgiving than the 4Vs.
  12. If you have enough vacume to open the secondaries, you need a bigger cam! hahaha. Im runnin two 1050 dominators on an individual runner intake(weber 8v style). I like the head fkcuin it gives people when they see them. But really, the Eddy carbs are easy to tune. You WILL make more hp with a tuned holley though. Ive tried running vac carbs and swapped back to mechanical secs every time. its not to often I'm easing on the gas. Its on, off, or cruising(stationary mid throttle).You know, a toy.
  13. The eddy heads are like an aluminum stock 2v head. if you're lookin to drop the weight, its a good choice. If you're lookin for better compression,pistons are lots cheaper. Clevelands like about 200cfm more than smaller port, velocity based haeds (windsor, chev, non hemi mopars). 750 would be a minimum, but a good place to start. If its a toy, manual secondaries are a must. Commuter/daily driver, vac secs. Just my opinion.
  14. Nice car! Build it how you want. Core shift was the cause of POTENTIAL thin spots in clevelands. 600 hp is not an issue for a good block. the cranks can handle 800! Dont tell anyone, but i have a .040 over block that runs to 7300 every time I hit the street! lifter bushings and oil restrictors will make it live.
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