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  1. latoracing

    Sagging Rockers anyone?

    Yes, one of the few "thick" pieces of metal on the car I attempted to fit my outer torque box over the unmodified inner rocker, when I was installing on my '70 FB. I was lazy and didn't want to mess with the box lol.
  2. latoracing

    Sagging Rockers anyone?

    When I was playing doctor on Vicfreg's '70 convertible I had more practice with this annoying issue. You can clearly see the inner rocker sticking out from under the outer rocker. Both parts were new. Being anal, and wanting things like torque boxes to fit without modifying, the inner rocker had to be chopped up a little. The aftermarket inner rocker is welded together, and the original pieces were stamped, in the correct shape. A little trimming on the inside plate... and a small wedge removed from the formed inside part... makes things work out much better. There is a flange that I forgot to incorporate into the inner rocker to help attach it to the lower A pillar. I butt welded a strip along the top of the inner plate to fix this issue. On future installs I have a template ready to get this part quickly straightened out. Hope this explains a little Mike
  3. latoracing

    Sagging Rockers anyone?

    The bottom of the outer rocker does taper up 3/4" over a 19" area, front to back. When installing convertible inner rockers, I've had to modify the inners to accommodate this little feature. Your rockers are not sagging, just designed that way.
  4. latoracing

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    All mine are gone too, again... Not up for a third attempt
  5. latoracing

    Car gender?

    I agree, never understood the need to call an inanimate object by him or her. I suppose it could have to do with affection for the item. Like these old cars have feelings lol.
  6. I sent Aeromotive a quick e-mail last Friday asking if they are thinking about having a kit to install into a stock tank. They just got back with me on the inquiry... Dear Mike, At this time, no sir, we don’t have a retrofit kit available. In fact though your tank should be similar, in fact there’s no guarantee that our parts would in fact correctly fit your tank. I suppose it could be sent to us for fitment, however that could get pretty costly. Sorry, I wish I had a better answer but we appreciate your interest! Hope that helps, let us know if you need further assistance and thanks for choosing Aeromotive! Brett Clow Tech Director Well, guess that answered the question, at least for now...
  7. Wonder if they will sell just the components to retrofit into a tank? I've got an unused stainless steel tank that could use some guts lol
  8. latoracing

    Media Blasting

    Working on a '65 convertible a few years ago and went the Dust-less Blasting route. The quarters and cowl were not done, and the floor was new. Being crushed glass, it is yard "friendly" as they used several hundred pounds of media. I wouldn't exactly call it "dustless", more like less-dust. The draw back to this is the wet media is still airborne, and sticks to EVERYTHING! I spun that body on the rotisserie for a couple of hours after it dried to get rid of the built-up media that was everywhere. They do use rust inhibitors, so at least it doesn't flash rust instantly. It does a great job, a little rough in my opinion, as it took a couple of coats of epoxy primer to cover the texture. The clean-up takes quite a while, and I still have media coming out of my rotisserie. It was convenient for them to come to the house, and it was reasonable for the service provided. It would probably be OK for this type of blasting to be done on body panels, as it is cool and doesn't build heat. The finish texture will take some work to get smooth though.
  9. latoracing

    The Bitch is Back!

    Ya' done tore it up, Bob. That is not good. Looks like it isn't trashed, but will need a little love and attention. That could have been very bad, you caught it at just the right time. And while you're in there...
  10. latoracing

    1970 Grabber Green Project

    Been cyphering on these tail lights (in-between chebby parts) and needed some insight on how to attach them and such. Since the lenses are sorta flush to the tail light panel ('70 panels are convex, wish it was flat), I needed to know how they will sit. Obviously, the '69 buckets will not come close to fitting a "flat" panel, and they are in need of extending a tad. The second issue was how to mount them. I haven't messed with a '69 in quite some time and i have no recollection of how they are attached. I asked Bob for insight, which was very helpful (Thanks Bob!) but I'll have to do a little more modifications (oh no, not that...) to get them situated. I started out getting the housings flat by trimming off most of the lip. I could have went all the way to the bottom of the flange, but thought that it might warp more when welded. I also cut the mounting tabs off of each bucket and saved them for repositioning a little later on. A long strip of 20ga CRS, and a little creativity, fitting as it was tack welded in place, and we have one bucket ready for some more welding. Will repeat the process on the other bucket and get them both all cleaned up. I will definitely have to find some closed cell foam rubber (McMaster Carr to the rescue) to cut the gaskets out of, since nothing will fit once they are in place. My can of worms has turned into a 55gal drum of worms. This is getting interesting...
  11. latoracing

    Huge loss for the family

    Sorry for your loss.
  12. latoracing

    1970 Grabber Green Project

    Pearl White. The car had Foose Monterey wheels on it (17" front / 19" rear) and 2 1/2" Fatman drop spindles. It was scary
  13. latoracing

    1970 Grabber Green Project

    Before.... After.... The '65 went home as it was more of a suspension re--do. Very nice car with some questionable parts thrown at it. It got a bunch of SoT front suspension goodies along with some new wheels.
  14. latoracing

    1970 Grabber Green Project

    Once again, been really busy with other side work. Between the 65 Vert, to now, working on some '62 Impala parts that someone wants remade (since they don't repop the parts) I'm still around, just neglecting my stuff yet again. I did prime the passenger door shell and skin the other week. It should be really cured by now lol. I have also completed beating the tail light fill in's for my "flushish" tail light mod. The third part out of the MDF hammer form worked quite well. I'm still impressed at how a bunch of saw dust can take repeated poundings like that. It was a little difficult to remove from the form, once all the edges were bent to their proper shape. Now I can get them rough trimmed and a few more details added. I will get to it, but for now, back to the chebby parts.
  15. latoracing

    69 Vert project

    The only portion of a coupe / fastback floor you would need to trim off would be the little angle that attaches to the inner rocker. The floor pan welds to the underside of the inner rocker on the convertible. Full floors are a wonderful thing, I would much rather install a one piece than patch a floor and do all the finishing work.