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  1. I bet if you kept the tubs to 1.5, everything would fit except for custom brackets, it wouldn't be bad at all. It wouldn't be bad to just put a 1.5" strip in and move the stock pannels in. I'd do a bunch of measuring before hand though, just to make shure. :punk:
  2. I just came in from my "play room", that I didn't get to spend much time in today. (Was out putting mulch around flowers, weee!) Spent a couple of hours removing parts (stainless brightwork, glass, the 3 pcs left in the back seat area...) and was thinking about the area that the new 2" wider wheel wells are going to occupy. This car has a non fold down rear seat, which I personally don't care for, but as I got to measuring, the non fold down set up might be fairly easy to get away with the stock pannels. The pannel that holds up the rear of the seat will have to be trimmed about 5/8" on either side, and some custom brackets made, and maby some shoe horning of the seat back, should not be bad at all. I am going to do a rear seat delete anyway, but I probably will use most of these stock seat parts to create an area that will be nice. I personally have not mini tubed an coupe yet, but I am shure there has to be a way to make the interior pcs work, with out too much drama. I'd be willing to try and see! As I was digging into this car, I removed the trim around the windshield, and was removing the cowl pannel, and the squirles nest, then I had a nice surprise, I could see the concrete floor through the car (someone has all ready removed the floors, less work for me!?) , so I suppose a Cowl pannel assy. will be in order, that will be fun. I want to do flush mount glass on this build, does anyone have a need for some decent stainless trim? (as in ALL of it) I might be willing to part ways with it, the drip rails are going by-by also, let me know...:punk:
  3. I rolled my new project out of the storage lot, and took it home to start bringing it back to life. I bought the car back in January of this year, and have been gathering parts in order to make it a reality instead of an idea. This is a true Graber Special, Marti report and all, also know as a "poor mans" Boss 302. This one had a 302 2v, auto, manual drum, and power steering. I told my Wife when I bought it, that I purchaced a rolling roof with a title. She had not seen it since its purchace and was questioning my sanity after rolling it off the trailer. I have started with worse, and at least this project is fairly well "rust free" (ha-ha). It will stay Grabber Green, but the build will be a G-Machine theme. I am waiting on Street and Track to come out with their new rear suspension later this year, to see what they come up with. I am going to try out Dynacorn sheet metal on this build, and see if it fits any better than some of the other ti-chen stampings offered by other vendors. The full quarters look good out of the box, hope they don't require a bunch of fitting (cutting in half, beating, re building,ect...). Been there, done that. I did go ahead and get the Goodmark mini tubed inner fenders to use, I could have widened some regular ones, which would have been cheeper in the long run. I would like to be able to build these cars on a regular basis, so this one is going to be sort of an extream advertisment. I am not going to jump into a business venture quite yet, but ease into it, if it works. Playing with rusty old cars has been part of my life, and I enjoy most every aspect of it. Well see where it goes. The only part of the build I have not decided on is to build it as a 1970, or 69ish Boss 302? I have always wanted a G coded 69, and could make one, just not so sure yet. Any way, here are a couple of pics as I dig into what is left of this body, and this is the way I bought it, less work for me? My Wife is still wondering...
  4. I personaly questioned the use of a strut design for the front. They do incorporate SN-95 hub parts, specally designed 4130 spindles, and they have custom brake packages, based off their design. I know that we are playing with 40 year old cars, and designs, but it works, and works well. SLAs are more stable, and the steering is better. Gona pull up Street or Track n see what the have...
  5. I went to the "Fun Ford" event at Rockingham Dragway in NC over the weekend and met up with the guys from Gateway Classic Mustangs. They offer a performance suspension setup for the front and rear of any classic Mustangs. I am trying to decide on which of the many aftermarket companies I would like my ride to be linked to the wheels with. They offer a strut front suspension design that I am still not so shure about. I do however like the 3-link rear suspension setup. I want to know what everyone thinks... http://gatewayclassicmustang.com/:punk:
  6. Alot of people are selling sheet metal parts. Most any Mustang part vendor will have what you need to fix your Pony. I have been using CJ Pony Parts lately. They are easy to deal with.
  7. I bought a new tail light pannel and plan on fitting these to it without an insert. I have to replace the entire rear of the car, well I don't have to, I am going to. I bought some Dynacorn pannels to play with, which look very nice. The car is allready cut up, as in someone started rust repair and quit. Modifying at this point is a given. The only down side to that, it is a real regestered Graber Special, sorta rare, but not R code rare. Any way, if it doesn't turn out nice, I'll get a new tail light pannel and put the stock lights in it. It is just metal.
  8. Scratch building both the bumper and the quarter extinsions will be the hard way of doing it, but it will produce something that will work. Adding to the factory extensions is possible, and probably easier. Might have to do some 3d pics in order to get this just right
  9. That looks unfinished. I had invisioned making them fit the car a little better, and have the rear bumper actually flow with the lights. These need to be up a little higher. Guess it is all opinions. At least this car is running, I'm still collecting parts and dreaming stage.
  10. I have built a few cars in my time, and I am a die hard Mustang person. Has anyone came across putting 05-09 tail lights in a 70 Mustang? Ive-ave not seen or heard of this. So I suppose I might have to be the one who tries this. Some one has done this I'm shure. Anyway, there isn't that much that needs to be done to the car in order to do this. I have the new buckets comming out of a junk yard as the OEM pcs are around $600 from Ford. (ouch!!!) The lights themselves need a little trimming to flush mount, but other than that, should be alot of fun. Modifying the quarter extensions will be fun, welding pot metal should be an Olympic sport. Let me know what you think and once I get started, I will post alot of pics and hopefully some how to, and not how to. :punk:
  11. Welcome to the site. Hope that you are welcomed properly. Look around as people are stuffing some fairly large tires under these cars with the leaf spring set up and with out mini tubbing the car. Good luck...
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