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  1. Somehow it’s an adjustable strut rod that got all bent up. I already got a set ordered from opentracker, but just gotta get time to install them. Thanks for the offer on a good used set though.
  2. My boys and I will probably attend to check things out, but the 69 is still under construction and the 67 somehow got a bent up strut rod I need to get replaced. If I can get that done in time, maybe i’d take it.
  3. Tulare also has a show coming up called “Cars on K Street”. I believe it’s set for April 6.
  4. At least y’all have those things, all we have in Corcoran is a prison and a lake that tries to re-emerge every 20 years or so.
  5. With my blind, old eyes (new bifocals arriving next week), that's probably what the intake reads. Thanks.
  6. I just helped pull the engine from my 1969 which was originally equipped with a 351w. The intake part # seems to be C8OE-9426-E. Mind you, my eyes are old and it was dark so this was the best I could do on the fly. Do these numbers make any sense?
  7. The oil sling had to be removed since I am running a double roller timing chain. The extra thickness pushed the cam forward into the back of the timing chain cover causing metal shaving to spread throughout the engine.
  8. A little background information: Currently A 1969 Ford 302 block bored out .030 Comp cams XE268 cam AFR 185 heads (1420 I believe) Cast pistons 9:1 compression...no work has been done to them. I have wiped out two cams before it was discovered the oil slinger needed to be taken out. The heads had been 68 4V heads, but a chunk went missing under the spring seat on one cylinder. With the new cam in place and the 185 heads put on, it is idling fine. Unfortunately, when the rpm gets up to about 1500 rpm, one cylinder begins to make noise. This same cylinder has caused issues before, and is one cylinder that kept wiping the cam lobes. The engine has been pulled out and checked by a machine shop with no problems with the block. The garage that has the car has pulled the engine apart twice and cannot find out what the problem may be. I'm looking for any ideas as to what may be causing the noise.
  9. Is this intake for a 289/302 or a 351w?
  10. How can the plug in the back of the block be checked?
  11. I checked the thrust plate and could see wear on the backside as well as in the middle hole. I'll definitely have to make sure there is enough clearance between sprocket and cover upon assembly, as well as get all the shavings out of the pan.
  12. Thank you, especially with the picture. That's exactly what is happening to me and it's cost me two cams in the process.
  13. I have a 1969 302, and the fuel centric is rubbing the cover. I know I probably need to replace the chain but I'd like to get an idea of one that will give enough clearance. Does anyone know of one that will work?
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