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  1. That is some wide tires!! I am not going that wide,but I bet that looks awsome!!:thumbup1:
  2. Thanks for the info...Can anyone else add anything, I am sure I am not the only one that would like to know..
  3. Hi all, I am wondering what you are running for wheel and tires on your 69 mustangs, I am not sure what will work or not. I would like to run 17 or 16 inch wheels. My 69 has a 1 inch lowered front end and the rear is stock height. It has the original brakes disc in the front and drumbs in the rear.:cool2:Any help would be great!! Mark
  4. Hi all, 69 mach1 speedometer is reading over 100 mph when going 50,60. and when I am stopped it does not go back to zero. Any ideas what I could do or try to fix this, or where I can get it repaired:confused:
  5. Use a heat gun or hair dryer, just keep it moveing around so you don't melt the vinyl. I would pull it loose along the wrinkled areas and try to stretch it after you used the heat source on it. I do upholstery work for a living and this is what I do. it takes a little time but you can do it. Also a few good hot days in the sun will get rid of some wrinkles it they are small.
  6. That great!! I will have to remember that:clap:
  7. How do you like your 2600 stall...any issues?
  8. :thumbup: Thanks for the info..I will check that out, I know it is in the tranny correctly I just check that yesterday, but I have not check behind the speedo yet..
  9. I haven't messed with that yet but I am tomorrow...I was just so happy to get it to idle right..I will let ya know.
  10. I was driveing the mach the other day and I looked down at the speedo and I watched it go from 50 to bottomed out and started going around again. WTH. Any Ideas or simiar problems like this? Speedo take a crap or cable?? Any thoughts? Anybody rebuild them or can I do it myself? Thanks in advance!! :helpsmilie::helpsmilie::thumbup1:
  11. Well i just got the new stall converter in..I couldn't be happier..That did the trick, It runs great, tons of power and tourqe..after 3 months of screwing around with timing, carb, and everthing else I was told to try. Thats all I needed was more stall!!
  12. Well I have check all vacuum lines and cannot find anything leaking, got the timing at 35/36 degrees total timing,it runs great in park and going down the road, when I come to a stop sign in gear it wants to die, unless I turn the idle up over 1000, I can feel the tranny pulling,I have been told by a few different people including the engine builder that I need more stall so its not pulling so much in gear at a stop, I think the timing is too high it is pinging alittle when I am getting on it,I called ACC about a different stall converter they said there boss hog21194 2200-2800 stall would do the trick, they said at a stop in gear I could take my foot of the break and it would not move until I gave it some gas?? Any thoughts?
  13. A stick would be fun but I am really tall and there isn't enough room for my legs and shifting so I will stick to the automatic. Thats what he had to do to get it a little better but now its timed so much I noticed some knocking when I get on it. Not sure if I should waste the cash on a new stall or get a different cam. I am still trying to get the cam card that came with the cam..so I know what I have..the engine shop can't find it, I am calling him today to at least get a part# so I can find out what I have..
  14. Well just got it back from the guy that built the engine, he recurved the dizzy, advanced the timeing way up..and then tells me to get a 2200 stall converter, he says the motor is lugging down to much in gear at idle and that a higher stall will correct that. Hes the one that told me to get the 1000 over stock in the first place. Dos that sound like it will fix my problem?? I have nothing against spending a little $$ if it fixes the problem but is it just wasting $$? Any thoughts would be great!!
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