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  1. The headers are still not yet available. We hope to be back on this car soon.
  2. Thanks for the kind words! We're fortunate to have the opportunity to share these cars with enthusiasts... it is an amazing collection. There will be another Mustang from this generation coming soon!
  3. This is the latest episode of our new show called Muscle Car Of The Week... it's a video on a Gulfstream Aqua S-Code 4-speed Mach 1 that features a factory installed sunroof. I know, I know... they didn't offer those. This is one of 2, documented car. Check it out and let us know what you think of the show! I wanted to sped all day with this car, it's just beautiful. Video:>>
  4. We have made some progress on the car, but we are waiting for the release of the Detroit Speed 5.0 coyote headers to complete the engine swap. We will post updates as soon as they are ready.
  5. Here's the video install of the Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame and front suspension system. Some of the holes are a little tricky to drill, but overall, the install went smoothly. Can't wait to drive this one!
  6. Thanks! We've just finished replacing some sheetmetal on the car, it's coming along nicely. I'll post more pics and a new video soon!
  7. Thanks!! So far, we do not have any power steering issues, we have the Vintage Air Front Runner serpentine system which mounts a GM Type II steering pump on the Coyote to power the Detroit Speed rack and Hydratech booster unit. But the real test will be driving the car, and we'll let you know. On a side note, this is the same rack & pump that are in the DSE test car Mustang, and they seem to be burnin' up tracks all over the country with theirs.
  8. Thanks! And thanks for posting the link, we'll definitely check yours out and see how things went for you. Cool car!
  9. Here's the intro video on the BOSS 302.0. In this video, we extract the car from the barn, and go over the plan and design concepts for the car. (Anyone know the trick to embed YT videos into posts and have them play?) Click to and never miss a BOSS 302.0 video!
  10. We wanted to keep the '69 elements present, so we elected to keep the quarter scoops. If anything, we'll make them functional if we can, but it's tight back there!
  11. The BOSS 302.0 will be running the Ford Racing 5.0 Coyote engine, and the package comes with a controller and harness to make it all function. The harness resembles most EFI harnesses, with a couple extra connectors for the 4 cam position sensors. The Coyote makes 412 HP and weighs 440 lbs, and all 4 cams are variable. Pretty cool stuff. The ECM is a OE grade unit, and is OK to mount under the hood or even in a fenderwell. The manual explains the options. We like the supplied power center, which houses the relays and provides LED indcators for quick visual verification of succesfull operation of each circut. We like to put these in the glove box so you can see what's up at a glance. These engines do not have provisions for power steering pumps, as the new Ford cars they power have electric steering. Here you can see the Vintage Air Frontrunner serpantine belt and A/C system for the 5.0. The Vintage Air unit adds the pump as well as the A/C compressor in a tight package. The 5.0 is an aluminum engine, and although we love the look of the raw cast block, heads, and bracketry, we hate how the aluminum oxidizes and turns ugly over time. So we've been coating engines with Eastwood's Ceramic Engine Paint in Aluminum Silver. We shot a test part with this stuff and cooked it to 500 degrees in our oven without any hint of color change or blistering, and it resists solvents. So now aluminum parts stay looking like aluminum thanks to the "nano ceramic technology". That's OK, I don't know what it means either. Here's a sneeky-peeky of how the 5.0 fits in the engine bay with the Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame underneath.
  12. Thanks! We'll need it! The BOSS 302.0 survived its visit to the media blaster with minimal surprises. The blaster left a few pieces of duct tape on the car to use as guides to illustrate how much filler was on the car in various places. The tail pan was toast, and the passenger quarter was pretty wrinkly from crash damage. It's kind of hard to tell in this pic, but the passenger quarter was pushed in about 1/2" and had been pulled before. Other than the quarter panel damage, the blasting process did not reveal any new surprises. After the initial inspection, the crew spun the car on the Autwirler while blowing it out to free any loose blasting media. THen they attacked the car with an 80-grit DA sander to knock off the rough media blast texture, then scrubbed it with Scotchbrite pads and wax & grease remover before a final blow-down and BASF EP760 Epoxy Primer. You'll note that the panels targeted for removal were not primed completely to save on materails. Overall, the shell is very clean, and will provide a great foundation from which the BOSS 302.0 will evolve!
  13. We sure are. We hope to publish the intro video next week, then the DSE suspension installs soon thereafter. Thanks for the kind words!
  14. Thanks! Will do! Here's a quick snap of the Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame subframe... nice stuff!
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